The Late, Great Patrick McGoohan

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Dead at 80. Be seeing you.


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Gomez Comes Alive First DJ Gig Of 2009

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this wednesday, join us for our first one to start the year!
as a special treat for you, we have some of LA's finest specialists
playing cumbia music throughout the night.

...AND JUST ADDED, a special guest all the way from distrito federal!


cumbia! cumbia! cumbia!

wednesday, january 14th

special guests




L'Trimm's Cars That Go Boom - The 1988 Miami Bass, Subwoofer Anthem by Tigre and Bunny D - Stands the Test of Time

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L'TRIMM "Cars With The Boom" (1988/Time-X Records)

Upon recently going back and playing the 1988 subwoofer anthem "Cars With The Boom" (the Miami bass song usually referred to as "We Like The Cars That Go Boom") by the duo L'Trimm (Bunny D and Tigre), I had give the pop-rap hit single/album track two thumbs up and place it in the truly stands-the-test-of-time category. To my ears "Cars With The Boom" sounds just as great today as when I first heard it 21 years ago on their debut album Grab It on Miami's Time-X Records label -- recorded when they were each only 18 years of age. It also sounds as fresh today as it did then, confirming what many say about the young duo being influential on contemporary acts that tap that classic Miami bass sound.

But back in '88 L'Trimm were occasionally accused of sounding, or trying to sound, like the already established female rap team of Salt'N'Pepa. And while it is true that the influence of, or traces of (Salt'N'Pepa's 1987 hit single) "Push It" can be heard on L'Trimm's debut, Tigre and Bunny had their own totally unique spin on the genre, not to mention the asset of having the killer, bass-heavy production skills of Davis Stone for Hot Productions Inc., something that makes "Cars With The Boom" a better, more solid sounding record than "Push It" in retrospect. It also, in my opinion, holds up much better than even Sir Mix-A-Lot's 1992 single "Baby Got Back" -- another pop-rap, bass-fueled hit that opens with girls talking about guy, but maybe I have just heard Mix-A-Lot's way too many times over the years.

Revenge Of The Mercenaries

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Revenge Of The Mercenaries vhs  Revenge Of The Mercenaries on AVEC video

Revenge Of The Mercenaries plot synopsis

This movie isn't even on the imdb.
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