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I agree:

I agree again:

More about veteran Hollywood stuntman Chuck Jeffreys:

Valley Studios, Inc.

coming out today...4/3...jarvis cocker...death proof...

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OK everybody, it's April. I'm not sure how 3 months already passed by this year, but they did. Today is a Tuesday, which means another street date. So every Tuesday I'm gonna discuss the new releases that are coming out -- at least the important releases. or at least what is important to me...which may not be important to you...but it should be. As far as music goes, there is not a whole lot out today.

But most important is the new album by Jarvis Cocker Jarvis. I have loved Jarvis for a long long time now, but I have to admit that I had not paid much attention to him lately. After Pulp broke up in 2002 I never thought Jarvis would be able to put out anything nearly as interesting or fun as those Pulp albums. Back in the 90s I wore out my old Pulp albums: His 'n' Hers (1994), Different Class (1995), and This is Hardcore (1998). These 3 albums have all been reissued as deluxe versions. They are available now as imports but I'm sure they will be out soon domestically, especially now with the domestic release of his excellent solo album.

It's been over 12 years since Different Class came out. Seriously, one of the best albums of the 90s! I danced many nights at Pop Scene to Pulp along with Blur, Oasis, and Suede. This album made Pulp huge stars both in their native England and in the U.S. and this album blew me away. It was just one of those albums you can't get enough of. I could never hear "Mis-shapes," "Common People," or "Disco 2000" too many times, and it seemed like most friends I had at the time agreed with me. This album came out when Brit pop was one of the most popular styles of music. They were on the cover of all the music magazines and everyone was talking about them.  1995 was the year Blur's Great Escape and the Oasis album (What's the Story) Morning Glory? came out. Suede's Dog Man Star was released the year before, just as Jarvis is now releasing his solo album ...

Brett Anderson from Suede just release his self titled album which is available as an import, however Brett's album does not do it for me. It's a bit too adult contemporary but not in a good Michael McDonald kind of way. After listening to it, I had not much interest in listening to it again. Damon Albarn from Blur also recently put out his new project The Good the Bad and the Queen. While many find his new project interesting, I find it a bit boring.

Jarvis has put out an impressive and catchy solo album. Its very hard to live up to those Pulp albums, but he manages to put together an awesome album. The songs on this album might not be the catchy anthems of Pulp, but they stay with you. He's older now, he's settled down and has a family, but he still writes good songs and makes interesting music. My favorite song on the album is "Fat Children." and I love "Heavy Weather" as well. Jarvis has always been my favorite indie nerd Brit and i'm happy to know he still has his talents for crafting a great pop song.

also out today...

The Death Proof Soundtrack! Quentin Tarintino's part of the grind house double feature movie comes out friday! I will be there opening night at the bridge theater so I have a couple days to get ready by listening to the soundtrack. His soundtracks are always fun. I love the Kill Bill soundtracks, and this one has great songs by Eddie Floyd, the Coasters, Willy Deville, T Rex, & Ennio Morricone. Also on the soundtracks are bits of dialogue between the songs. Seriously...this movie is gonna be awesome, although the Robert Rodriguez part of the double feature Planet Terror might end up being the better film. They are both gonna be awesome! The score to Planet Terror by Robert Rodriguez is also out today.

also out today...

Dolly Parton reissues Coat of Many Colors (1971), My Tennessee Mountain Home (1973) and Jolene (1974)

All the cds have extra bonus tracks and extensive liner notes. These are some of her more respected albums which mostly came out before I was born. Jolene coming out the year I was born! Great essential albums that any Dolly fan should own. "Jolene" just may be the best country song every written. We can only hope that her late 70s and early 80s albums will soon be reissued as well. I will be waiting patiently for Here You Come Again, Heartbreaker, Great Balls of Fire, and Dolly Dolly Dolly!!!


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               EXT. PALM DESERT HOUSE - DAY

               TOM, early 30's, fit, exits the house from a sliding glass
               door to the backyard swimming pool. He wears swimming trunks
               and a T-shirt that reads "ABOUT TO BE TOSSED".

               He removes shirt and walks on to the diving board.

               He dives in.

               I/E. POOL - CONTINUOUS

               UNDERWATER SHOT.

               Tom swims down, down, down.

               He keeps swimming downwards; the pool is impossibly deep and
               he never reaches bottom.

               He suddenly stops; looks concerned.

               He looks up.


               The last bubbles of breath escape his mouth.

March 21, 2004

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The Power

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From the minds of Stephen Carpenter & Jeffrey Obrow, directors of Video Maniacs' faves The Dorm That Dripped Blood & The Kindred! Thankfully this film didn't stop them and Carpenter went on to write the Martin Lawrence vehicle Blue Streak.

If anyone is feeling generous, this poster would make a great addition to my office.

Vestron Video VA4128

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