Orale, Highland Park! Friday Night at Villa Sombero (...with suprise Sopranos last episode ending)

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Friday found me at Villa Sombrero in Highland Park doing what else, drinking Margaritas! The Margaritas there are as big as the ones they make at El Conquistador, but not as potent. Jo and I are eating chips and salsa, sipping our drinks. The Dodger game is on the TV and most of the patrons are only glancing at it from time to time as they talk among friends and family. This is as neighborhood as they come. The restaurant is near the corner where York meets Figueroa in what looks like used to be a house. On the T.V., Luis Gonzalez is up with Jeff Kent on second base. When Luis was with the Diamondbacks and Kent with the Giants I hated these guys, but now with the Dodgers I like them. Yes, I’m a Dodger fan and I’m petty like that.

Gonzalez hits the ball to deep center field. Vin Scully gives his familiar, “...back to the track, to the wall…” Just as the ball is going over the fence, a young waitress in a white Mexican dress and matching orthopedic shoes changes the channel. It’s K-Cal, your official station for high-speed car chases. Why anyone is that interested in high speed chases is beyond me, but soon everyone is transfixed on the TV screen. It is a car racing down residential streets followed by police and the K-Cal copter filming up above. At the bottom of the screen it shows the name of the city where the chase is happening. It reads:

Highland Park

Everyone at the restaurant gives out a howl as their home town is on T.V. Someone shouts out, “Orale Highland Park!” with pride and everyone laughs. At that moment I see someone I recognize come through the front door.

Fade To Black


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This is the third and final part in this particular graffiti-outside-Amoeba Music, San Francisco photo gallery. In the future there will be another series of pictures (some new, some not included here, and some of the same pieces from different angles) from outside Amoeba Music, San Francisco.

That next upcoming series will also include some of the graffiti in the immediate surrounding area on Haight Street -- such as that parking lot on the corner and the building directly across from Amoeba on the other side of Haight Street.

But for now, here are more shots of graf in that alley on that one side of the Amoeba building off Haight Street. As with the other two parts in this series -- posted a few days ago -- please feel free to add any stories (good or bad) or opinions (pro or con) on graffiti, or the URLS linking to cool graffiti websites, etc., in the COMMENTS box (scroll way down) below. Thanks!

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Due to popular demand:

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I don't know why people have to contact me via myspace when they could show me some mad props in the comments field on!!!  But ... whatever. I love you!

Here it is, you lazy internet tweedles: Mouth and MacNeil!!!!!

Of course, when Uni and I perform this song, there will be much much less sexual tension, though no one can eradicate the sensual power of this song! If you are in Scotland, Paris or arounds about England, check Uni's myspace page for tour dates in your area! Don't miss out on this magical extravaganza!!


-- Brickly

Interview with Gary Floyd on Pioneering Queercore Group The Dicks and Their Punk Classic "Dicks Hate The Police"

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Gary Floyd deserves major credit, not just for being such a talented artist but for being an openly gay front person of a punk band in Texas back in the late seventies/early eighties. And this he boldly did as the powerhouse vocalist for legendary hardcore punk band Dicks {aka The Dicks}, the self-described "commie faggot" blues-derived, hardcore punk band who released their brilliant, rage-fueled first single, "Dicks Hate the Police," in 1980 on (fellow Austin punks) MDC's R Radical record label.

"Dicks Hate The Police," which many later learned via Mudhoney's cover version as well as from (Gary's next band) Sister Double Happiness performing it, is a timeless punk classic (see video performance of it above and lyrics below) and is currently available on The Dicks 1980-1986 on Alternative Tentacles. After the Dicks' demise, the tireless Gary Floyd, who has lived in San Francisco for the past 25 years, went on to form Sister Double Happiness, Black Kali Ma, the Gary Floyd Band, Hard Ride and currently, the raw blues/country Gary Floyd and the Buddha Brothers.

