Remembering Longtime Customer Eugene Sotela

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Eugene Sotela at Amoeba

We are saddened to hear that our great friend and longtime customer Eugene Sotela has lost his 8 year battle with cancer. Record stores were his salvation and his respite when times were hard. He came to Amoeba Hollywood regularly, and many times brought his brothers and his two daughters with him. Eugene ALWAYS had a smile on his face and a positive attitude and he maintained that music fortified him through his battle with cancer. He was the gentlest and kindest soul and we will miss him terribly.

To his daughters, Karina and Nadia; his brothers Xavier and Jose; his lovely wife Maritza; and the entire Sotela family -- please know that we are thinking about Eugene and all of you. Amoeba will always remain part of your family.

Rest In Peace sweet Eugene. You are safe and free of pain now. We will miss you.

Eugene Sotela Amoeba  Hollywood

Eugene Sotela

Eugene Sotela

New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Clint Mansell

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Clint Mansell What's In My Bag?

Clint Mansell had a sincere message to give in our new What's In My Bag? episode. The composer and musician, who is originally from England but now resides in the U.S., selected a stack of films by foreign directors who came to America and left a lasting impression on our culture, including The Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin. "We've got to remember that we're all here, in it together, and we gotta share, and good stuff comes when we're kind to one another. And also, magic gets made."

Clint Mansell is an English musician, composer, and former frontman of industrial/alternative rock group Pop Will Eat Itself. After the dissolution of the group, Mansell moved to the United States. He Loving Vincent OST - Clint Manselltransitioned into film scoring when Darren Aronofsky hired him to write a soundtrack for his 1998 debut Pi. The partnership was fruitful and Aronofsky brought Mansell on again for the score of his 2000 cult flick Requiem for a Dream. Since then the pair have partnered on each of the director's subsequent films, including The Wrestler and Black Swan. Mansell received a Grammy nomination for his contributions to the latter film.

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Sophisticated Voodoo Jazz of the 50's

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Mystery Skull

By Kai Wada Roath
Ambassador of Confusion Hill and host of the Super Shangri-La ShowRobert Drasnin, Voodoo

So, you just found a Mystic Skull board game with all the pieces at the swap-meet and you are having some friends coming over to play it before watching Val Lewton's 1943 classic, I Walked with a Zombie. You frustratingly find yourself digging through your vinyl vaults and cannot seem to find the right music to set the eerie atmosphere you desire. Let my red chicken foot charm point you the way to the records you seek...some for the music, others for their covers.

Robert Drasnin's 1959 album titled Voodoo, is truly superb. You can easily feel entranced from the music, luring your mind deep into a forbidden jungle while listening to "Chant of the Moon." If the stars are in alignment, you may be lucky enough to find this record on colored vinyl (I recently found a yellow one). Perhaps some of you may have even seen Robert Drasnin when he performed at the Tiki Oasis back in 2008.

Perez Prado's "Voodoo Suite" is the "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" of jungle jazz. From exotic drumming and primitive shouts and grunts to smooth jazz beats, this 23 minute piece makes you wish you were prowling on all fours like a tiger, hunting a scantly clad prey in the Jungle Rock Room at the Madonna Inn. Listen to it in its entirety, and if you stumble across this record in the wild do not hesitate in buying it. Pounce on it! In my humble opinion, this composition is a masterpiece.

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Early 80's NYC Post-Punk Pioneers Bush Tetras Going Strong in 2018 with "Take The Fall" EP & Shows inc. Bay Area: May 12 & 13

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Formed in New York City in 1979 influential post-punk band the Bush Tetras blew up with their first record; the 1980 7" EP "Too Many Creeps" (99 Records) that would transport them from NYC club favorites to US college radio staples. "Too Many Creeps" (1980 video above) defined the group's distinctive funk-laden, dance-driven, post-punk style (hence drawing comparisons to Gang Of Four, Au Pairs and Talking Heads) with a commanding take on post-punk that drew equally from funk as much as it did from punk. Although the Bush Tetras broke up in 1983 (they've reformed since); they made quite a mark in their original few intense years.  

[LEFT: Bush Tetras Take The Fall (also on vinyl/12") (Wharf Rat, 2018)]

The Bush Tetra's best known song "Too Many Creeps" (video above) remains both a classic of the era and a perfect exemplification of the band's sound;  striped down funk baselines coupled with ragged percussive rhythms that make one wanna dance.   The legendary group, who've reformed twice since their initial split 35 years ago, are enjoying a productive 2018. Following the March release of the five song EP Take The Fall (also on vinyl/12") they've been performing shows in select locations. Last weekend they were in Florida. This weekend they're in the Bay Area for their first NorCal shows in three and a half decades; Saturday (May 12th) at the recently opened Oakland Elbo Room and Sunday (May 13th) at the original San Francisco Mission District Elbo Room on Valencia. 
With a strong rep for putting on tight live shows The Bush Tetra's current lineup is pretty much same as back when they formed four decades ago. It includes original three 1979 founding members Cynthia Sley (vocals), Pat Place (guitar) and Dee Pop (drums) along with new bassist Val Opielski who joined in the past couple of years.

Chinese Hip-Hop duo DMOB's US Intro c/o HBO's "Silicon Valley" followed by Select US Tour inc. SF & LA @ 1015 Folsom & The Mayan

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DMOB "Breakup, Just Breakup"

Already a household name in their homeland where they were recently voted the country's best rap group, Chinese hip-hop duo DMOB only very recently caught the attention of most hip-hop fans Stateside. That introduction came a couple of weeks ago, care of their music appearing in the popular HBO comedy Silicon Valley and is been followed up with a short premier US tour by the Chinese  contemporary rap group that's not to be confused with the similarly named early 90's UK house/rave act D Mob. Currently DMOB are in the midst of a one week tour of the USA. The duo comprised of After Journey and BooM kicked off  their select five date tour in Boston, followed by shows this week in New York City and Chicago. Tonight (May 10th) they play San Francisco's 1015 Folsom and on Sunday evening (May 13th) they'll play their final US date at The Mayan in Los Angeles.

Main rapper After Journey, who cites Wu-Tang Clan and Kendrick Lamar as among his favorite acts, got his formal introduction to hip-hop when, before beginning college in Beijing, he had an opportunity to study overseas for a semester in business school in Australia. While there he also schooled himself in everything hip-hop by making daily visits to the local record store. However once back in China finding American hip-hop proved way more challenging. “A lot of the CDs we could get had holes drilled in them by the government, because you weren’t allowed to sell imports. So we could only listen to one or two tracks off the CDs,” said the 26 year old rapper who, along with 27 year old hip-hop collaborator BooM, continues to witness government intervention first hand.

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