The Employee Interview Part III: Greg

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5+ years employment
vinyl person

Q:  What is the first music you remember hearing, before you had a choice?

G: I remember hearing Bob Seger "Against the Wind" and I remember my sister playing U2 and Tiffany and X2.

Q:  What was the first band you heard that really got you into music?

G:  I think the Beastie Boys and George Michael. and Run DMC.

Q:  What's your favorite music to skateboard to?

G: It's pretty difficult to skateboard to music unless you have an ipod.  When I was young I had a boom box and I would play my mom's Fleetwood Mac tape and the Best of Country Gold tape or something like that.

Q:  What is your favorite record right now, this instant?

G:  Today? Um I like The Way I Am by Merle Haggard, a 1980s record.  Very smooth.

Q:  What's the best reissue you've heard this year?

G: Well the John Phillips Wolfking of LA. [ed note: John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas recorded a solo record in 1970.  It's fantastic and in our Oldies section.]

Q: What is your favorite Bob Dylan record?

G:  Can it be a tie?  Ok, maybe a four way tie.  How about Desire, Time Out of Mind, New Morning and Self Portrait.

Q: What about John Cale?

G:  Fear.

Q:  Townes van Zandt?

G:  Your favorite too: High Low and In Between and Live at the Old Quarter, the live one.

Q:  Those are two of my favorite records ever.  So what was your first live show you ever went to?

G:  I believe it was the Eagles at the Concord Pavillion.  I remember being moved by the music and esp I remember laying on my back and looking at the fake owl they used to scare off the birds.

Q:  What is your favorite venue in the bay area?

G:  Maybe what I like is Noe Valley Ministry.

Q:  What's your favorite local band?

G:  Mon Cousin Belge.

Q:  What is your musical guilty pleasure?

G:  Well I don't know, other people might feel guilty for liking the Dixie Chicks but I feel good about it.  And Marc Almond is pretty good.  I like Dwight Yoakum, really love Dwight Yoakum. 

Q:  What is the best record you can think of that most people probably w
ouldn't have heard before?

G:  Maybe Bobby Charles, self titled?  He was a rock and roller who wrote "See You Later Alligator" and later recorded this self titled album with The Band in Bearsville in the early 70s maybe.

Q:  What is your best find here at Amoeba?

G:  Well I found my girlfriend here.

Q:  Very good.  Any specific record too?

G:  Well I found Michael Hurley Armchair Boogie on 8 track. 

Q:  Do you have an 8 track player?

G:  Yeah-- candy apple red.

Q:  So do you prefer to listen to 8 tracks, vinyl, cds?

G:  Vinyl.

Q:  What is your favorite section of the store?

G:  Well I like the men's room. [ed note: for employees only, as you probably already know.] I like it when you don't have to wait to get in and you can lock the door behind you and finally breathe.  You might be breathing in foul air but it feels good to do that alone.

Q:  What is your favorite part about working here at Amoeba?

G:  I like that it is next to the park and if I am smart I will ride my bike through the park to the ocean on my lunch break.

Q:  Thank you for your time.

The Cream of the Crop

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That's right - I said hott - with two "t"'s please. Lots of great music only comes out on vinyl. Here's a few 12" releases that are killin' it for the SF crew:

Dub Pistols - "Rapture" (Sunday Best)
Chin Chin - "Toot D'Amore" (Dialect)

Two seperate 12"s here, with the connection being their solid Prins Thomas remixes. "Rapture" is indeed a cover of the Blondie classic with ex-Specials vocalist Terry Hall on vocals, and it works just fine with its bubbling underbelly of faux-acid, big beat guitar riffs and hip-house. Flip the record over, however, and you get some *actual* acid as Thomas' mix is where it's at, adding a smidge of swing and sounding like some proper Chicago action. Chin Chin, on the other hand, come out on top with no less than three PT mixes on one 12". The Diskomiks is a funky congo affair replete with horn section and hella-funky afrodisco percussion while you get two 'bonus beat' tracks that work great as DJ tools or full songs in their own right. SF Electronica floorperson Brian is super geeked out on this as well, so i'll give it two thumbs up.

Random Factor - "Digitize - The Emperor Machine Remixes" (2020Vision)

Another funky, tripped-out disco remix from The Emperor Machine on this 12" from 20/20 Vision, out this week. Phased sounds begin the uptempo track which is immediately anchored by a gigantic bassline and chicken-scratch guitar licks that firmly plant this remix in rock territory. This groove is worked, heads-down, with vocal bits scattered here and there, straight down to the bone in a punk-funk stylee and it's excellent. As usual, it's the dub on the A-side which wins out, eliminating the vocal and introducing an equally-gigantic 4/4 kick while the track echoes off into space. I will be dropping this at a party this Saturday night, and I have no doubt it'll blow the place up.

