DJ UFO! + Vocalist Audio Angel Revive 90's San Francisco Jungle / Drum 'n' Bass Culture with "The Jungle" @ Public Works

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Do call it a comeback, a most welcome comeback from DJ UFO! who, tonight along with vocalist Audio Angel, will rewind things to two decades ago in San Francisco jungle / drum'n'bass music and club culture when they present the one-off club night: The Jungle at The Loft in Public Works in San Francisco tonight, Thursday August 3rd at 10pm (21+ Tickets $10 - $15). In ensuring that they truly take things back to the vibe of a place and time of long ago (the 1990's in SF jungle / drum 'n' bass club culture), not only will UFO! play an exclusively all vinyl drum'n'bass/jungle music set (a rarity these days, and for four consecutive hours) but he and longtime Bay Area based vocalist Audio Angel are making it a "CELL-PHONE FREE ENVIRONMENT by Yondr" by not allowing people to bring their smart phones as distractions. While some offered concern as to how they might order their UBER ride home, most people planning on going to The Jungle party tonight apparently have reacted most positively to the no-phone rule. They welcome a return to a simpler time before Instagram and all the other distractions on these handheld devices that have become an inseparable extension of most people these days.

The talented San Francisco born Ed "UFO!" Garro was among one of the Bay Area's earliest ambassadors of jungle and drum'n'bass music back in the early/mid 90's when many dismissed the UK imported ragga rooted, bass-heavy, frantic BPM fueled dance music as some weird mutant outgrowth of rave and techno rather than a soulful natural progression of reggae, hip-hop, and bass music. Originally a hip-hop DJ, with a history in the local SF battle scene, UFO! could see/hear all of these qualities of jungle music. He also saw the potential  for what future musical paths it could take. Hence he embraced the music and ran with it, going on to become an internationally revered DJ/producer. 

Positive Attitude + Successful GoFundMe Drive Propel MC Zumbi's Rebound from Armed Robbery During Recent Zion I Video Shoot

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"Thanks to the love and support of so many great people, our GoFundMe drive has reached its goal to replace the camera and [to] re-shoot the video,"  MC Zumbi of Zion I told the Amoeblog. The longtime Oakland based hip-hop artist born Steve Gaines was referencing the successful ongoing crowd-funding drive he hurriedly set up a couple of weeks ago. His GoFundMe was set up after he and his film crew were robbed at gunpoint of valuable camera gear, during a music video shoot at 11th and Willow streets. That West Oakland neighborhood, where Zumbi himself had previously lived for many years, is an example of another rapidly changing East Bay community in the throes of gentrification.  Made to accompany the song "Calm Down," off the new Zion I EP The Wake Up, the short-movie styled music video's theme, Zumbi explained, was a commentary on the lack of opportunity for longtime residents of communities like the West Oakland one he'd chosen for his location shoot.

"I'm not mad at the community and I'm not scared of the community. I love Oakland," stressed the ever resilient and positive artist by phone this week. A year ago, when the artist and his family were priced out of their longtime Oakland home with no rent control, he recorded the reactionary song and music video "Tech $" about the negative effects of the Bay Area tech boom: one that's resulted in the displacement of so many longtime residents over the past number of years.

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Hip-Hop Rap Up 07:31:17: Madchild, BadBadNotGood, DJ Harrison, Kool Keith Presents Tashan Dorrsett, Howie B

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Amoeba Music Hip-Hop Top Five 07:31:17

1: Madchild The Darkest Hour (also avail on LP/vinyl) (Battle Axe Records)

2: Kool Keith Presents: Tashan Dorrsett The Preacher picture disc LP (Junkadelic/Fat Beats)

3: BadBadNotGood Late Night Tales (also on vinyl/LP) (Late Night Tales)

4: DJ Harrison Hazy Moods (Stones Throw)

5: Howie B + Craig Richards "Old Boys (feat. Shaun Ryder)" 7" (Tuppence)

Madchild's new "Black & White" video was shot on location in India as part of the promotion for the
Swollen Members' emcee's excellent new solo album The Darkest Hour (on LP/vinyl) via Battle Axe

