With Two New Viral Videos ("Good Cop Bad Cop" + Real Time with Bill Maher), Ice Cube Now Turns Attention To BIG3 Launch

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Following Ice Cube's hectic attention grabbing past few days, the rapper/actor and now sports mogul must turn his focus to ready for the launch of his ambitious newly created professional basketball league, BIG3. This past Friday, June 9th, the former N.W.A talent and solo rap star published his powerful provocative, anti-police brutality video "Good Cop Bad Cop" which marks a return to form for the once revolutionary rap artist and is one of three bonus tracks off the new 25th Anniversary Edition of Death Certificate, his second post N.W.A solo album originally released in December 1991. [released in May 1990, AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted was Cube's debut solo). In the two days since the YouTube music video posting of the song, which revisits many of the themes addressed three decades ago in N.W.A classic that Cube co-wrote with MC Ren and Eazy-E, "Fuck The Police," the captivating new clip has gone viral garnering over 2.75 million  views by Sunday night.

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Reverend Billy Vows To "Not Be Silent" In Fight For #BlackLivesMatter As He Heads To Court in NYC

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Earlier this year tireless longtime fighter for justice and equality for all the Reverend Billy Talen (of the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir), who had adopted the Black Lives Matter cause after being outraged over the treatment by police of African Americans in incidents such as Mike Brown in Ferguson, and Eric Garner in Staten Island, NY, organized a peaceful protest in Grand Central Station. There the longtime NYC based Talen, who spent earlier years of his life in Northern California, was midway into his #BlackLivesMatter speech/sermon he got arrested by the NYC MTA police. The arrest came in hour 18 of the planned 24 hour vigil / peaceful protest in the iconic train station in central Manhattan. You can see this January 5th 2015 arrest take place in a play by play recording in the revelatory video clip shown below (left is a screen shot still from the same video). In the clip you can clearly hear the police say 'stop resisting arrest' while simultaneously clearly see Talen not resisting one iota. Then you see him get hauled off to jail where he spent that night. The next morning, upon release from jail, he found out that the charges against him by the MTA police division were that he "physically attacked" a police officer. "I did not touch anybody. I am trained in non-violence. I was simply arrested while I was speaking and taken away," he said later adding that, "They think that they can just say anything about anybody and get away with it."

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