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Smiles Davis
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Last Post: 01/27/2011

This is where I'm supposed to dazzle you with wit and charm. I had a cute anecdote, which took me thirty-seven minutes to type out and properly spell check, all ready for you, but my hair ate it before I had the chance to press the save button. Instead of a quip, you'll have to settle with me babbling about how we, my hair and I, made a pact that if I combed it every now and again it would appreciate me more and not take steps to deliberately deface my work. I can honestly say, due to my own negligence, I hadn’t gotten around to it this week, being that I’ve been slightly preoccupied with non-trivial things. Actually, there is a pretty good chance my fro was neglected last week too, though I can’t deny or confirm that. Still, this digression is a result of unnecessary action taken by the adversary.

Aside from the occasional squabble, we actually have a lot in common. For one, we do everything together. We both love prolonged exposure to moisture and the great outdoors. We both love taking naps. Um, err, we have a similar appreciation for music. I like funky reggae. She likes funky reggae. I like electronica. She likes electronica. I like hip-hop. She likes hip-hop. I got soul. She got soul. Sometimes we debate on who did what cover better and we play games like Name That Tune. It’s fun, you know. But, if she trips up again and pulls a stunt like the one aforementioned, I swear I’ll cut her.