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Posted by Brad Schelden, October 9, 2008 12:15pm | Post a Comment

So we have to wait until January of 2009 for the new full length album from Antony & The Johnsons. That did seem really far away a couple of months ago, but Halloween is quickly approaching, followed by that little holiday called Christmas, so all of a sudden January is almost here. That will mean that I have been back in Los Angeles for a year already! I can hardly believe it. I have been looking forward to a new album by Antony since the day after his last album, I Am A Bird Now, came out back in 2005. That seems like an awfully long time for us to wait, but I love his last album so much that I never really got sick of it. I have been listening to it more this year than I think I even did back in 2005. Antony is nice enough to give us a little sneak peak of the album by releasing a new EP this week. Another World is a nice little gift for his fans, but it really is too short. It seems to end just after it starts. I need more Antony! It is almost cruel just to give us only this. He also really sort of made it hard to make anything better than his last album. How can you compete with the brilliance of I Am A Bird Now? I don't really know what he could have done to make a better collection of songs. The Crying Light will come out on January 21st in 2009. I am hoping that he has kept some of hantony & the johnsons another worldis brilliant and magical new songs for this full length. I am sure he has. I do really like this EP but it just does not really compare to his albums...or maybe it is just too new for me right now. I have listened to it a bunch already and often just start it over once it stops. I might just need some more time for it to fully grow on me.

The first album by Antony & The Johnsons came out in 2000 on Durtro. I found out about him after I moved back to LA for the first time. This self titled album was reissued by Secretly Canadian in 2004. A year later we got the album I Am A Bird Now. He has kept with the brilliant little label Secretly Canadian for this new EP and the new album in January. I am not really sure how to deantony & the johnsons you are my sisterscribe Antony if you have never heard him before. If you are already a fan you probably are a big fan. You can't just really casually like Antony & the Johnsons. You either love him or just don't really get it. It is for sure not for every music fan. It is a bit dramatic. A bit dark and gothy. A bit sexually ambiguous. The music is very beautiful. Lots of dramatic piano. A little bit of folk mixed in there. There is really nobody out there like him, nothing really to compare him to. The five songs on this EP are all good songs, but there is really nothing that compares to his earlier songs like "You Are My Sister," "Hope There's Someone," or "Cripple and the Starfish." The title track is very antony & the johnsons i am a bird nowbeautiful though and it is growing on me. This EP sure does have me excited for the new album. I can also barely handle the anticipation I have for the show I am going to next week. He is playing with the an orchestra at Disney Hall next week. I have only seen him once before, but it was one of my favorite shows of all time. I highly recommend you check out Antony & the Johnsons if you have not yet, but start with "I Am A Bird Now," or maybe just pick up this EP first. Then go back and get his two full length albums and you will probably fall in love with his music like I have. He is very easy to get addicted to. It really tears at your heart strings and could easily make you break down in tears, but there is also something strangely beautiful and optimistic about his music and lyrics. It may take you to a dark place but it will end up lifting you out of it as well. So now we have two things to look forward to in 2009: A new president and a new album by Antony & The Johnsons. I am ready for 2009 already.

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