Hella Broke But Hella Fun: Foreign Legion's Marc Stretch & Prozack Turner

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Trailer for Foreign Legion's Night Moves movie - the companion piece to their new album

Foreign Legion's Marc Stretch and Prozack Turner may be hella broke hip-hoppers, but that's not going to stand in their way, as confirmed by their new album Night Moves and its accompanying film. In anticipation of the release this coming Tuesday (April 12th) of the Oakland duo's new album on Quality Control, Foreign Legion have been busy pre-promoting it. They've put out The Red Eye Flight Mixtape prequel CD and are doing a series of concert dates in various cities and states. Last month they were down in Austin, TX at SXSW and in the past week they've played in both Utah and Oregon. Tonight they are back home in the Bay Area, where they will be throwing what promises to be a hella fun pre-release party for the new album. The event, in their hometown at Disco Volante on 347 14th St., will by no means be your typical rap record release party, either. Instead, it'll be a true celebratory event: a concert, plus a film screening of the ever-witty duo's new movie.

Since they formed a dozen years ago, the two emcees, Prozack Turner & Marc Stretch, have built a quite a rep not just for their lyrical & musical skills but also for their wildly creative & refreshingly fun-fueled approach to hip-hop music -- an attitude typically lacking in a genre known for taking itself way too seriously. In concert the far from self-conscious Marc and Prozack often dress up in ridiculously funny costumes, making audiences smile and laugh along as well as get their hip-hop groove on. Recent on-stage antics have included a presidential themed moment with Prozack dressing as George Washington while Stretch became Lincoln. Another one was South Park themed, with Stretch dressed as Chef (singing "Chocolate Salty Balls") and Prozack as Kenny. Playing Kyle was their DJ (for that show), DJ Ammbush from the Oakland Faders. Dublin, Ireland's DJ Flip is their most regular DJ since original Foreign Legion member DJ Design departed the group some time back.

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Guerrilla Street Artist Ron English Takes Risk with Daring US/Mexico Border Art Prank

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      One piece in the three-part April Fool's Day on the Border art prank by Ron English

Last Friday, April 1st, guerrilla street artist Ron English was down in Texas, where he spent the early afternoon posting his art on both sides of the US/Mexican border (McAllen, TX & Reynosa, Mexico) as part of his grand scale and very risky (even by his illegal art standards) April Fool's Day on the Border art project. Since the 1980's Ron English has been risking getting arrested (many times actually getting arrested and jailed) for sniping his large scale, anti-corporate & anti-estabishment faux-advertising street art on roadside billboards, bus stop ad spaces, & various other highly visible public spaces.

Ron claims he is the first street artist to ever do something like this on the wall separating the US/Mexico. The Popaganda artist risked not only getting arrested but also the wrath of the notoriously vigilant US border patrol & Homeland Security forces. And on top of all that, the veteran street artist literally risked his own life by entering the territory of trigger happy Mexican drug thugs.

"Very close to where we were at on the Mexican side doing the billboard [was where] all those people got shot. It was scary," said English, referring to the six latest casualties in Mexico's bloody drug war who got gunned down & killed just the day before he crossed the border for his April Fool's Day on the Border stunt.

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De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising Among Latest 25 Additions to Be Preserved by US Library of Congress

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The sample-heavy, Prince Paul produced 1989 De La Soul debut album 3 Feet High and Rising (Tommy Boy) is among the latest 25 American recordings to be officially preserved by the Library of Congress to its registry. The latest additions to the registry (see list in full in chronological order below), announced today, also includes the recently deceased Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band's third album Trout Mask Replica (Reprise), Tammy Wynette's Stand By Your Man from 1968, and Steely Dan's 1977 recording Aja.

Chosen for their cultural significance by the Library of Congress, these musically & chronologically diverse American recordings date back to 1853 and range from Professor Longhair to Mort Sahl to Cylinder Recordings of Ishi (circa 1911 to 1914). The goal of the Library of Congress is to digitize recorded sound and video in formats for long-term preservation so that they can be enjoyed by future generations. The Library's criteria in choosing these recordings for its registry, which was created in 2000, include that they must be "at least ten years old" and that they are "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant." Of course, as with any list, there undoubtedly will be those who will complain that certain recordings were not added or that certain ones were. But I say, whoever came up with this list did an excellent job at choosing these 25. It also should be noted that, due to the high number of samples used on the De La Soul album -- at least 75 -- technically, this list includes a lot more than the 25 recordings listed.

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Best Rebecca Black "Friday" Video Response/Remix: the "Friday [In Hell] (Cynical Mass Remix)"

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Rebecca Black - Friday [In Hell] (Cynical Mass Remix)

In the recent weeks since 13 year old suburban girl Rebecca Black became the unlikely latest internet star (and target of countless trolls & haters) with her Arc Music Factory created song/video "Friday" racking up (as of today) 82,751,513 YouTube hits, there has been an onslaught of response videos, remakes and remixes. Not surprisingly, these are mostly mocking and unflattering spoofs and remakes. Some are even serious commentaries on the video that pose earnest questions like Rebecca Black: The next Justin Bieber or just a joke? But the most creative of all video remakes and remixes in my opinion (even better than Stephen Colbert with The Roots, Taylor Hicks,  and Jimmy Fallon on Fallon's TV show last Friday) is the black metal styled "Friday (In Hell) Cynical Mass Remix" video above that gives the original video a brilliantly dark, disturbing treatment and the song a whole new vibe altogether.

Hip-Hop Rap Up 04:02:11: Gucci Mane, Pharoahe Monch, Dub Equire, Murs & Paid Dues, DMC, Kool Moe Dee, DaVinci

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Amoeba Music Hollywood Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 04:02:11

1) Pharoahe Monch W.A.R.(We Are Renegades) (W.A.R. Media/Duck Down Music)

2) Zion I & The Grouch are Heroes in the Healing of the Nation (Z&G Music)

3) Lupe Fiasco Lasers (Atlantic Recording Corp).

4) Far East Movement Free Wired (Cherrytree/Interscope Records)

5) Gucci Mane Return of Mr. Zone 6 (Warner Brothers)

Last week the recently released Pharoahe Monch album W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) was number three on the Amoeba chart. This week the powerful, highly recommended release by the longtime emcee & former member of legendary early 90's hip-hop crew Organized Konfusion, who is currently on tour in Europe (he plays Sommercasino in Basel, Switzerland tonight), has the number one selling hip-hop album at the Hollywood Amoeba. Thanks to Ray Ricky Rivera for the latest chart, which also includes Zion I & The Grouch's latest collab, Lupe Fiasco, Far East Movement, and Gucci Mane.

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