My top 50 alternative songs of 1990...The Fountain of Youth

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Top 50 Alternative Songs of 1990...Part I #41-50

I always live at least half my life in the past. I love nostalgia and music always brings me right back to that moment in time when I first heard a particular song. I can remember that feeling I got from seeing a video for the first time on MTV or hearing a song for the first time on KROQ. I grew up in Los Angeles and KROQ was my everything. I was way deep into new wave and r&b music throughout the 80s. But something changed around 1989. The music changed for sure. Alternative music had fully become a thing in 1990 and had taken over my life. I was already an anglophile because of all the new romantic and new wave music I had been into in the 80s. So that just sort of continued. But I was also excited to finally get into more music coming out of Los Angeles and New York and all over the United States.

I decided to go all the way back to 1990 to start my top 50 songs list. It is hard to belived that was 30 years ago! I had started high school and got a whole new group of friends in 1990. I listened to the radio whenever I could and made mix tapes off the radio. I listened to music often in my drama classroom during lunch with friends. I was in love with cassettes for some reason and also bought new ones whenever I could afford them from Tower Records or the Wherehouse in the mall. Some of my favorites from the 80s will show up on these lists of my favorite songs of the 90s. But so many new bands and artists would be entering my life for the first time. But they would stay there with me for the next 30 years. I never forget an album or song that I fell in love with. They really do stay with me forever. So I hope you can join me on this journey through the alternative music of the 1990s. I really did also enjoy a lot of other genres during these years. I continued my love of r&b throughout these years. These were also some of the best years for hip hop and r&B. These were also the years I got into dance and electronica music which would continue to be a part of my life in the next couple decades. These songs on this list might not be your favorites and you might not even remember them. Music is such a personal journey. But there is also nothing like that feeling when you share that love of a particular song or artist with a friend. It is a special kind of bond when you bond over music. First up is 1990. I will be posting 10 songs at a time starting with #50 so you will have to wait for my #1. Please post any songs you think I am missing in the comments. But I guess you won't know what I am missing until you get to the end!

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Having a Movie Moment with Jon Longhi: Coronavirus Comfort Food

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By Jon Longhi.

When you work at Amoeba, the world is your media oyster. A copy of pretty much any new DVD, Blu-ray, or CD shows up used within the first couple of weeks of its release. Employees are allowed to use Amoeba as kind of a library for used stuff. On an average week at work I watch anywhere from five to ten new release movies. Some are movies made that year, others reissues of films from decades past. It makes it really easy to write a new release column like this. Well, that spigot shut off three months ago along with the rest of human civilization. Sure, I’ve got a huge movie collection and have had no problems keeping myself entertained during the shutdown, but new releases? Well, I’ve bought one new Blu-ray since the shutdown. The supply lines are jacked. Titles have been delayed. The prices for them are expensive even on discounted sites like Amazon. I only have a couple of new releases left to review. So this column is less of an overview of things that came out this month and more a review of the last things I bought from Amoeba before the world collapsed. They were good movies for this time because all of them are FUN. They’re coronavirus comfort food and they helped get me through these dark times.

The Return of Ultraman, Mill Creek Entertainment:
I bought this the week before the shutdown. I wasn’t going to review this because I’ve already devoted a Return of Ultramanlot of ink to these Ultraman releases in previous columns but as I said earlier, the slush pile is pretty much gone these days. Mill Creek Entertainment’s official Blu-ray releases of Ultraman are some of my favorite releases of all time. I’ve bought this stuff on horrible overpriced bootlegs for decades and am overjoyed that I can throw all those old copies away. Some of those bootlegs didn’t even have subtitles but I watched them anyway. These Mill Creek Blu-rays are the official prints direct from the Toho and Tsuburaya vaults. They are gorgeous and the sound is great. I’ve watched these shows over and over and have been utterly entranced watching them because they are so sharp it is like watching each episode for the first time. Plus, since they are subtitled, I’m frequently actually understanding what is going on for the first time. Usually in the past when I reviewed a big TV box set like this, I had watched anywhere from six to eight hours of the set by the time I wrote the review. Well, I’ve actually watched all twenty-one and a half hours of this set as I’m writing this. It’s one of the things that’s been instrumental in helping me psychologically survive the past three months.

