Lighthouse Horror Films Galore

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By Kai Wada Roath
Ambassador of Confusion Hill and host of the Super Shangri-La Show

"It's bad enough to accept a musician into this family, but a jazz musician is asking too damn much."
~ from Bert I. Gordon's 1960 cult classic, Tormented

If Robert Eggers' new film The Lighthouse left you intrigued to see more eerie lighthouse flicks, let me humbly suggest you watch or re-watch these classics before you lazily settle your craving by watching the evil tooth fairy in Darkness Falls.

The Monster of Piedras BlancasThe Monster of Piedras Blancas (1959)
Why are the rocks white you ask? Maybe Sturges the lighthouse keeper should have worn a "Damn Seagulls" hat in the movie. Filmed in Cayucos, California (south of Der Tinkerpaw's Nitt Witt Ridge and just north of Alex and Phyllis Madonna's world famous Madonna Inn), the movie The Monster of Piedras Blancas sits close to my heart. The monster had a fantastic look and would have been a great tag team partner with either the Gill-Man from the Creature of the Black Lagoon or the monster from It! The Terror from Beyond Space. The Piedras Blancas monster would return in 1965 on TV in an episode of Flipper...not to be confused with the punk band Flipper, however many of you may recognize the monster from the Angry Samoans' 1982 album cover, Back from Samoa. Personally I never listened to either of those bands, because I'd rather listen to CRIME!

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New Green Room Session with Torche

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Torche - Amoeba Green Room Session

The walls of the Amoeba Hollywood green room shook and rattled as Miami rock band Torche performed a heavy, loud set for our intimate Amoeba Green Room Series. Playing four tracks off their fifth album, Admission, which is out now on Relapse Records, members Steve Brooks, Jonathan Nuñez, Rick Smith, and Eric Hernandez were in fine form, tearing through the tight riffage of "Slide" and "Admission," and the dark and marshy grooves of "On The Wire" and "Infierno." 

Be sure to catch Torche on tour in the U.S. starting Friday, November 1st or in Europe this coming winter and spring 2020.

Check out the full performance below:

Torche - Green Room Session
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Strangelove: Dia de los Muertos, 11/1

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Amoeba sponsors Strangelove's Dia de los Muertos celebration at The Cat Club in San Francisco on Strangelove Dia de los MuertosFriday, November 1st! Spend this Day of the Dead honoring those who have passed on with the dark and spooky sounds of DJs Tomas Diablo (Villainy - R.I.P.), Chat Noir (Reverence - R.I.P.), Misfailed (Subculture - R.I.P.), and Amp Pyre (Wicked Lounge - R.I.P.). Stangelove encourages you to bring a picture of a deceased loved one or celebrity for the altar to the dead.

There will be plenty of macabre fun such as skull face painting and a piñata stuffed with goodies. Whoever breaks open the piñata will win a gift certificate and goody bag from Amoeba Music, plus a pair of tickets to see Peter Hook and the Light (11/8). They're also giving away a pair of tickets to see Dead Can Dance (5/7).

ALL PROFITS from this event will be donated to the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project.

See you at The Cat Club (Folsom and 8th, San Francisco)! 21+. 9:30PM-3AM . $5 before 10PM, $8 after.

Hip-Hop: Top 5 Albums + New 7" Arrivals: Big Shug, Billy Woods, DJ DSK, Guilty Simpson, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, DJ Sausage Fingers

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1: Big Shug The Diamond Report  (Brick Records)

2: Billy Woods Terror Management (backwoodz)

3: Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire   Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire vinyl/LP  (Chocolate Rabbit)

4: Guilty Simpson Actus Reus LP/vinyl (Dixon Hill Beats)

5: Mndsgn NoMaps LP/vinyl (Mndsgn Limited)

Gang Starr Foundation co-founder Big Shug is back in force with the new 20 track album The Diamond Report  (Brick Records) whose list of collaborators include DJ Premier, Lil Fame and M-Dot. In explaining the concept and title of his new album the veteran Boston rapper said, “Shuggie Diamonds is my ‘singing’ and ‘more soulful’ alter ego, so the titleThe Diamond Report  is based off that. The nickname was given to me by my brother, the late, great Guru. My music is also a form of me dropping jewels; I have always been a diamond in the rough.” Scroll down to check out the music video for the powerful DJ Premier produced album track "EMF"

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Having A Movie Moment with Jon Longhi: Us at Marienbad

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By Jon Longhi

Welcome to this month’s Having A Movie Moment With Jon Longhi where I review recent Blu-ray releases.

Us, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment:
Jordan Peele has done it again. Just as Get Out was the most interesting movie of 2017, his new film Us may be the most thought provoking mainstream movie released in 2019. I don't tend to review a lot of contemporary films in this column, but that's not because I have anything against them. I watch a new release movie almost weekly and while many are good and perfectly entertaining, there are few great ones. The main reason for this is that movie production is so expensive these days that the studio accountants don't let directors take too many chances. Too much money and too many jobs are on the line, so the studios stick with formulas and franchises these days. Sure, I loved the new Avengers movie, but it was really just another superhero movie. Recent films all have the same general structure. It's like you can almost look at your watch an hour and fifteen minutes after the opening credits and realize that it is time for the big budget special effects to start showing up. Even when a new director has some kind of "vision," the studios rarely let them pursue it. Jordan Peele seems to be kind of an exception to this trend. Part of the reason for that is that despite being quirky, his films still do well in the mainstream marketplace. Us is no different. On a certain level, it is a straightforward horror genre picture or at least that's what it feels like for the first two thirds of its run time. Even if it was "just" a horror movie, it would have been one of the best horror films of the past two years. I was trying to eat my dinner while watching it, and it was such a gripping and suspense-filled ride that I kept having forkfuls of food get ice cold as I sat there for twenty minutes at a time, too engaged in the movie to even take another mouthful. 

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