The Cultural Overspray of Victor Gastelum

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A few months ago I had the pleasure of interviewing artist Victor Gastelum for d/ You may recognize his work from the numerous album covers he has done for the band Calexico. Check out the full feature here. Thanks goes to d/visible editor Joanna Hernandez for the great work she did on the layout and editing the feature.

Mastorakis Once More....

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WTF ??

Glitch! (1988) directed by Nico Mastorakis

From the IMDB user comments:
"get this movie if you are frowning and need a wonderful smile on your face!"

Mastorakis Mania !

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Following my recent Nico Mastorakis fascination, I've done a great service & compiled a list of Mastorakis titles available on dvd in the US. There are multiple editions/pressings of most. In general, the '2003' editions on Omega Entertainment are the preferable releases.

Mastorakis Collection on DVD:

Blind Date
Bloodstone (writer/producer)
.Com For Murder
Grandma's House (producer)
In The Cold Of The Night
Hired To Kill
Island Of Death
The Naked Truth
Nightmare At Noon
Ninja Academy
Skyhigh - A Summer On Fire
The Time Traveller
The Wind
The Zero Boys

I also stumbled across a short Mastorakis interview about The Zero Boys!

BONUS Mastorakis film trailer for Nightmare At Noon, another one starring Wings (Vice Squad, Deadly Force) Hauser!

The Zero Boys - A Nico Mastorakis Film

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It's starting to feel like a Mastorakis weekend:



Following yesterday's report on The Wind, I'm back with another Mastorakis hit (and one of my personal favorites), THE ZERO BOYS !

What starts off as a simple military reject / paintball caper, the mood quickly downgrades to a slick & sadistic Deliverance flavored slasher... complete with a SNUFF FILM TORTURE BARN.

Most importantly, however, is that it stars Kelli Maroney (Chopping Mall, Night of the Comet)!!

Lightning Video LA9950

Adalberto Santiago - Fania Records That I Slept On V.1

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This will be a first in an ongoing series revolving around the Fania Records reissues. Since Fania released over 1500 titles, it was impossible to catch every one, especially since some have been out of print for quite some time until recently. Having the opportunity to listen to some of these great recordings, I'd like to give props to the lesser known releases in their extensive catalog.

Adalberto Santiago is not a household name outside the Salsa music circle, where his name is legendary. He doesn’t have a tragic story like Hector Lavoe, nor does he have the classic underdog story like Cheo Feliciano, but in the New York Salsa scene he was known as the singer who you wanted on your album, even if it was to sing some “coros”(choruses). He recorded and performed with such legendary artists such as The Fania All-Stars, Bobby Valentin, Willie Rosario, and the late great Ray Barretto, who he recorded several albums with. After the stint with Barretto, he formed his own group called Tipica 73 and recorded five albums with them before forming another influential group, Los Kimbos. In 1977, with the help of Ray Barretto serving as the producer, Aldalberto recorded his first solo album on Fania entitled Aldalberto. The CD is worth getting just for the first two tracks, “Imposible Ha De Ser” (Impossible To Know) and the great double meaning “CaÑa” (Sugar Cane). Fortunately, the rest of the album cooks as well. Adalberto's voice is flawless and the arrangements by Barretto are classic, with an excellent percussion section you would expect from an album produced by Ray Barretto.
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