Evidence's 2018 album "Weather Or Not" Marks Career Turning Point For Vencie Beach Producer/Emcee (Amoeblog Interview)

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Evidence pictured in Venice Beach on cover of his new album Weather Or Not  (also blue vinyl/2LP) where, for the past 2 years, the talented producer/emcee has had to stay close to his home studio.

Sometime into the first half of the next decade highly revered SoCal hip-hop artist Evidence envisions himself holed up in his Venice Beach home studio with a long ass beard, a la Rick Rubin, producing young up-and-coming artists. That vision/goal is all part of a new five year plan that the longtime prolific artist recently hatched as the result of some life changing incidents over the past couple of years; as shared in his Amoeblog interview (scroll down to hear). These changes resulted in Evidence not going out on tour for the past couple of years, as he traditionally would have done, but instead stay close to his Venice Beach home/studio. There in addition to working on his own new solo album, Weather Or Not (also on blue vinyl/2LP set) via Rhymesayers, he's been channeling his creative energy into working with other artists. These have included producing albums/EPs for Madchild (The Darkest Hour), Defari (Rare Poise - also on vinyl/LP), and Domo Genesis. (Aren't U Glad You're U?).

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Legendary Turntablist/Producer & US DMC DJ Battle Champ DJ Rectangle Currently In Battle Against Cancer

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Legendary turntablist, producer, and US DJ battle champion DJ Rectangle is currently in a battle for his life against cancer. Unfortunately the prolific producer (creator of a long list of widely used DJ battle/break records as well as numerous megamixes) does not have any savings and his medical insurance is minimal, and consequently does not nearly cover the costs he faces for cancer treatment. Born Scott Kluesner the Nevada based turntable artist is currently in intensive care in a Las Vegas hospital with collapsed lungs. Close friends of Kluesner's, including Rosalie Zito and Lupe Figuera Hernandez, have set up a GoFundMe page to help offset the mounting medical costs and to ultimately save his life. Set up a four weeks ago the GoFundMe campaign at first got a strong response. But that initial generous reaction by many seems to have faltered with the money raised stagnating at about $3500, leaving it with a long way to go in reaching its goal of $250,000.
DJ Rectangle’s illustrious career (that included a Grammy nomination) kicked into full gear upon winning the prestigious 1993 US DMC Championship DJ battle (see video below of his spellbinding winning performance). That led to his prolific recording career (namely the aforementioned DJ battle record tools and his mixes) as well as his performance career both solo and more notably with such high profile artists as Warren G (he was the official tour DJ for the Def Jam artist) and R. Kelly and Jermaine Dupri. Additionally he worked on remixes and production for a string of artists including Xzibit and50 Cent.

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(In which we actually exist!)

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Was (Not Was?): Elvis Presley, Hitler's brain, Jimmy Hoffa, the author

You guys, I’m not dead. I know – like I’d ever get that lucky!

It’s been around 8,888 years since my last post here on the Amoeblog (give or take 8,888 years), which begs the question: What have I been doing?

Well, maybe it doesn’t beg the question. Maybe it just prompts you to politely inquire so I don’t feel unwanted and insecure. I’ll take it! Beggars can’t be choosers.

Actually, that’s not factual. Beggars can be choosers. In fact, it’s in a beggar’s best interest to consciously prioritize a great many things the rest of us FANTASTICALLY WEALTHY people take for granted.

For example: I’m often faced with a choice between whether I want to buy organic cilantro, versus non-organic cilantro. While I normally prefer organic produce, cilantro raised without chemical black magic is, in my experience, always filthy – and not “Oh, this potato needs to be rinsed first” dirty; organic cilantro requires a scrubbing akin to a Karen Silkwood workplace shower, which the culinary herb’s delicate leaves do not endure well.

Conventional cilantro? Always sparkling. Like, so clean you could eat off it.

Fragrant and edible joy – or – what Satan's sneezes smell like

I only have this issue with cilantro (or, for my dear readers outside the USA, coriander). What up, organic farmers of cilantro (or, for my dear readers outside the USA, coriander)? Why so much solum on my coriandrum sativum?

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Sanae Ponce's Mother Lily's Passing Inspired "Graffiti Against Cancer" Benefit

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The sad reality is that cancer is something that many of us can directly relate to; having either lost someone close to us to the deadly disease or else know of someone who has been diagnosed with or died from cancer in its many forms. This year in the US alone a total of 1,638,910 new cancer cases will be diagnosed with a projected 577,190 deaths from cancer predicted by the end of 2012!

Among those to die from cancer this year was 47 year old Beastie Boy Adam Yauch (aka MCA) whose death five months ago followed the artist's three year battle with salivary gland cancer. His shocking death further reminded hip-hop fans of the disease that can strike out at anyone at anytime. Four years ago 30 year old hip-hop artist Camu Tao died following his two year battle with lung cancer. This year his friend/musical collaborator El-P dedicated the acclaimed album Cancer 4 Cure on Fat Possum to Tao's memory. Two years ago Guru of Gang Starr died from cancer related causes. Everyone affected by cancer deals with it in their own way. In the case of San Jose writer Sanae Ponce, who lost her mother a few months ago to cancer, she decided to organize the Graffiti Against Cancer benefit series of fundraising events that will be happening at various galleries throughout the Bay Area later this month. For such a large scale project Ponce is not working alone. "Marito El Nicoya is my right hand man through all this. He's from Cali as well. His family is from Nicaragua. Mario Guitron is also a big part of this event, he's been helping us with the itineraries for these events," Ponce told me when I caught up with her this past week to ask her about her mother, the benefit series, and what folks can do to participate in this timely worthwhile event, that will pass along all proceeds to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

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Benefit For Letha Rodman-Melchior Cancer Fund with Hank IV, Musk, & Bill Orcutt @ Hemlock in SF, Weds Feb 29th

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In what has become an all too familiar scenario in our current challenging economic era, with rising health care costs, that so often even basic medical insurance doesn't cover, yet another indie musician has fallen seriously ill and cannot cope with the resulting mounting medical bills. In this instance it is Letha Rodman-Melchior - the partner (both marriage and musical) of Dan Melchior who was diagnosed with cancer and, over the past year, has been both fighting the cancer and struggling to pay for needed treatment and a series of operations. As her husband Dan noted back in November,  "Her insurance is running out on Dec 1st... She has already had to have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of treatment, and it is only due to the kindness of the music community and other friends that we have been able to keep going." More help is desperately needed. Already there have been benefit concerts held around the country set up to do just this. And this week in San Francisco there is one scheduled for Wednesday (Feb 29th) at the Hemlock on Polk Street with sets from Hank IV, Bill Orcutt, and Musk featuring members of Killer's Kiss and Tractor Sex Fatality.

Many in the indie rock community are already familiar with the North Carolina based Letha and her husband Dan Melchior. Dan is recognized as one of best songwriters in his field; having  released records for such labels as Siltbreeze, In the Red, Hangman, S.S., and  Daggerman. Many know him from playing with his bands the Broke Review and Das Menace, as well as Billy Childish and Holly Golightly. Meanwhile Letha, who contributes to a lot of Dan's record jacket art/design, is a member of Tretetam and Das Menace, as well as been a former member of Ruby Fall. Since she got diagnosed with cancer she has been unable to work, with Dan becoming her caretaker as well as assuming all cost of living expenses through his indie music income. Bottom line is that these good folks need help,

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