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another day of new releases...6/12

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 Queens of the Stone Age is just one of those bands that I can't stop liking. I always think that some day I will get sick of them and move on. But then I listen to them again and I just start liking them again. I have liked Mr. Josh Homme for a while now I guess. But not near as long as those into the early days of Kyuss. I didn't really listen to him until the first self titled Queens of the Stone Age album in 1998. The first place I probably heard them was at the Hole in the Wall or The Eagle. I think I quickly realized that this was a band I needed in my life. And then I got a bit obsessed with Rated R in 2000. I was a bit too busy with my shoe gaze and brit pop in the 90s to  pay much attention to Josh Homme's 90's band Kyuss. His stuff didn't really sound like anything I was into which I guess is why I was intrigued. I think I probably needed something a bit harder in my music life. I needed some good stoner rock. I have since gone back and discovered all the great Kyuss and Desert Sessions albums.

The Queens of the Stone Age really got popular when "Rated R" came out. A couple years later they put out "Songs For the Deaf" in 2002. We did a huge instore with them at the Hollywood Amoeba. This is when I still worked there and I remember having fun with the sperm artwork for the album. I helped Kara decorate for some of the instores back then and it was hard to resist the sperm artwork on the posters. This was the album that gave us "No One Knows." Nick Oliveri left the band after this album. I am sure his departure will eventually be dramatized in the biopic about the Queens. Lullabies to Paralyze came out a couple years later in 2005.  The Queens of the Stone Age now release their fifth studio album.

"Era Vulgaris" is the fifth album.  I already seriously love the little character in all the artwork. I mean how could you not love a drunk pirate light bulb with a peg leg. The new album has not strayed too far from what we know as the sound of the Queens of the Stone Age. Josh's signature voice is as great as ever. The album kind of has Hollywood as it theme instead of the desert this time. The album features collaborations by Mark Lanegan and Julian Casablancas. While I have liked certain songs on the last two albums, I have not entirely loved the whole albums since Rated R. But "Era Vulgaris" is actually turning out to be another great album. You can listen to the whole album right now on the bands website. Which is what I am doing right now. The band, of course is not for everyone. I am sometimes surprised of myself for actually liking them. But Josh and friends do something for me. There is no denying the man has a sexy voice. And the band is a nice alternative to some of the bands that I usually listen to. Its always fun to see these guys live as well. I have seen them on most of their tours and it is always exciting to hear the new songs live.

Also out today is the deluxe version of the Sonic Youth album "Daydream Nation." This was their last album of the 80's released in 1988. It is the album that sort of finally brought them some popularity and it remains a fan favorite. It is on countless top album lists. The reissue is similar to what we have seen before with their first two 90;s albums "Goo" and "Dirty." It includes the original album with one bonus track on the first disc. The second disc is live versions of the entire album. They are from different recordings but all from the original tour after the release of the original album. Disc two also includes 4 covers recorded in the studio. 

Sonic Youth are always great at combining experimental styles with accessible pop styles. This is what has made them so popular and their fans so loyal. They have never drastically changed their style. They have always sort of been Sonic Youth. Especially beginning with Daydream Nation. Which is when they got most of their fans. These fans, me included, have been a loyal bunch. Mostly because they have consistently released excellent albums. The album will also be released in a 4 lp box on their own label in a couple weeks or so. They have been very good to their fans by always releasing their new albums on vinyl. But they have also been reissuing  their albums on lp as well as cd.

 Sonic Youth are also know for their amazing live shows. I have seen them many times over the years. I try to never miss them when they come to town because I know the shows will always be amazing. Another amazing thing about this album release is that it is followed by a tour. But this tour is for this album only. They will be peforming the entire "Daydream Nation" album live. Fans are going crazy I'm sure. Unfortunately they are only playing a couple show in the U.S. Basically its Chicago, L.A., and San Francisco. Lucky for me they are playing at Berkeley Community Theater on July 19th. Amazingly both the S.F. and L.A. show are not sold out yet! So go buy your tickets right now!

Here is a list of the Daydream Nation tour....

June 2 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Festival
June 21 - Munich, Germany - Tollwood Festival
June 27 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Halle
July 5 - Turin, Italy - Spazio
July 6 - Ferrara, Italy - Piazza Castello
July 7 - Rome, Italy - Teatro Romano di Ostia Antica
July 13 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Festival
July 19 - Berkeley, CA - Berkeley Community Theater
July 20 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theater
August 30 - London, England - Roundhouse
August 31 - London, England - Roundhouse
September 1 - London, England - Roundhouse

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