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my top 50 albums of 2019

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the victoriana

#50 Victoriana - Fleetingly, But Completely (Dream)


jakuzi #49 Jakuzi - Hata Payi (City Slang)

#48 Tallies -Tallies (Kanine Records)




#47 Jeanines - Jeanines (Slumberland)


pixx #46 Pixx - Small Mercies (4AD)
gus dapperton #45 Gus Dapperton - Where Polly People Go To Read (Gus Dapperton)
huntly #44 Huntly - Low Grade Buzz (Barely Dressed Records)
cold showers #43 Cold Showers - Motionless (Dais)
aldous harding #42 Aldous Harding - Desinger (4AD)
long beard #41 Long Beard - Means To Me (Double Double Whammy)
julia shapiro #40 Julia Shapiro - Perfect Version (Hardly Art)
self esteem

#39 Self Esteem - Compliments Please (Fiction)

Hip-Hop Weekly Top 5 Chart: Pete Rock & Skyzoo's Wake-Up Call + KILLY, GoldLink, Him Lo, Termanology & Dame Grease

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#1: Skyzoo + Pete Rock
Retropolitan  (Mello Music)

#2: KILLY Light Path 8 (Epic)  avail on CD + crystal clear vinyl LP

#3: GoldLink  Diaspora 2LP vinyl (RCA)

#4: Termanology & Dame Grease Set In Stone (Brick Records)

#5:  Him Lo Prince Akeem Jewelz (Grilchy Party)

New chart entries, hip-hop arrivals into Amoeba over the past two Fridays, include the September 20th release from Toronto, Canada rapper KILLY of the 13 track Light Path 8 that's also available on  crystal clear vinyl LP pressing. Initially released at the start of the summer but now available on 2LP vinyl set is DC artist GoldLink’s highly recommended, ambitious new 2019 sophomore album Diaspora 2LP vinyl. Other chart entries include Termanology & Dame Grease’s Set In Stone (Brick Records), and Him Lo's Prince Akeem Jewelz (Grilchy Party) and the new number chart entry from two unmatchable hip-hop talents: Pete Rock and Skyzoo.

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Litquake Presents Chris Kattan & the Lady From the Black Lagoon

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Litquake, San Francisco's annual literary festival, returns October 10-19 in venues all over the city. Amoeba Music is thrilled to co-present these two exciting events happening at the Alamo Drafthouse:

Baby, Don't Hurt Me: An Evening with Chris Kattan
Saturday, October 12 • 7:30pm. Alamo Drafthouse New MissionChris Kattan
Chris Kattan has defied comparison, expectations, and sometimes gravity with his inimitable style of physical comedy. By creating some of the most memorable Saturday Night Live characters, as well as his many roles in film and television, Kattan has remained one of the world's most fearless and versatile comedians. His new memoir Baby, Don't Hurt Me offers an unprecedented look into Chris’s life, from working alongside Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, and Tina Fey, to more sobering moments such as breaking his neck at SNL, which sidetracked his career and nearly paralyzed him. Conversation with Isaac Fitzgerald, followed by book sales and signing. Tickets $30.

The Lady From the Black Lagoon
Wednesday, October 16 • 7:00pm. Alamo Drafthouse New MissionLady from the Black Lagoon
The horror film Creature from the Black Lagoon released to theaters in 1954, and quickly became iconic. But thanks to a jealous male colleague, the monster’s designer Milicent Patrick received zero credit for her contribution. Her career ended soon thereafter, and she disappeared. Screenwriter and film producer Mallory O’Meara uncovers a fascinating story of the woman who created one of Hollywood’s classic movie monsters. The Lady from the Black Lagoon establishes Milicent Patrick in her rightful place in film history, while calling out a Hollywood culture where little has changed since. Book signing at 6pm, followed by 7pm onstage conversation and screening of the film (in 3-D). Tickets $25.

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