New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 4/24/14 - Legowelt, Garnier, Octo Octa and more!

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Legowelt - Los Alamos Motel


Los Alamos Motel 12"

Peoples Potential Unlimited

Some reviewers have stated that all Legowelt records sound the same. Mr. Wolfers proves them wrong on this one. Sure, this release bears his trademark analog retrofuturism, but this is very much his "PPU" record. This EP explores lower tempos, noirish melodies and even vocals on "Videophone to Space". The title track has the gated 80s snare and plodding synth progression of a lost-to-VHS low-budget crime flick.

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Garnier - AF 4302 EP


AF 4302 EP 12"

50 Weapons

New 50 Weapons from a guy who knows a thing or two about producing for the club. The Parisian legend is in fine-form here, delivering dark, peak-time bangers. The highlight may well be "H.E." the record's most minimal, lurid track. A driving and hypnotic bassline bump up against an looped male vocal that eventually utters an explicit come-on through the break. The other two tracks are fine hardware techno.

AF 4302 EP 12"


Octo Octa - Where Did You Go

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New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 4/18/14 - Suzanne Kraft, Sage Caswell, Seven Davis Jr. and more!

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Suzanne Kraft - Missum


Suzanne Kraft

Missum LP

Running Back

Running Back issues the teenage ambient tapes from Suzanne Kraft, the accomplished LA producer better known for sunny, psychedelic house. The roots of Kraft's melodic sense are revealed. II  has spacious guitar and ambles on with the timeless grace of a Basinski piece. VI  introduces a simple beat, while V is closest to traditional ambient electronic music - an enveloping pad transports the listener.

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Omar s - Romancing the Stone

Omar S

Romancing the Stone 2x12"


Omar S continues his prolific tear, following the It Can Be Done ..LP and the FXHE 10 Year Mix  with this dj-friendly 2x12". The title is totally appropriate as this is Omar's most melodic, sensual material in years. "Romancing the Stone" centers on a wistful piano riff. "Frogs" works from a funky disco bass line into abstract 303 atmosphere and back again. Surpass leans heavy on piano riffs again, using a cosmic, repetitive chord to build tension for over 10 minutes!

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New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 4/11/14 - Chevel, Fit, Carl Craig and more!

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Chevel - One Month Off



One Month Off 12"

Stroboscopic Artefacts

Odd new techno forms. The title track is combines nuanced, unsettling, atmophere with a martial two-step drum pattern. "The Wall" has a shape shifting bassline, and adroit drum programming that put Chevel in good stead with Hessle Audio's more outre material. 

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Fit Siegel - Cocomo Seedbed


Cocomo/Seedbed 12"

Fit Sound

Detroit son Aaron Siegel takes an unexpected, balearic turn after his anthemic "Tonite" and collaboration with Gunnar Wende. "Cocomo" is bittersweet, tropical nostalgia although Fit arrives in this sweet spot via his typical, hardware driven rig. "Seedbed" has Fit getting gnarly with a taut, acid techno instrumental. 

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Split Secs - I Stand Alone

Split Secs

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New CD/Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 4/3/14 - Panoram, Christopher Rau, Tom Ov England and more!

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Mr. Feeling - House is Mr. Feeling

Mr. Feeling

House is Mr. Feeling LP


Next level homage from Chicago vet Jordan Fields. In this world of pretenders, who better to take us through the possibilities of the classic jack track sound? "I Want to Jack" is a clear Chip E tribute, yet the moody rhodes and electrofunk pads on "Your Desire", and restless bassline on "15 Minutes of Fame" make this record inventive and enjoyable far beyond its conceit. 

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Terrence Parker - Emancipation of My SoulTerrence Parker

Emancipation of My Soul 12"

Intangible Records

You don't name a track "Emancipation of My Soul" lightly, and TP's 1995 sanctified piano house classic lives up to the title. A piano riff speeds up and remains constant through beatdown drums, a grip of killer basslines and introspective strings. The b-side, "A Track for O.J. Simpson" slams, and odd organ riff and bassline preceding huge marching band kicks and hand drums.

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New CD/Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 3/27/14 - Hidden Fees, Efdemin, Voices from the Lake and more!

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Hidden Fees - So What


Hidden Fees

So What 12"

Beats in Space

Plenty of djs (plenty of LA djs) are involved in the disco not disco unearthed classic arms race, but you don't hear too many acts take a shot at their own version. Hidden Fees isn't scared. Full disco orchestra with Emotional Rescue-era Jagger pouting all over it. Great hypnotic Rhodes lines and horn arrangements. Portugese wizard Tiago turns in some hypnotic, floor-ready remixes.

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Vermont - Vermont


Vermont CD


Brooding, patient album from the US-style house wunderkind and the Innervsions man Worgull. Not a sample or an obvious club cut to be found here, this is emotional synthesizer music more concerned with textures than beats. "Ruckzug" uses moody piano and an insistent synth, while "Ubersprung" has beautiful, elegiac strings. It's all a tad serious, but it's expertly produced the listener would be hard pressed to find more evocative, filmic electronic music. The delicate, precise touch used to create these tracks make it a perfect fit on Kompakt.

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