Finally Finished, Bay Area Punk Rock History Film "Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk" to Premiere As Opener of SF DocFest

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Following a lot of hard work, including exhaustive researching and gathering of data on an underground music scene much of which pre-dated the Internet era, the anticipated documentary on the East Bay punk scene is finally finished and ready to screen. The 155 minute, Corbett Redford directed, Iggy Pop narrated Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk will get its world premiere screening, opening night of the SF IndieFest's upcoming 16th SF DocFest at 7pm on Wednesday, May 31st at the Alamo Drafthouse New Mission Theater. Tix/info. Titled after the 1987 benefit compilation for the Gilman Street Project, compiled by David Hayes and released via Maximum Rock N Roll, Turn It Around  focuses on locally celebrated punk mecca 924 Gilman, spans three plus decades of "the California Bay Area’s punk music history." Hence while the documentary title implies East Bay solely, in fact the film encompasses the San Francisco punk scene (influential bands like Flipper, DKs, and The Avengers) that, for those who were around during that exciting period will readily recall, were all part of the same uniform Bay Area punk scene.

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Sake One's "The Art of Storytellin" - OutKast / Dungeon Family Themed Traveling Club [May 12 @ The Echo in LA with Mr. Choc & Ms Jck]

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Amoeblog: So how did the idea for your OutKast/ Dungeon Family themed The Art of Storytellin' traveling club series come about and did you consider it a risk to focus solely on one group and their extended musical collective?

Sake One: I used to throw a party in San Francisco called Pacific Standard Time. The focus at those parties was new, cutting edge dance music. But on occasion we would curate "tribute" nights. I would try to focus on less obvious artists and try to shine light on artists who, at that time, had amassed a large and influential body of work but perhaps weren't thought of as legendary acts: Chaka Khan, Raphael Saadiq, Earth Wind & Fire, and yes OutKast. The crowd response on OutKast night was incredible with people screaming lyrics and multiple people thanking me and telling me how much OutKast and their music meant to them. I have always been a huge OutKast fan, but doing those tribute nights in 2004 and 2005 planted a seed in my head for a larger, more detailed OutKast night.  Due to the response I have always noticed when I spin OutKast and Dungeon Family artists at parties, I was always pretty confident that this party would be successful because OutKast always made songs that slap in the club.

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The Dream Syndicate Sign With ANTI-

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Today the ANTI- record label announced that they had signed influential Los Angeles 80's “paisley underground” indie rockers The Dream Syndicate, which answers the question as to what label would be releasing the band's forthcoming (fifth studio) album that founding member Steve Wynn had announced back in February. Also today all dates of a Fall 2017 European tour by the band were announced. Known for such 80's college radio staples as their 1982 Slash Records debut The Days of Wine and Roses and 1984"s Medicine Show, The Dream Syndicate came to fame shortly after forming in 1982 when they were part of LA's sixties psychedelic rock derived, then neo-psychedelia so-called “paisley underground” along with The Salvation Army / Three O'Clock, Rain Parade, and The Bangles.

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Crowd-Funded Documentary "I Am A Cliché" On Late X-Ray Spex Singer / Punk Icon Poly Styrene Looks Set To Go

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"Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard.  But I think "oh bondage, up yours!"
 - Poly Styrene, X-Ray Spex's "Oh Bondage Up Yours!" 1977 single + 1978 LP Germfree Adolescents

With 99% of its $90,580 goal already reached and another 20 days still to go on its Indiegogo  crowd-funded campaign, the pending documentary on punk icon, the late great X-Ray Spex founder, lead singer & songwriter Poly Styrene, I Am A Cliché looks all set to go. Directed by Paul Sng with writer Zoë Howe plus narration by the artist's surviving daughter Celeste Bell, the documentary will tackle the unlikely success story of the artist born Marianne Joan Elliott-Said. The film promises to tell the tale of the "bi-racial, female, working class and possessing an unforgettable warrior-cry voice" in an engaging visual "portrait of a singer, seeker, a maverick and a mother" utilizing a myriad of footage: much of it previously unseen.

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Hip-Hop Rap Up 05 05 17: Vinyl + Video Version: Homeboy Sandman, Onra, Brother Ali, Dilated Peoples, & Blockhead

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Amoeba Music Hip-Hop Top 5: 05: 05: 2017

1: Homeboy Sandman Veins LP  (Stones Throw/Fat Beats)

2: Onra Chinoiseries 3 (also avail on vinylLP) (All City Records)

3: Brother Ali All The Beauty In This Whole Life (also avail on vinylLP) (Rhymesayers Ent)

4: Dilated Peoples The Platform LP (Get On Down)

5: Blockhead Uncle Tony's Coloring Book LP (Young Heavy Souls)

Number one new release this week, out today May 5th 2017 (happy Cinco De Mayo!) is the latest from the always amazing Homeboy Sandman: Veins LP  via Stones Throw / Fat Beats.  The vinyl only (so far) album features such killer tracks as the advance songs "Bamboo" and "Clarity" (see both music videos below). And while the ten song Veins album may only clock in at just over 24 minutes in length, as I have stated here before, Homeboy Sandman's unique intricate deep rhymes pack more clever thought-provoking lyrics  into one song than the average contemporary hip-hop artist manages to do in an entire album!

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