Lester Bangs

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lester bangs
So I don't know if you all are fans of Lester Bangs or not, but I am a huge fan. Lester Bangs kinda sorta "invented" rock journalism as we know it today. He was a passionate and talented fellow, who took his inspiration from the Beats and from nyquil, among other things. In his pieces he rambles from one brilliant point to another, all the while insulting everyone possible and tearing down your eastral weeks van morrisonxpectations. He's also incredibly tender about the things that have really moved him.

My favorite piece he ever wrote is, not coincidently, about one of my favorite records:  Astral Weeks by Van Morrison. You can check out the entire piece he wrote here. (And you should.)

Lester's writing style can't be beat in my book. It's so upsettinglester bangs that he died so young, pretty much burned himself out, cause it would be so fantastic to have him here today, railing against the dull- as- tombs stuff that passes for music writing these days. It would be so interesting to hear his take on the world we have now, a world in which the internet (here we are) means that anything, any bit of information or connection we want we can have at our fingertips, instead of that long, weary and ultimately rewarding search we used to have. I think if he was here lester would still see and point out the beauty in that brand of now- old-fashioned journey.

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Rough Air

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The 1970s were a great time for the airplane thriller genre. Kick started by the multi-Oscar nominated Airport, flights ruled the air and the silver screen. However, by the time The Concorde... Airport '79 rolled around, the series was verging on self parody, leading to the seeming conclusion of the genre, Airplane!

Surprisingly, the success of Turbulence in the home video market brought engines roaring back to rental stores across the country, spawning the release of dozens of nearly identical new entries into the Airplane Terror field.

Rough Air follows the genre conventions closely. Eric Roberts is a disgraced pilot called in for one last flight. Alexandra Paul is his former lover / head flight attendant.  The routine international flight hits a patch of ROUGH AIR when (first) the plane is depressurized after the cargo hatch is torn from the plane, (second) hits a brutal oceanic storm, (third) is hit by lightning causing massive computer malfunction, (fourth) the prisoner being transported back to the states to stand trial as the Internet Murderer (!!) gets loose planning to hijack the plane, and (fifth) the plane passes the half way point of the flight signalling there is NO TURNING BACK !  Thankfully, the passengers include an airplane repairman on his honeymoon, a European soccer star (hellbent on making the sport bigger than baseball - take that Beckham!), and the aforementioned Internet Murderer (who happens to not only have a pilot's license but also a heart of gold!). Director Jon Cassar brings an air of respectability (almost) and excitement to this cliched affair, just as he would do several years later as the coproducer / director of the hit show 24.

The Jungle Book

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               INT. JOB'S APARTMENT - NIGHT

               JOB, (early 30's) sits at his desk. A BLACK CAT is curled in
               his lap.

               He's listening to music on shuffle; a new song playing every
               few minutes or so. Currently playing is an early song by
               Front 242 from their album "Geography", located in the
               Gothic/Industrial section of Amoeba Music.

               He's typing out his latest blog, in screenplay format.

               In the time it takes him to describe the music that's
               playing, it switches to a track from Clinic's latest effort,
               "Visitations"; an album he is still exploring and enjoying,
               though it doesn't immediately rock his world like their
               impish, catchy and pithy album "Walking With Thee", located
               in the Rock/Pop section of Amoeba Music; an album which
               samples one of his heroes, Laurie Anderson, also found in
               that section.

God Bless You Mister Vonnegut

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... and so it goes.

Crank Sturgeon / PCRV Live @ Pehrspace

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Tonight I caught the epic Crank Sturgeon & PCRV tour as it hit Los Angeles.

I'm a bit tired after a night of so much noise so I'll leave you with a few videos I was able to catch:

Crank Sturgeon:


Moment Trigger:


Moth Drakula:
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