Digging Deep In The Crates Of Latest Record Collection Acquisition By Amoeba

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As a music fan and lifelong record collector, I love the opportunity to join Amoeba buyers when they travel to check out large privately-owned record collections to potentially scoop up and get onto the shelves at Amoeba Music's three stores. For me, flipping through record collections is always fun. I get a kick out of looking at album covers, spotting records that I already know and/or own, along with ones I have never seen nor heard of. Such was the case earlier this week  when I joined Amoeba Marc just outside of New York City to check out a moderate sized record collection consisting of mostly LPs from the '70's through the early '90's and ranging in genres. Our job was to check out the collection to see if it had records Amoeba customers would want (it did) and then to pack it up and ship it back safely (there's an art to shipping large quantities of records without them encountering any damage) to Amoeba's Hollywood store where they will begin making their way into the vinyl isles within a week. 

The first record collection buy for Amoeba that I was a part of was a few years back in Queens, NY when we packed and shipped a 30,000 unit (mostly vinyl) collection cross country back to Cali. That was a large collection but not compared to one that Amoeba Marc and crew shipped from Ohio earlier this year. That one numbered 80,000 records, which is a lot to pack and ship. In comparison, this latest collection acquired by Amoeba was relatively modest in scale. It numbered 3,200 12" records (90% albums with the balance in 12" singles) and around 750 7" singles, plus a short stack of 10" singles/EPs. That' a little over three quarters of a ton in weight; something I learned from Peanut Butter Wolf who released the 2001 album My Vinyl Weighs A Ton. That album's title, he informed me in a previous Amoeblog on this topic, was based on not just a play on words of the famous Public Enemy album but also his personal experience when he had to move and determine the weight of his vinyl for the trucking company.  4,000 LPs = 1 ton. The U-Haul "small" size box (the best size box for record packing/shipping) holds approx 100 albums and weighs approx 60 lbs.

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Walrus Day, 2013!

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walrus day

Kiss someone handsome, eat something tastier than it is healthy, learn a new word that will impress your enemies, crank up the song that makes you feel you could conquer the world, wear the shirt you wear to get stares, call out sick for work or school or meetings or anything that will force you to suffer fools gladly, cure cancer in a way that looks dashing, invent a new flavor of joy, define an as-yet unrecognized sexuality, surprise a loved one with something so sweet and spontaneous it makes them a little suspicious of you, walk around with a balloon (or if you're like me and you hate balloons pop every one you see), get drunk with your best friend and exchange secrets you never thought you'd tell, scream for ice cream, do not follow your diet or exercise routine (unless you're one of those freaky people that likes to exercise), avoid apathy, crack yourself up, tickle your fancy until it pees.

People Get Ready! My Picks for Record Store Day 2012

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bye bye birdie musical record store day 2012 shopping spree frenzy
All the hype leading up to Record Store Day 2012 is beginning to resemble a giddy night-before-Christmas-ish itch. Thankfully it's on the brink of being scratchable what with the big to-do coming up this Saturday, April 21st. And let me tell you: it's going to be a frenzy! I've put together a little list of titles I'm looking out for - don't forget to compile your own and head on down as early as you can Saturday morning to ensure getting your paws on your prizes. Get more news about the super duper limited Record Store Day releases available at Amoeba Music here, see a full listing of our Record Store Day events here, and check out the winning entries of our first ever Record Store Day t-shirt design contest here, they're so boss!

