One Album Wonders: Billy Satellite

Posted by Eric Brightwell, July 20, 2015 08:16am | Post a Comment


Billy Satellite formed in Oakland in 1983. 
 The members were Danny Chauncey (lead guitar, keyboards and vocals), Ira Walker (bass and vocals), Monty Byrom (lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards), and Tom Falletti (drums). Of the members, Chauncey had the most recording experience, having previously performed in Mistress, a band which had released two albums and a single, “Mistrusted Love” in 1979.

In 1984 Billy Satellite released their only record, Billy Satellite. It was mixed and engineered by Greg Edward and Don Gehman at Rumbo Recorders and Gehman also produced. It’s pretty typical hard rock of the era, equally at home in county fairs and roller rinks. "Standing With the Kings" would've been not at all out of place during a montage showing someone training, overcoming obstacles, and ultimately triumphing in an '80s sports drama.

There’s quite a bit of '80s gender confusion. The “ladies” addressed in the songs are never told what the protaganist is going to do to them; rather he begs them to treat him like a sex object. The opening line of first song, “Satisfy Me,” sets the tone, “Baby, when you gonna satisfy me?” In case the woman needs inspiration, the lyrics of “Rockin’ Down the Highway” offer a titillating possibility, “Back seat limousine, moving kind of slow. I know you want to love me, I know that’s your thrill. So meet me at the hotel ‘cause you pay the bill.” Bryom might seem comfortable being objectified and discarded once he's fulfilled his purpose but in “Do Ya” he he reveals that he has feelings too. “Do ya still think I’m ever comin’ back to ya? ...I dream about you, I touch you inside. Now I don’t know if I should laugh or cry — I cry! I never wanna cry!” 

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