1: Madchild The Darkest Hour (on LP/vinyl) (Battle Axe):  Madchild''s new album title, The Darkest Hour, pretty much sums up and sets the tone for the Swollen Members star's excellent new, Evidence produced, solo album. Released by Battle Axe in CD and in LP/vinyl formats the 14 track release lyrically is a cathartic exercise in the former opioid-addicted artist's troubled soul and the painful thoughts that routinely haunt his mind. This ongoing internal mental battle, following an admitted five year intense addiction to the painkiller Percocet, was captured by the album's lead singles/videos "Write It Down" and "BadChild."  Like much of the new album, the narrative of those songs tackled the dark places he has gone in his mind as a result of his out-of-control addiction: one that he once estimated cost him $3million spent on drugs!  On the album track "Broken Record" he notes how the temptation is always nearby, especially when he has nothing to occupy his time with. "Addicts are addicts, there's no way around it," he raps on the song, apologizing for sounding like a broken record, and noting how there are "Bumps in the road, just jump back on the wagon. Everyone slips up once, it just happens." Then on the album track and its new accompanying video, shot to dramatic effect on location in India, he bears his soul and his not so pretty life before as he saw it with "Evil all around and hatred" in yet another song of soul searching and reflecting on life and relationships etc. But it is Madchild's hopeful positive tone of overcoming the darkness that makes the album such a pleasure to listen to: that and its pitch perfect production by Evidence.  The multi-talented LA producer (and rapper) also lends his emcee skills to four of the new album's fourteen tracks including "Green Light," "Corleone," "All I Know" (also featuring guest Krondon from Strong Arm Steady), and "Club 33" that also features Evidence's longtime collaborator The Alchemist.  All of these, along with all the other album's carefully chosen guests (Domo Genesis, Oh No, Fashawn, Aston Matthews and Illmaculate), perfectly compliment Madchild's flow and style. 

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A Changed Man, Longtime SF Rapper Playa P Emerged From 10 Year Prison Sentence With Goal Of Finally Recording His Solo Debut

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Last August, after serving the final day of a ten year prison sentence on a Federal case for serious drugs and weapons charges, veteran Fillmore San Francisco rapper Playa P walked out the gates of an Arizona penitentiary. Finally he was a free man! With sixteen months shaved off his ten year sentence (for
outstandingly good behavior) the artist born Paris Moffett, who was clearly a changed man, had served 8 years and 8 months of his life behind the bars of various Federal penitentiary facilities. And he vowed that he was never going back to prison and, more importantly, the life that landed him inside.  Gone forever are those "activities on the street" as he euphemistically now refers back to his once routine lifetime of slanging drugs, dodging the po-po, and side-stepping his many street rivals as he protected his turf. It was also a life in which he saw his brother shot and killed on the street. That was back in 2002 and was among those life-altering incidents that helped snap his brain to mentally rise above and envision an alternative way of living, and making a living.

"Locked up I had a lot of time to think, to reevaluate my whole life, the meaning of family, of God, and of course music. That was the thing that kept me going," he said one sunny recent day eleven months since his release. "The very first thing I did after been released was to see my family: hug my kids, my girl, my mom and my dad. And then I made a song: "Real Recognize Game." I had to do it right away. Upon release I was in the halfway house but I recorded the song and video in the free time I had," stated Playa P of the video that appears down below. The artist credits rap and hip-hop, along with God, for "help saving my life." Busy writing and recording such other as upcoming album tracks as "Money Never Sleeping" and "Respect My Mind," he has been busy catching up and reconnecting with old rap friends and offering to do shows wherever/whenever he can. These have included such shared bills as concert dates with San Quinn (last month), J.Stalin (last week), and Mac Mall (next month - see flyer above with Mall reppin' his late great old friend Mac Dre's legacy).

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Hip-Hop Rap Up 07:23:17: Brian Coleman, Sean Price, Tyler, The Creator, Meek Mill, Trae Tha Truth, Ras Kass, Twiztid, Lando Chill

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Amoeba Music New Hip-Hop Releases Top 5: 07:23:17

1: Tyler, The Creator Flower Boy (Explicit Cover CD) (Columbia/Legacy)

2: Meek Mill Wins & Losses (Atlantic)

3: Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Part 3  (Empire)

4: Twiztid Abominationz Picture Disc LP (Majik Ninja)

5: Ras Kass Soul On Ice 2LP Reissue (Priority)

Last night in Connecticut during a Hot 93.7 radio sponsored Chance The Rapper headlining concert a reported 90 people were hospitalized, reportedly most for out of hand inexperienced heavy drinking resulting in dozens of underage drinkers suffering from "severe alcohol intoxication" and resulting in the local Hartford ambulance service calling out for back-up support from neighboring towns. Meanwhile back in California the other day (July 20th) at Amoeba Berkeley author Brian Coleman and DJ Platurn's jointly curated Checking The Technique panel on hip-hop, that included Domino, Adisa the Bishop, Prozack from Foreign Legion, and Eric Arnold, went well according to all in attendance with DJ Stef reporting that the best parts were all the stories that the veteran hip-hop panelists had to share.

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