As for me, my number one pick of the Record Store Day 2012 releases is (drumroll, please):

mynah boirds it's my time record store day 2012 rick james neil young
The Mynah Birds
"It's My Time" b/w "Go On and Cry"

How about a little oldies for your soul courtesy of Messrs Rick James (before he was Rick James, bitch) and Neil Young (way before the Harvest) recorded circa 1966 only to be shelved indefinitely by Motown due to James AWOL U.S. Navy status and subsequent arrest. The remaining Mynah Birds went on to found Buffalo Springfield and play in Steppenwolf. All that rock 'n' roll history aside, this solid single made by some young dudes before superstardom carved them anew is a must have for my collection. Oh, yes - it will be mine!
other noteworthy selections (that, purportedly, do NOT include DNA evidence of their makers) are:

Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week Ending 02.17.12: Wiz + Snoop's 420 Soundtrack, Bambaataa Blvd.?, Planet Asia's "Black Belt Theatre," G Maly's Jeremy Lin Rap, Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun

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  Amoeba Music San Francisco Hip-Hop Top Five Week Ending 02:18:12

1) The Roots Undun (MCA)

2) Common The Dreamer, The Believer (Warner)

3) Drake Take Care (Cash Money/Universal)

4) Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa  Mac & Devin Go to High School (Atlantic)

5) Wax Tailor Tales of The Forgotten Melodies (Le Plan Music/Decon)

Even though there are lots of new 2012 hip-hop releases dropping as we get further into this new year
there are still many late 2011 releases still selling and charting well at Amoeba San Francisco including recommended  The Roots' recommended  Undun on MCA, Chicago emcee/actor Common's latest album on Warner Brothers The Dreamer, The Believer, and the unstoppably popular Drake's latest/second album Take Care (Cash Money/Universal). The other two releases on this week's Hip-Hop Top Five from the Haight Street Amoeba are the new Wiz/Snoop movie soundtrack (another late 2011 release), and Wax Tailor's album Tales of The Forgotten Melodies which is a much older, albeit amazing, release from the French producer/turntablist. Born Jean-Christophe Le Saoût Wax Tailor has a gift, through his unique layering of sounds and samples and turntable manipulations, of creating these incredible moods. This album was first released in France in 2005 and later picked up in the States by Decon.

In what could easily be called the ultimate stoner duo, two of hip-hop's most outspoken weed advocates (one an OG and one a relative newcomer) Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa team up on the new album Mac & Devin Go to High School on Atlantic which is a soundtrack to the movie that they both star in. or rather it is technically a companion piece to the film with music from and inspired by the movie of the same name in which the two tokers go to High School (think How High - the 2001 stoner comedy film with Method Man and Redman). If you can't believe you somehow missed seeing this new film listed at your local movie theater, you didn't as this is a straight to DVD movie. Meanwhile this soundtrack is a real broad mix of various hip-hop styles that should appeal to fans of both artists. For the twelve track album, which features such party tracks as "Smokin On," "You Can Put It in a Zag, I'mma Put It in a Blunt," and the ever-popular "Young, Wild, and Free (feat Bruno Mars)" that preceded the album's release (video below), Wiz and Snoop have inducted about ten different producers to supply their richly diverse backdrop of beats which, truth be told, is the album's highlight. These producers include Warren G, Jake One, Exile, Drumma Boy, and Cardo. 

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"It's the MOST... Blackhistorymonthy tiiime of the yeeear...!"

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bessie smithbeyonce

I know what you’re thinking: How can it be that it’s Black History Month again, already? It seems to come up faster with each passing year. No sooner do I finish cleaning up all the gift wrap and decorations from 2009’s BHM festivities when – BAM! – time to break ‘em out again for 2010.

But I am excited! I love draping my house in the traditional BHM crushed-velvet flour sacks, heated bear skins, and twinkling, sapphire, mailboxes. We gather together around the hot oil printing press and sing BHM carols, get tipsy on Pancake-Sausage Nog, and remind each other, with love in our hearts, not to forget to turn off the air conditioner before leaving the house. Oh, joy! Oh sweet, unmitigated joy!

Of all these rituals, my favorite is the singing of the carols. I thought I’d share some of them with you, and invite you to sing along with me! Just click on a song below and belt one out. If you’re at work, or reading this on your iPhone while standing in the check-out line at Trader Joe’s, or simultaneously looking at Internet porn (way to multi-task!) – no matter! Sing all the louder! Let everyone know: You’re Black and You’re Proud!

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