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Happy Weekend, we got your hook-up:
Personally, I dedicate my days to trying to make life within Amoeba happy (only got 9 lives, embrace it, eh?) ... and the free music works for me! Therefore, to salve your spirits and mine, I bring you these wonderful lickle bites of info:

Sunday, tomorrow 4/22/07, we are having 2 instores!! Checkity-check it:
                                                        our friends and yours ...
2:00 pm

Folktronica! Indie-Rock!
Shirts with bears!
Hats! Music!
Pretty yellow wall! I want one!

LYMBYC, in my words? Experimental like nothing you've ever heard before, it isn't just some goofy noise thing where you're like, "Well. I've never heard anything like this before." It's got some layers. It's a damn good thing! (Ok, Ok, they aren't natives. Just local.)

The next show?
                        Blonde Redhead at 5:00 pm

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If you're coming to Amoeba today, Saturday April 21:

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come to haight street for ...

APAK - Little Sanctuary
@ Giant Robot SF
618 Shrader around the corner from Amoeba Haight Street

Reception: Saturday, April 21, 6:30 to 10:00

see you there or you'll see us there or we'll see eachother at amoeba. thank you.
show through May 10

giant robot 415.876.4773

Hands Of Steel

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Lightning Video LA9948

Toby McTeague

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Charter Entertainment 90211

Psycho 2

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               INT. JOB'S APARTMENT - NIGHT

               JOB, (early 30's) sits with rapt attention at his computer
               screen. He is watching "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman", a TV
               show from the 1970's that's recently been released on DVD for
               the first time.

               Behind him on the sofa is JOHN GAVIN, not wearing any
               clothes, a hibernating BLACK BEAR and a SPOOKY GHOST.

               John and the Spooky Ghost look bored.

                                   SPOOKY GHOST
                             (to Job)


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