Beyond Sustainability -- a fundraiser for Creative Migration

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Creative Migration is having a fundraising event called Beyond Sustainability. It's taking place on 6 April, 2013 at Yeh Studio (1064 Myra Ave on the edge of Silver Lake and East Hollywood. Right behind Los Angeles's premier, leather gay bar, Eagle LA) from 6:30 - 10:30. Do not go to Yeh Studio's other location or you will be in HawaiiSemi-formal dress code. To purchase (tax deductible) tickets, click here. To see the Facebook invite, click here.


Creative Migration
is an inspiring non-profit organization that has produced documentaries that promote various art projects which relate to social activism and change and was founded by Silver Lake-based filmmaker and social activist Susannah Tantemsapya back in 2005. I wrote a bit about Tantemsapya's documentary Post New Bills: The Story of Green Patriot Posters in 2011 (read here for more).

Post New Bills (produced by Hilary White, also the Creative Director of Creative Migration) documented the Green Patriot Posters project -- an art project that employed progressive poster art to raise environmental awareness and inspire action against climate change. It was the only American film accepted into Project Green, a sustainable film-making initiative.


Examples of Green Patriot Posters

As politicians and the media avoid taking action or even mentioning global warming or any other aspect of the very real environmental crisis, it is increasingly on you (and me) as people who give a damn to embrace and promote sustainability. Creative Migration is trying to expand their focus beyond producing documentaries about art and social engagement to implementing and promoting sustainable practices for film, art, travel, culture and lifestyle. The event will also feature Sustain LA, an environmental organization that made Silver Lake Jubilee (now just Jubilee) an amazingly low-waste events.


If you need more to tempt you, there will be food, beverages, artwork, memorabilia and music. Organic vegetarian food will by provided by Stuffed Animals. Stuffed Animals is Courtney Konuch and Juvenal Rodriguez. I don't know Courtney but Juvenal is the chef at Echo Park's Elf Cafe and I can personally vouch that he is a culinary wizard. To quench your thirst there will be handcrafted beer provided by Angel City Brewery (on the border of Little Toyko and the Arts District), small batch direct trade coffee provided by Edison Coffee Roasters, and kombucha from Better Booch.


Artwork by the likes of Brad Ewing, Colin Finlay, Deedee Cheriel, Eric Ernest Johnson, Erik Hougen, Grayson Cox, Guillaume Wolf, Lisandro Aloi, Raemann, Shepard Fairey, Skyrocket Studio, and Zefrey Throwell will be auctioned. For music fans, there will be autographed memorabilia and limited edition stuff from The Beatles, Capitol Records, Duran Duran, Liz Phair, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Sleater-Kinney, Supergrass, and The White Stripes. Oh, music will be spun by DJs Sean Patrick (of The Bystanders) and Dirty Dave.


And last but not least, there will be raffle donations from Ashley Neese: Wellness, Daniel Rolnik, Deedee Cheriel, Hammer Museum, MOCA, Modern Nature, NOVICA, Rockaway Records, Sensitive Boyfriend, Silverlake Wines, The Good Flock, Wilder Quarterly, and of course -- Amoeba!


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Green Patriot Posters: Your Chance to Promote Climate Change Awareness Through Art

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Silver Lake-based filmmaker and social activist Susannah Tantemsapya is the founder and executive director of Creative Migration, an inspiring non-profit organization that produces documentaries that promote various art projects which relate to social activism and change.

Right now Susannah is raising funds for her latest project, Green Patriot Posters, a documentary about… Green Patriot Posters - an art project that employs progressive poster art to raise environmental awareness. It you live in San Francisco or visited it in the winter of 2010, you may've noticed these striking posters adorning bus shelters around town. They've also graced billboards, museums and appeared in various media.

The project was initiated by Edward Morris, co-founder of the Canary Project and Green Patriot Posters, and Dmitri Siegel, director of marketing for Urban Outfitters. They partnered with Loudsauce, the first crowd-funded media buying platform that allows art and social causes to take their messages to the streets, replacing the normal slew of soul-crushing advertising with something both interesting and societally beneficial.


The film includes interviews with Shepard Fairey in Los Angeles, DJ Spooky and Michael Bierut in New York City, Mathilde Fallot in Paris, as well as people who encounter the posters on the streets. Green Patriot Posters is  the only American film that's been invited to participate in Project Green, held in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2011. Help do us proud by contributing to this inspiring project. The deadline is is 11pm PST on Monday, August 29th. (Click here to contribute).


All kinds of cool rewards including film credits, cool stickers, posters, copies of the Green Patriot Poster book, autographed copies of the book, signed prints from Shepard Fairey and more! Seriously, as a human being, protecting the environment is the MOST patriotic action you can take.

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