Jungle Heat

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AKA   Dance Of The Dwarfs !!

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Bo Diddley Hospitalized

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I guess Bo Diddley had a stroke Sunday.

bo diddley

The guy has to be pretty old.  I read that the stroke happened after a concert.  It's incredible and awesome that he is still out there on the road! 

The article also said that, sadly, the stroke had affected his speech. 

We keep Bo in our Oldies section here at Amoeba.  My favorite record of his is Bo Diddley is a Gunslinger

bo diddley is a gunslinger

The man clearly kicks ass.  Hopefully he will recover soon.

The Boss Is Still the Boss

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born in the usa bruce springsteen

Much to my boyfriend's dismay, I am once again obsessed with that little slice of Americana that is Born in the USA.

I have a car, and my car has a tape deck.  For most music fanatics, this would seem like aborn in the usa bruce springsteen nightmare, but I quite enjoy it.  I see the tape deck as a challenge and a chance to listen to things I normally would have forgotten all about.  I actually really love having the deck.  There's nothing like going through your parents' old tapes to find Every Great Motown Hit of Marvin Gaye, or my early childhood Holy Grail: Born In the USA.

Bruce Springsteen, my mother always taught me as a child of the early 80s, was the hardest working man in show business. (Tina Turner was her hardest working woman selection.)  She would explain to me in all seriousness how he gave his all at his live shows and how hard he worked the crowd each and every night.  This woman has never actually gone to a Boss concert, mind you, but hey, she's never been short on opinions! (I had to get it from sombruce springsteen the bossewhere, right?) Guess Mom musta watched that Dancing in the Dark video a few too many times!  Anyway, Born in the USA was something we could all listen to together, my energy loving mom, my construction working dad, my annoying brother, and ME.

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Day Of The Animals

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So I was up late one night watching television and I saw this:

At first, I admit, the segment made me want to drive to Silver Lake Park (The playground that is shown in the feature), pull out a bullhorn and yell out "MAS P_TO!" ala George Lopez. Nothing like seeing a bunch of Silver Lake alterna-yuppies making the television viewing audience feel inferior. Most people don't have the disposable income that some of this hipsters have to take their children to The Sippy Cups shows, buy organic food or have the luxury to have a stay at home parent. Then again, it's your child! Wouldn't you rather spend the money that you would spend on, let's say, cable T.V. and fast food on buying your child food that won't give them cancer or diabetes in the future? Wouldn't you want your child to enjoy art and physical activities rather than sitting indoors spending endless hours playing video games and watching T.V.?
If you don't have a disposable income, there are many free programs for children in the Los Angeles area that focus on art and music. Some programs have basic after school programs and others have such activities as rock band (ala School of Rock), DJ classes, Folkloric dance, even yoga classes for youth. Let's say you don't have the time or transportation to do any of these things; just spending time with your child, listening to them, creating with them and involving them in your life will do so much for their growth. It's hard to believe with so many choices that some parents make the conscious decision every day to prioritize what they want over their children's needs. That is just sad.
There is nothing "alternative" about good parenting. The activities may differ but the basic goal is that once you're a parent that your life is all about your children. It is your responsibility to them and the rest of the world to raise them right.
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