Director of 2003's The Hebrew Hammer Raises Funds for Sequel

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Ten years after director Jonathan Kesselman blew our minds with The Hebrew Hammer (a spoof-driven hebrew hammer"Jewsploitation" made in homage to the great Blacksploitation films of the '70s), he's ready to do it all again with a sequel titled The Hebrew Hammer vs Hitler.

In the original 2003 film, the crime fighter known as the Hebrew Hammer (played to perfection by Adam Goldberg) is on a mission to save Hanukkah from the evil son of Santa Claus (Andy Dick in a role he was born to play) who plans to outlaw the Jewish holiday. If you thought Santa's son was formidable, get a load of the sequal, the Hammer takes on non-other than the most-hated man of modern history...Hitler. See, when Hitler gets his hand on Time Sukkah technology™ and begins rewriting Jewish History, The Hebrew Hammer and his partner Mohammed Ali Paula Abdul Rahim set out through time to stop him. 

As Goldberg told The Hollywood Reporter, "You want to see him go after the big one. Who’s the Jewish Joker? Hitler. It’s implicit that if we are going to take on Hitler, there’s a time-travel element, so once that widened the scope infinitely, I thought it was important that we hook up with the other big Jew in history: Jesus."

Well, he's got my attention, but the film needs your help to get made! Help fun The Hebrew Hammer vs Hitler by donating on their fundraising page and by spreading the word.

2 Days in Paris - Suitably Quirky

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two days in paris julie delpy adam goldbergJulie Delpy has written, directed, and starred in a suitably quirky, very French film-- 2 Days In Paris.

I had loved two films Delpy previously starred in-- both Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, dirdirector julie delpy two days in parisected by Richard Linklater-- so I had wanted to check out this film that Delpy herself created ever since I heard about it last year.   Now 2 Days In Paris is finally out on DVD. It's style is somewhat similar to those earlier films:  loose, casual, conversational.

2 Days in Paris is about a French woman, Marion, who lives in New York with her American boyfriend, Jack (Adam Goldberg).  They have just been on a trip to Venice which was less romantic than perhaps they had hoped.  They have to stop over in Paris on their way back to New York to see Delpy's family.  It's a simple plot, which leaves ample space for character development, something I happen to enjoy in films.
two days in paris julie delpy adam goldberg
The film contains a pretty realistic vision of a relationship -- ittwo days in paris julie delpy adam goldberg shows a neurotic, cloudy person (Jack) in love with a floaty, free person (Marion).  It's a total case of opposites attracting. The couple's clashes inevitably made me cringe and laugh as I saw flashes of my own relationship onscreen.