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Out today is the new album from the Editors. It was nice of them to wait until the week after the release of the new Interpol. It is easy to compare the two and I could imagine many getting them confused with each other. Just like when people were looking for the new Interpol album after they heard "She Wants Revenge" for the first time. However, I think "She Wants Revenge" were just cashing in on a current  trend in music. After all, they were a hip-hop band right before becoming another post-punk rip off band. The Editors seem a bit more sincere and more of a real band to me. So although the similarities to Interpol are definitely there, the Editors are just about good enough to stand on their own.

"The Back Room," the first album from this Birmingham, England band came out in July of 2005. It was not until almost a year later that the album came out in the U.S. The label decided to make the transition a bit quicker this time. There were only a couple weeks between the U.K. import and the domestic release of the new album "An End Has a Start." I  have to admit that I am a big fan of bands putting their entire new album up on their myspace page. I always feel like bands have something to hide when they don't let their fans hear their new album. Fans these days are not like they used to be. I would always just go buy albums before I even heard them. But the internet has made it so much easier to check out the albums before you buy them. And of course, you can listen to the albums at those listening stations in record stores as well.

The Editors have nothing to hide with this new album. The first album sort of blew everyone away. And it is always hard for a new band to top their first album. The Editors have done a pretty good job. They played it smart by creating an album similar enough to the first album so as not to lose any fans. But different enough to still be interesting. "Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors" is the first single. Although my favorite track comes all the way at the end of the album with "Spiders." It's a slower song but I am really liking it.

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Horror House On Highway 5

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For a long time the New York Times has cost one dollar-- just a dollar, whether purchased in New York City or a newsstand in California. But the price of today's (7/16) edition of the New York Times, which coincidentally seemed slimmer than usual, went up in price by a quarter to $1.25 -- which is still good value because it's a great newspaper (despite some faults) that does a thorough job and covers topics that others do not, and has been doing so since 1851 -- winning more Pulitzer Prizes (95) along the way than any other American news journal.

But regardless of its historic legacy, like all newspapers across the US today, the New York Times is also feeling the economic fallout of the new digital age in which advertisers are increasingly taking their dollars elsewhere, and news and information seekers are going online in increasing numbers.  Simply put: people don't read newspapers quite like they used to. In a recently published study entitled "Young People and News," reported coincidentally in today's New York Times, findings showed that only 9% of teenagers surveyed read a newspaper every day. Meanwhile 18 to 30 year olds rated higher, with 16% of those surveyed daily newspaper readers.

Recently both the San Jose Mercury News (long considered among the country's finest newspapers) and the San Francisco Chronicle laid off a chunk of staff. They had no choice: the economy ruled, and journalists lost jobs. But the tragedy is that with these investigative reporters gone, or going, so too is good journalism. The idea of the traditional city newspaper office, filled with reporters who go out with a pad and pen to dig deep in investigative stories has pretty much become a thing of the past -- and that sucks. While there are now more and more news and information sources than ever before, with everyone and their mama blogging, it often seems in this new digital age that we've traded in quality for quantity.

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The Invaders

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Slumber Party Massacre

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