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come on down...the end of the price is right$$$

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 Like a lot of people, I grew up watching the game shows. I really did love them. More than soap operas. Even more than the Joan Rivers show and Oprah. There was just something about them that got me so excited. The thrill of winning and living through the contestants was really exciting. These were all real people winning real money. The Price is Right was one of my favorites. Along with Password, The Match Game, 10,000 Pyramid and Family Feud. What really made these shows so great was the host. I absolutely looked forward to when these shows were on TV. It made being home sick a lot better knowing that the game shows would be on. Every chance I got I would be watching them. Bob Barker was the Price is Right. It is the  longest running game show and he is longest running game show host. It is actually only the longest running game show in english. The fabulous spanish language variety game show, Sabado Gigante, has actually been on a bit longer.  The Price is Right actually premiered way back in 1956. But it was not until 1972 that Bob Barker was brought in and the show became what we all know as the Price is Right. Next Friday, June 15th is Bob Barker's last day on the Price is Right. The Era of the great game show had pretty much ended years ago. Although Jeopardy and The Wheel of Fortune continue on, the old classic game show no longer really exists. Bob Barker and The Price is Right is really the last to go.

Shows like Password and The Match Game were great because they had the celebrity guest stars. So it was the regular person competing against the other regular person. The celebrities were just helping them out. The shows were hilarious because of the celebrities. The everyday people were not really the focus of the shows. However, The Price Is Right were all about the everyday person. You could find every kind of person on that show. It was not just good looking 20 something professionals like the other  shows. You had everyone from jock college guys to sassy old grandmothers. This is what made the show so great. Everybody had to buy things and compare prices. So really, anybody could play the show. The show was so exciting because of the way it was set up. You had a huge audience who were all excited. Because anybody from the audience could be competing that day. Nothing was predetermined. And those contestants were so excited! They seemed to be just as excited to meet Bob Barker as they were excited to possibly win a new kitchen set. Or a new Car!!! Always the most exciting prize.

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In addition to the increasingly popular and highly recommended fun, monthly Oakland Art Walk (first Fridays at the numerous gallery spaces, including Rock Paper Scissors and Mama Buzz Cafe, within the happening few blocks of Telegraph and 23rd), this weekend's 4th Annual Temescal Street Fair, further down Telegraph Ave. towards Berkeley between 48th and 51st Streets, and featuring tons of talented up-and-coming local artists, is further proof of Oakland's exciting ongoing grassroots arts explosion. Sponsored by the Temescal Merchants Association and the Temescal Telegraph Community, the Temescal Street Fair, which will take place on Saturday, June 9th from noon until 6:00PM, will feature a lot of genuine local artists. Unlike many fairs, which feature out-of-town vendors peddling stuff purchased for resale, the Temescal organizers insist that all artists create all their own work and, equally important, they live in Oakland.

Mixed-media artist Sarah Chase is such a participant.  And under the moniker Lucky Space Monkey (the name of her cute clothing line -- t-shirts, hoodies & handbags -- that features funny monkey imagery), she will be one of the artists displaying/selling her wearable art on Saturday -- specifically t-shirts that have screen printed images and embroidery. These images will include hot rod cars, flames, skulls, dragons, sharks and waves. Sewing since she was 8 years old, Sarah is also a painter, and the images on her clothing line are inspired by her paintings. The designs draw upon imagery of the circus, pirates and urban myths and the Loch Ness monster (including her pic above left titled "Lore of Levithan").

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Slammer Girls

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Lightning Video 9590


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penelope houston   
Exactly thirty years ago, June 1977, pioneering San Francisco punk band The Avengers, fronted by a very talented and very young songwriter & vocalist named Penelope Houston, emerged onto the then very fledgling US punk scene to play their first show. Over the next two years, this band, which featured Greg Ingraham (guitar), Jimmy Wilsey (bass), and Danny Furious (drums), would go on to blaze a trail of raw, adrenaline-fueled, politically charged punk rock legend, tirelessly playing a hundred-plus shows that included countless gigs at their hometown punk mecca, The Mabuhay Gardens, booked by the late, great SF punk visionary Dirk Dirkson, and sharing bills with the Dead Kennedys, X, the Go-Gos, and even the Sex Pistols for their final show at Winterland in January 1978. 

The Avengers are one of those bands of legend that most people didn't catch the first time around but learned of them after they had broken up - thanks mainly to their releases most of which surfaced after the band's demise.  In fact during their whirlwind two year existence the Avengers only released one three-song 7" record on Dangerhouse Records.  Their second record (the four-song 12" EP on White Noise) didn't drop until after they had disbanded and the record that most people know them by (the self-titled pink album) wasn't released until much later in 1983.  But none of this mattered to the legions of fans who later discovered and fell in love with such timeless Avengers songs as "I Believe In Me" "Fuck You" "White Nigger" "Corpus Christi" and "The American In Me" whose lyrics are reprinted below  along with a video clip of the Avengers performing the song circa '78 (scroll all the way down to end of thithe avengerss article). 

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