2015 Oscar Nomination Predictions by Brad & Jackie...

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boyhoodWe are right in the middle of Oscar season right now. Here are some dates to be ready for. The Golden Globes just took place on Sunday 1/11. Boyhood & Birdman won the big awards at the globes as expected. Oscar Nominations come out this Thursday 1/15. The Oscar ceremony takes place this year on Sunday 2/22. The SAG Awards are on Sunday 1/25. So you still have some time to catch up and watch some movies. So see these movies in the theater if you can! But some of these movies are already out on Blu-ray and DVD. Guardians of The Galaxy is out now. It will for sure get some technical nominations and maybe some how sneak into the best picture race if miracles happen. The Grand Budapest Hotel is also out now and this movie will most likely be nominated for Best Picture. Boyhood is also out now and will for sure be nominated for everything and maybe win Picture, Director, Best Supporting Actress & Screenplay. I will be so very happy if Boyhood wins everything. The movie was awesome and my favorite of the year. I have loved Linklater for a long time now and I think about this movie almost every day since I saw it. Gone Girl is another of my favorites this year and I will not be totally shocked if it is left out of the best picture race but I am hoping it gets in there. I also am really hoping that Nightcrawler sneaks into the best picture category in the place of Whiplash or Foxcatcher. But I don't think it will. Gone Girl comes out on Blu-ray and DVD on 1/13. Whiplash comes out 2/3. Force Majeure Nightcrawler come out 2/10. Birdman, Foxcatcher, Life ItselfTheory Of Everything all come out on 2/17 the week of the Oscars! Interstellar comes out 3/10. Selma and Imitation Game do not have release dates yet.

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Amoeba Music Hollywood Weekly Hip-Hop Top FIve: 12:04:09
Black Keys, RZA, Blakroc, Mos Def
1) BlakRoc Blakroc  (V2/Cooperative)

2) Lil Wayne The Carter Documentary DVD (Cash Money/Universal)

3) Birdman PRICELE$$ (Cash Money/Universal)

4) DOOM Unexpected Guests (Gold Dust Media)

5) Juvenile Cocky and Confident (Atlantic Records)

Blakroc by BlakRoc, the number one new hip-hop release from the Hollywood Amoeba store this week, is one of those refreshing albums that pushes the boundaries of what rap or hip-hop is, or can be. The Blakroc project, which was initiated by rapper Jim Jones and produced by Damon Dash, is a large scale collaborative affair between the Black Keys (who you'll recall worked with Danger Mouse on their last album) and a slew of high profile hip-hop talents including Mos Def, Q-Tip, Raekwon, RZA, Pharaohe Monch, Ludacris, and the late ODB. But to label BlakRoc simply another rap-rock fusion (a melding that so often comes off sounding forced) is selling it short. The album comes off sounding fresh and never forced with the Black Keys' (guitarist & vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney) dirty, guitar driven, big drum beat sound proving to be the perfect match for the album's numerous emcees. Because it is far from your typical cliche rap release, this album will not appeal to all rap fans, which is why it is so worth listening to. For a taste of this album, check out the video below for the album track "Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo)" featuring Mos Def and Jim Jones.
Birdman Cash Money Lil Wayne
Cash Money Records holds down two new releases on the new Top Five, a CD and a DVD from Birdman and Lil Wayne respectively. The 90 minute documentary takes an in-depth look at the highly successful New Orleans rap artist Dwayne Carter Jr., aka Lil Wayne, aka Weezy, aka the self-proclaimed 'greatest rapper alive." It includes lots of interviews, behind the scenes segments, and, of course, concert footage. The movie, which won positive reviews when it screened at this year's Sundance Film Festival, also offers a pretty revealing look at Wayne and what makes him tick (and also what gets him high). You get to see the popular and prolific artist, who has been a star since his early teens, as an alternately funny and short-tempered fellow. Unfortunately -- due to the timeline of its creation -- the film doesn't include his latest legal problems (gun possession) and the likely jail time he may soon serve. There is a ten minute excerpt from the documentary below. 

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