Christian Prommer's Drumlesson - "Strings of Life" (Sonar Kollektiv)

Yep, it's Derrick May's stone Detroit classic, reworked in a dancefloor jazz style by Christian Prommer of Fauna Flash & Trüby Trio. I'll admit that I wish it had a bit more kick but it'll still induce dance moves, which I can testify to from hearing this tune played out on CDR in the club by folks like Alex from Jazzanova. After experiencing this on the floor, I picked it up the minute it came in.
Prommer has assembled a trio here, and they finesse their way through the tune in one go with exciting results. The drums are hitting all the right spots and *those* piano chords never sounded so good outside their original use as they do here floating on top a rolling, syncopated rhythm section. No real surprises here, but this will work a treat on more adventurous dancefloors. Flip for "Space Jam 2000.17", a more electronic affair featuring congas, an ethereal atmosphere and a steady house kick, very Joe Claussell and living up to its title.

Attias - "Nebukai" (Still Music)

Finally, we've got two dance-music-producing brothers from Switzerland named Attias. Alex Attias you may know from his high activity in the Broken Beat/Nu Jazz scene under a variety of different monikers and from working with folks like Dego McFarlane of 4 Hero. His brother Stephane is also accomplished, with a slew of releases under his belt for labels like Compost and Laws of Motion (including "Listen Luv", one of my favorite nujazz tracks, off of Compost's Future Sound of Jazz Vol. 7 compilation).
"Nebukai" is a missive sent straight to the heart of the "new deep house" movement, the major proponents of which are folks like Âme, Henrik Schwarz and Dixon and whose sound is a mixture of Detroit techno, NYC soulful house and German ingenuity. The tune sits well in tech-house & electrohouse sets, but also swings enough to compete with yer Osunlades and Kerry Chandlers. It's melodic, thumping, and sets the vibe perfectly. Grab this one now, as it keeps selling out!

More 12" reviews to come next week!

Home For The Holidays

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Starmaker 1064

blonde redhead at bimbo's!

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So I just saw Blonde Redhead last night at Bimbo's in San Francisco. As one would expect, the show was amazing. I actually missed the last tour they did cause I was sick, so it has been like 4 or so years since I have seen them. I have really been loving the album. But this show actually improved on the album. I could also not think of a better place to see them than Bimbo's.  I have already seen them at smaller places like Great American Music Hall and Bottom of the Hill, so Bimbo's had to be next. This has got to be my favorite venue in the city. It also has a great history.
 The club was originally opened in 1935, originally called the 365 Club, on 365 Market St. It moved to Columbus St. in 1951. The man who opened the club was nicknamed "Bimbo," the Italian word for boy. There has been crazy events there over the years and many people have had their weddings there. So it has a crazy history kind of feeling when you are in there. Like you can feel all the stories coming out of the walls. And unlike the Warfield, the people who work there are actually nice.

So I guess I should talk about the show. They played most of the new album, "23". It sounded beautiful. Their shows are very intense. The songs and lyrics really come alive at their shows and get inside your soul. The songs have probably already made their way into your soul simply by listening to the record. Seeing them live just makes them stay a part of you forever. I can seriously remember the exact feeling I had the times I have seen them before. It all came back to me last night. I always want to get to Bimbo's early so I can get a table. But that did not happen last night. But the shows are still enjoyable. It is fun to move around and view the show from different positions and angles. Did I tell you about the bathrooms. While they may just look like a cleaner and fancier version of your high school bathroom. They actually have bathroom attendants. Amazing!

Blonde Redhead doesn't really jump around or do anything amazing at their shows. They  don't really tell jokes between songs. Their shows are serious events. Like most shows, the focus was on the new album. But I actually like the new album, so it was exciting to hear it all live. The highlight of the evening was for sure when they played "Spring and by Summer Fall" from the new album. I love Kazu, but sometimes Amedeo steals the show. This was one of his songs and it sounded amazing. Seriously. They also played some old songs as well. They played my favorite from Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons, "In Particular." Great show! I seriously loved it. Also, I might have to go to Israel to see them. They are opening up for Depeche Mode on August 3rd!

Slaughterhouse Rock

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