Pearls from the Red Sea: Treasures from the Clearance Sections

Posted by Mark Beaver, July 9, 2008 02:13pm | Post a Comment
What does an Amoeba blog have to do with that busy inlet of the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia? Not a damn thing, really. The Red Sea to which this blog refers is that reservoir of red price tags that floats somewhere in the vicinity of the checkout counters at all three stores--that beguiling ruby pond that calls to you with promises of Buying Three and getting the Fourth absolutely FREE!
It’s a lonely sea, the Amoeba CD Clearance section, a bastard half-brother to the regular Rock or Soul or any genre section, really. But what I know, and I know that many of you know, too, is that CDs end up in the red tags for many reasons, many of which have nothing to do with the quality of the music on those sad, overlooked Lucite and aluminum discs. As it happens, some really great recordings sit around without the word getting out that they are great and need to be heard and cherished and talked about.

Thus…Pearls From The Red Sea. I will regularly be reporting on some fine, fine listens I’ve plucked from the ever-churning waters just off the coast of the checkout registers. Maybe you can find another copy out there, maybe I got the last, and maybe you and I will make it so popular that it never ends up in Clearance again. In either case, the price was right…at least for me.

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