Raggamuffin Selah Sue

Posted by Smiles Davis, November 3, 2010 12:41pm | Post a Comment

There is something spellbinding about good music, that’s undisputable. Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, James Brown, Nina Simone, they are all very different in their own right but the common denominator, aside from pure genius, is undeniable luminescence. Die-hard fans would give their first born to see musicians such as the ones aforementioned live. Today they’d just be considered “groupies.” I have a hunch that’s because to a certain degree most modern day music in general has been watered down, therefore fans and the people that follow the work of such artists tend to be diluted, or for lack of better words, not that smart. So often I feel as if I were born in the wrong era for music. There’s just so much crap to decipher these days that we don’t always have the opportunity to come face to face with that caliber of artistry. I do believe they exist and many times go without proper recognition. Then again, that sort of genius often comes with an innate desire to uphold anonymity. Where the hell is all the out of this world talent?

I decamped the proverbial fish bowl and stumbled upon some authentic shit the other day. A little Belgian belle by the name of Selah Sue came blaring through my speakers yesterday morning, stopped me dead in my tracks and made the hair on the back of my neck stand attention like a Queen’s guard. Then for about 72hrs straight I proceeded to play all her tracks in succession, one after the other, concurrently driving my husband into oblivion. It’s affirmative: Selah Sue is good music. 10-4, Roger that! She makes me want to rejoice. Damn, it’s good. Sue performs these dreamy, acoustic, Reggae- Soul sets that make you wanna go home to your lover or make you wish you had a lover.

Her first EP Black Part Love was released back in 2008 when she was a ripe 19 years young. She regularly notes having drawn inspiration from Lauryn Hill, M.I.A. and Erykah Badu. Oh, what do you know? Three of my personal faves; no wonder I love her so. Selah Sue, we have much in common, fancy tea sometime? Ok, fine, I’ll take the contributions you’ve made thus far to the wonderful world of music and cherish them while I enjoy tea by myself. I'll also enjoy Sue's appearance on Cee Lo Green's upcoming album The Lady Killer, which drops next Tuesday, November 9th. Yes, that is correct, mark your calendars kiddies.

Miss Sue can be seen performing around Europe; check her myspace for tour dates. I know I’m not alone when I say this, but madam, we’d love to see you stateside sometime in the very near future. But, until then go cop her second EP, Raggamuffin, which just dropped. You’d be a fool not to have it in steady rotation along with your Mansions On The Moon and other goodies. 

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