New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 6/6/14 - Bok Bok, Steven Tang, Frak and more!

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Steven Tang - Leaving the Physical World
Steven Tang
Leaving the Physical World 12"
Underground Chicago producer Steven Tang with three cuts of dreamy analog house. The title track is a spacious, jacking highlight, full of rhythmic invention and lush pads. The end result feels like a Drexciyan take on new age music. Elsewhere, Tang opts for a swinging deep house sound that maintains a feeling of ethereal introversion.
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Bicep - CirclesBicep
Circles 12"
Aus Music
Bicep attempts to shed their reputation as forbears of the 90s house revival tidal wave with this harder edged EP. "Circles" is a Detroit-techno inspired roller that has the duo in a more robotic way than usual - the swinging hi-hats, a constant in their work to date, remain.The B, "NRG106", is a sci-fi epic influenced by Carl Craig's early work. 
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Fred P - Distant RainFred P
Distant Rain/Using Machines 12"
Mule Musiq
Fred P remains on that vibe treating his deeper than deep sound with subtle dub effects. "Distant Rain" recreates nature's unruly clatter with chaotic synth arpeggios. The B side is more what we expect from the NYC producer, a hypnotic, subdued exploration with a delicate guitar sample.
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Sculpture - Membrane PopSculpture
Membrane Pop LP
Software Records
Admirable abstraction from the a/v duo. Expansive, glitchy stuff, like the bastard child of Warp's IDM stable and Black Dice's distorted nature hymns. Sculpture emphasizes texture, allowing small glimpses of pop brilliance through a serrated rhythmic canopy. "Unhitch Your Program" is playful modular murk, while "Polymorphic Operator" latches onto a pulsing tribal rhythm while managing sound in totally alien. "Distraction Display" sounds like a group of children stumbling upon beatless brilliance - the beeping rhythm sounds could be sourced  from Mario Kart and intermingles with haphazard piano, digiclav and xylophone. A graceful string hovers above it all, suggesting there is method to this madness.
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Bok Bok - Your Charismatic Self
Bok Bok
Your Charizmatic Self LP
Night Slugs
Spacious full-length from the Night Slugs co-founder. These tracks have the actual air of grime and the liquid funk of boogie for a listen that's at once futuristic and familiar. The cover portrays a rendering of a hardware studio looking out on a hyperreal, lush greenhouse. The "Greenhouse (Day)" track is a beatless ambient track with pretty analog strings - a far cry from the floor-minded material Bok Bok/Night Slugs typically gravitate towards. "Da Foxtrot" is a sexy, accomplished track built around Rhodes chords, abstract percussion and cheeky, disco-indebted vocal sample. Bok Bok pushes things forward without needing to be difficult.
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Frak - Fusion in ParkFrak 
Fusion in Park 12"
Kontra Music
Cool, foreboding acid trax from the long-running trio. B-side "To Find a Way" is the highlight here. A deflated tom pounds out a rapid pattern while a loose bassline weaves. A single pulse is the track's melodic center while a digital whine sails in and out of the mix. It's nuanced and kinetic, but unlike most jack tracks, you probably haven't heard anything quite like it.
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Lauer - Donner Lake
Donner Lake 12"
Permanent Vacation
A romantic set from the prolific Philip Lauer. In interviews, Lauer's Tuff City Kids partner Gerd Janson states he tries to rein in Lauer's musician tendencies in favor of a more streamlined dancefloor sound. Left to his own devices, Lauer's arrangements are of the new romantic 80s variety, but adjusted to the dynamics of today's dancefloor. "Ward" in particular is a Bernard Sumner-style tear jerker, sounding like the best part of an early New Order demo looped to perfection.
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New CD/Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 5/30/14 - Ninos du Brasil, Powell, Napolian and more!

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Ninos du Brasil

Ninos du Brasil

Novos Misterios CD

Novos Misterios LP

Amazing shifting rhythms from the Italian percussionist duo. The group has moved from hardcore punk to this unique hybrid Batucada and Techno, and come up with something you might find nestled deep in a Villalobos marathon set. “Olhar Das Folhas” makes most minimal techno seem rhythmically bland - Ninos du Brasil’s drums are alive, a locktight amalgam of hand-played and electronic drums.

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Dalhous - Visibility is a TrapDalhous

Visibility is a Trap 12"

Blackest Ever Black

Darksided ambience from the duo formerly known as Young Hunting. That good ol’ Blackest Ever Black sound. Highlight “Success is Her Sensuality” sounds like an 80s gated-snare ballad (eg. In the Air Tonight) put through an austere, string synth grinder. 

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New CD/Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 5/23/14 - Omar S, Lack, Moon B and more!

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Omar S - Motown Methods

Omar S and Luke Hess

Motown Methods 12"


Omar teams up with longtime collaborator Luke Hess for a motor city summit. Fans of both producers will be delighted with the results."Automatic Midnight" combines AOS's percussive grit with Hess's refined sense of space. It's a dub techno track imbued with gritty personality. The B, "Outerspace Drive" feels like the duo attempted to force Terry Riley's expansive minimalism into a jack track. Perfect for late night trips.

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Lack - Expect Night WorkLack

Expect Night Work 12"


Rabih Beani continues his circuitous path through the mutant US techno underground, this time unearthing Lack, from Carrboro, North Carolina. This is pantomime techno. The only present elements are those necessary to convey a simple point - it's not dance music, rather the implication of it. "Eminence Grace" uses a bold stab which sounds sourced from an early rave record and not much else. "Aphelion" focuses on an unnerving sine wave and a skeletal rhythm. 

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New CD/Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 5/15/14- Blase, Prostitutes, Lot.te and more!

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Various Artists - If This is House

Various Artists

If This is House, I Want My Money Back III CD

Permananet Vacation

Terrific compilation that's acts as a good indicator on the state of current underground house music. Permanent Vacation shows an admirable dedication to exposing newer US/EU producers alongside relatively established names. Highlights include the dubby, warp zone funk of Lake People, Willie Burns' slightly chilled out take on his Hauge-influenced sound and one of the best Achterbahn D'Amour tracks to date. They can keep my money.

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Blase - Sunset Dawn


Sunset Dawn LP

ESP Institute

Secret Circuit and Suzanne Kraft debut their breezy cosmic-afrobeat collaboration just in time for summer. Though both of these chaps know their way around a synth, stringed instruments are fully embraced on Sunset Dawn. "Breathing Made Easy" features a hypnotic acoustic guitar, while the low-key heroics on "Downtown Salad" recall mid-period Floyd. Shuffling rhythms are complimented by adroit melodic interplay within these improv-based jams - they sound like they're having a good time, you will too.

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New CD/Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 5/2/14- Matt Karmil, Ondo Fudd, R-Zone and more!

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Matt Karmil


Matt Karmil

Matt Karmil CD


Inward-looking house album from the English producer Karmil. These tracks unspool slowly, largely based on gauzy samples and minimal synth work. The result is somewhere between Fennesz, Gas and the L.I.E.S. catalog, an alluring sound indeed. "Sinkhole" mixes an elegant, corroded string sample with a touch of 303 squelch. Ambient shufflers for the heads.

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Jonsson & Alter - Brevet Hem

Jonsson & Alter

Brevet Hem 7"

Kontra Music

Single version of the moody cut of J & A's excellent "2" album. Kazumi's heavily reverbed vocals ride an expansive synth motif. Eventually, the breakdown opens up to a tough tech/house drum workout with some Seinfeld slap bass accents and subtle jacking percussion. This track would do damage at one of  Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream parties.

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S.P. Posse - Acido 17

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