The Psychic

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Lightning Video LA9544

The Last Unicorn

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               EXT. WOODS - NIGHT

               A lovely, young MAIDEN sits on the grass crying.

               In her hand is a trowel. Next to her is a shallow hole.

               The sounds of night birds and insects play and luminous
               fireflies dance in the background; a beautiful night scene.

               An INVISIBLE PRINCE approaches.

                                   PRINCE (V.O.)
                         Pardon me.

               The Maiden is startled, looks up.


                                   PRINCE (V.O.)
                         I startled you, forgive me.

Here is what we have on...4/24

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Some really great albums come out today. One of my favorites gets reissued today. "Quique"  by Seefeel gets reissued today in a delux "redux" edition by Too Pure. This album was originally released in 1993 by that same label. It has been out of print for years and very hard to find. Since I sold my own copy years ago, I am very happy to see it coming back into print. I managed to resist those high prices on Ebay and hoped that it would some day be reissued.  And with a whole extra disc of bonus tracks. The reissue includes the original tracks:

Climactic Phase 3, Polyfusion, Industrious, Imperial, Plainsong, Charlotte's Mouth, Through You, Filter Dub and Signals.

and the tracks on the bonus disc are:

Clique, Is it Now?, Filter Dub (Low Pass Remix) [or Filter Dub (1-01 Mix), Come Alive (Climactic Phase #1), Time To Find Me (Alternate Desk Mix),  Charlotte's Mouth (Avant Garde Mix), My Super 20, Climactic Phase #3 (Overnight Mix) and Silent Pool.

This album came out at a pivotal time for techno and ambient music. Seefeel provided the perfect bridge for me to get into techno. I had been listening to lots of shoegaze music like Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, and My Bloody Valentine. This album had the feeling of those albums but also with a brand new exciting feel to it. The guitars were not as loud and the music had a soothing ambient feel to it. The vocals were not the focus and many songs were simply instrumental. The amazing "Polyfusia," a compilation of earlier eps was released the next year in 1994. Seefeel formed in 1992 in London. The band is made of of Mark Clifford, Sarah Peacock, Justin Fletcher, and Daren Seymour. After the band signed to Warp in 1994, their sound became even more electronic as the guitars disappeared.

Only the year before Orbital's album "Orbital 2" and "U.F.Orb" by The Orb had been released. And the same year  "Quique" came out was also the year of "Ambient" by Moby, "Selected  Ambient Works 85-92" by Aphex Twin, "Wohnton" by Oval, "Tango N' Vectif" by u-ziq, "Incunabula"  by Autechre, and "Sabresonic" by Sabres of Paradise.  "Vulvaland" by Mouse On Mars and "Lifeforms" by Future Sound of London came out the next year, 1994. Many of these techno groups were just getting their start and many people were just beginning to explore these albums. Independent record stores were just starting their techno sections. I quickly went out and bought everything I could find by Seefeel and all these other bands. These were the perfect albums to listen to by yourself in your room or walking around with your headphones. Seefeel was also the first band I remember searching for on the internet. I barely knew what I was doing in a computer lab at my college where you could use the computers for a set amount of time. The computer attendant kept getting mad at me because I kept accidentally playing music on the various websites I was going to. He finally gave me a pair of headphones to plug in so I could enjoy the music to myself.  I seriously can't wait to once again enjoy this excellent album.

Also out today is the new album my the man that was "Smog," Bill Callahan. "Woke on a Whaleheart" is released by the label he has been on since 1992, Drag City. Bill Callahan has recorded as Smog for about 15 years and has released almost as many albums. Callahan makes beautiful albums that some might describe as depressing.  With a sound similar to the Tindersticks, he is often described as the male version of Cat Power. His voice is also somewhat similar to the deadpan style of Stephen Merritt of the Magnetic Fields. His songs and albums often have a dark feeling. But I really do love this guy. He has consistently made excellent albums. And this new "solo" album simply sounds like another great Smog album. He is not really breaking any boundaries or creating any new sounds. He is simply doing what he does best. He sort of makes modern acoustic goth country albums. The instrumentation is never really complicated. Its all about the lyrics and  his delivery. The new albums also features some backup ladies singing along. One of my favorite Smog albums remains "Wild Love" which came out in 1995.  Jim O'Rourke also plays on that album.

also out today...

"Favourite Worst Nightmare" by Arctic Monkeys


                                                                                  "Sensuous" by Cornelius

"Tied & True" by the Detroit Cobras


                                                                                         "Dumb Luck" by Dntel

"Twelve" by Patti Smith

Air Guitar - Why?

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It’s been a minute since I’ve been to a metal club. Things are just different at metal clubs. Nobody dances, the ratio from men to women is severely slanted towards the men (although still better than at underground hip-hop shows) and I saw several grown men playing air guitar. Air guitar, Jesus…I can’t believe people do this, let alone in public! I see it sometimes at Amoeba when Iron Maiden or Metallica albums get played in the store. I watch the fingers start wiggling, the faces start grimacing and the arms go sliding up and down the neck the imaginary guitar. I usually cover my eyes in disbelief. I can understand a teenager doing it, but when you’re in your twenties, you might think of letting it go. If you are in your thirties and still doing it, seek professional help! Any older than thirty and still feel the need to rock the imaginary axe, you probably have worse problems, so rock on!

Maybe I have the problem. After all, Amoeba Hollywood is located oh-so very close to the Sunset Strip, the once home of 80’s hair metal. Maybe I should move to Ojai, where they had the insight to have a temporary ban on air guitar. Or maybe I should get with the program and join the US Air Guitar Championship. What song would I choose?

"Eruption?" Naw, too obvious.

Richard Thompson’s guitar solo on “The Border” would be cool. It’s a little obscure but I would need to find some air violin and air pan pipe players to accompany me. Dio-era Black Sabbath would be cool, but I would need circles and rings, dragons and kings.

Maybe I’ll just wait until they have the air deejaying contest...

Knights of the City

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