Pearls From The Red Sea

Mark Beaver
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Mark Beaver is a veteran of the great Bay Area music stores. Hired by Leopold Records in Berkeley in 1986 by the legendary Steve Countryman, he established Leopold's first Indie Rock section. in 1988, he took over Leopold's Jazz section from Albert Ramirez, which he ran until his departure in 1991. Mark was lucky to be Leopold's Jazz buyer during the peak years of Bay Area Avant-Garde Jazz, the scene that circled around Oakland's famed Koncepts Cultural Gallery and the birth of Kimball's East. In 1991, Mark was voted by Billboard magazine as one of their "Best Ears in the Business."

Mark left Leopold in 1991 to work for San Francisco's Reckless Records on Haight St., where he stayed until he was hired to help open AMOEBA's Haight St. location in 1997. In 2001, Mark made the move to Los Angeles to open the Hollywood store as their Head Used Buyer.

Approaching 30 years in music retail, most of those with the greatest music store...ever...