Chickboxer !

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This flick is pretty self-explanatory:

Bonus YouTube Bonanza!

Bad Move Police vs. Chickboxer:

Cinema Home Video #1574

The Employee Interview I: Zack

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In following with both the fact that Amoeba hires only the most insatiable and voracious music enthusiasts, and the fact that we of course all learn from one another, periodically I will be posting interviews with staff members. In this edition, I discuss with San Fran's own Zack his musical past and present, among other things.

The Employee Interview:
4+ years employed at Amoeba
Floor dude

Q:  What was the first music you remember hearing as a kid, before you had a say?

Z:  "Back in the USSR," "Good Vibrations," and the "Monster Mash." My dad would play these while he got me dressed on the couch in the living room before preschool.

Q:  How have these songs influenced your musical likes and dislikes?

Z:  With the Beatles, it gave me a great pop foundation for discerning melodies I like and dislike, but as I got older I really couldn't take the Beatles anymore and had a long stretch of being completely over them while I explored other musical avenues. Since the birth of MY son I have embraced the Beatles once again, having had enough time off and being able to hear them again for the first time along with him.

Q:  What was your first concert?  Last?

Z:  First concert was the Kinks at the Palladium in LA, '87 and my last was the Melvins at Great American.

Q: What was the first band you heard that really inspired you to get into music?

Z: Nirvana; Dave Grohl played the drums exactly how i was trying to play them at the time.

Q: But then you must have already been into music, if you were already playing drums...

Z:  I would like to revise my answer: Animal on the Muppet Show.

Q: Favorite local band?

Z: The Finches.

Q: Favorite local venue?

Z: Great American Music Hall.

Q:  Favorite musician right this very minute?  First person that comes to mind.

Z: Rob Dickinson of Catherine Wheel, brother of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. I just saw him solo and acoustic at Cafe Du Nord and it was by far my favorite one-man acoustical jam I have ever heard.

Q: Favorite celeb?

Z: Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She's terrific, everything out of her mouth is like gold. [Editor's note: yes, that's sarcasm you hear, dear readers.]

Q:  Best show of the past year?

Z: Boris at Slim's. Mindbogglingly heavy. It was my first time seeing them and I couldn't believe there were only 3 people onstage. It sounded more like 20 and I could feel it in my tummy.

Q:  Favorite San Francisco Hangout? (aside from Amoeba.)

Z: Free Locals Only Night at Cafe Du Nord. $5 22oz. Newcastles-- it's a beautiful spot, and all my friends are there.

Q: Best record you ever heard, as of right now this very minute?

Z:  Serena Maneesh, s/t - shoegazer psych out, better than Dungen. Or Harvey Milk, Special Wishes -- perfect blend of Skynyrd and the Melvins, for some heavy melodic doom sludge.

Q: Favorite section of the store?

Z:  New Arrivals Vinyl.

Q:  Vinyl or CD?

Z: Vinyl.

Q:  Anything else you would like to add about your musical development and what music and working at Amoeba means to you?

Z:  The thing I like best about my job is actually putting the thing they [the customers] are looking for in their hand and seeing their smile and relief that they could actually find it in this heavenly mecca of music. I like to soothe people's intimidation factor when they walk into this store and make them feel at home because after all, it is my home.

Q: Thank you for your time.

Avenging Force

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I agree:

The super secret Pentangle organization:

In 1986, action star Michael Dudikoff reteamed with his American Ninja director Sam Firstenberg (Ninja III: The Domination, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo) & costar Steve James (The Exterminator) for another Cannon Pictures quickie. Steve James is a leading black political candidate. Pentangle is a mysterious, rich & racist organization with its own agenda. Somehow a vengeful Michael Dudikoff is caught between them in a Most Dangerous Game man-hunt scenario. Thankfully, Dudikoff "employs an awesome array of martial arts skills in his desperate fight for survival... and revenge!"

Media Home Entertainment M891

Yes, Indeedy: In the Beginning.....

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Oh.  Hi there. 

Am I ready for this? Are YOU ready for this? This here is my Amoeba blog....

What will I be posting here? Well, any number of things. You will no doubt learn quickly not only what I am into but probably what I am about, since pop culture- related everything is near and dear to me. I will post reviews of recordings and live shows and even books (cause I am a big music lit junkie), insightful employee interviews, (hopefully) witty commentary about any number of things, and of course, in keeping with any blog worth its salt, I aim to include some celebrity sightings within the store.

Vague enough for you? Well, hopefully you will stay tuned due to my overwhelming charm.....

I guess I also forgot to mention that I am an uber-nerd and esp awkward with computers and now that I put this Mariee Sioux performance on here as a practice thingy and I don't know how to take it off I guess you now have the opportunity to take a moment to check out Miss Mariee performing "Buried in Teeth," should you choose to watch her wonderful self. (And you should. Really.) Oh and should you really like her song, her cd Faces in the Rocks is available up here at Amoeba San Fran.

welcome to my blog!!!

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Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog for Amoeba! I am sure your number will multiply and there will be thousands of you reading this in a couple of weeks. I will mostly be discussing music and new releases on this blog, but I will also be talking a lot about all my favorite tv shows being released on DVD. All of the seasons of Golden Girls are now on dvd -- I will find some way to talk about them. You know there has got to be an amazing box set including all the seasons in some amazing palm tree packaging! I will be talking about the new albums that are getting me excited and the old albums that I discover. Every Tuesday I will talk about everything relevant to me that is coming out that week in both music and dvd. And most weeks I will be talking about Morrissey or one of my other obsessions.

 I just got my tix yesterday to see him in Denver, and I am of course very excited! I might get some more tix for a few other shows. I just might have to. He is finally making his way to visit his fans in the states and doing a real tour after releasing two albums with no u.s. tour. I already made the trip down to Pasadena last month to go see him and the show was awesome! You can't really understand how great he is live until you actually see him with thousands of other crazy Morrissey fans. It really is life altering. Ok, thanks for's gonna be a lot of fun...I promise...Brad

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