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It seems like I just talked about Sigur Ros on the blog, but that was way back in November when they released their live/unreleased stuff sort of album. I just can't talk enough about how much I love this band. This week they are putting out the brand new full length album full of all brand new songs. The album is called Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust. For those of you that do not speak Icelandic or Hopelandic, this translates into "With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly." As you can imagine, the new album is fantastic. After all, it is a new Sigur Ros album. How can it not be great? But it is a bit of a departure from what we have come to expect from these guys. While still managing to very much be a Sigur Ros album, it comes off as being a bit more of a pop record I think, but in a Sigur Ros kind of way. Don't worry, it is still weird. The opening song and single is "Gobbledigook." The song includes a lot of hand claps, and I am a big fan of the hand claps. It is a nice way to start the album, but it really gets me with the second song. This is the kind of Sigur Ros song that I fall in love with. I have no idea what they are signing about but it just doesn't matter. It is like some huge classical anthem that you just fall in love with. It speaks to you without the words. I don't even really think of the vocalist as a singer. His voice is just another instrument in the band. The song has a lot going on. It sounds like a full orchestra and a choir of young Icelandic singers, and it's all brought together by Jonsi's beautiful voice. It is that voice that first made me fall in love with the great Sigur Ros, and it is that voice that keeps me a loyal member of the Sigur Ros fan army. His voice is like the most beautiful instrument in the world. I know I sort of sound like a cult member, but they really are that good.

You can go here to watch the video for "Gobbledigook" -- I must warn you that there are naked people in this video, but don't worry, it is very tastefully done in an Icelandic, Sigurrosian kind of way. There are also naked people on the cover of the album, so I am not sure if Target and Walmart are carrying this one, but it makes me love it even more. Another favorite of mine on the new album is Track 4, "Vid Spilum Endalaust."
It is great and I love it. Sigur Ros is also one of my favorite bands to see live. They are coming to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on 10/2, and I will for sure be there. Here is their schedule for the North American part of their tour...

9/17 & 9/18 New York/United Palace
9/19 Boston/Bank of America Pavilion
9/20 Montreal
9/22 Toronto
9/24 Chicago/Chicago Theatre
9/25 MInneapolis/Orpheum
9/27 Morrison,Colorado/Red RocksAmphitheatre
9/28 Magna,Utah/Great Saltair
9/30 Tempe/Marquee
10/1 San Diego/Copley Symphony Hall
10/2 Los Angeles/Greek
10/3 Berkeley/Greek
10/5 Seattle/Benaroya
10/6 Portland/Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
10/7 Vancouver/Chan Center

I am sure they will be back for more after this. Part of me wants to get all Grateful Dead fan and follow them on this tour. It would seriously be amazing to see all these shows. I really want to go to the show in Colorado at least. I have been wanting to go to see somebody at Red Rocks forever. I think Sigur Ros would be the perfect band to see there, but I really should not complain that I am stuck with Berkeley's Greek Theatre. It is one of my favorite venues in the Bay Area. But I also really love the Greek Theatre in L.A. I have not been there in a while and there has not been a show there that I have wanted to see since I moved back. However, I will be seeing Dolly Parton there this summer as well! It is the perfect venue for a big show, right in the middle of Griffith Park. I am especially excited since I now live about a 20 minute walk away from The Greek in LA. I was just on a hike up there this morning and they were having a High School Graduation there. I imagine that would be an awesome place to graduate. So if you can, go see Sigur Ros live -- I highly recommend you see them. I also highly recommend the new album. I think you will love it if you are already a Sigur Ros fan. Just open yourself up for something a bit different but mostly the same. If you are just starting your journey into the world of Sigur Ros then start with an earlier albums like Agaetis Byrjun or (Untitled).

This week is also the week of the domestic release of Hercules & Love Affair. If you did not already get the import, then please go buy this album. You will not be disappointed. It is easily one of the albums of the year. If you want to read my sort of review of the album then go here. They are also coming to your town soon! They are playing at the Echo in Los Angeles on July 23rd.

Another great album out this week is the new album from Studio. It is called Yearbook 2. It is basically remixes and re-imaginings of songs by other artists. Studio really take songs by Kylie Minogue and the Shout Out Louds and make them their own. I love this band and the new album is fantastic.

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