New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 7/18 - Dj Slugo, Todd Osborne, Budgie and more

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Budgie - The Budgie EP


The Budgie EP 12"


Nice addition to the canon of rare groove/hip-hop inflected music that is equally suited for home listening or warm-up sets. Budgie is formidable/session man and record collector, and it shows in these ornate boogie/funk influenced instrumentals. "Full Moon" and "Clevage" are top notch soul-sample beats, a looser, more psychedelic version of the sound that brought Kanye West to massive fame. For fans of Andres, Floatin Points.

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Shift Work - Scaled to FitShift Work

Scaled to Fit 12"

Optimo Music

Very cool wavo-inflected release on Optimo Music. "Patience (JD Twitch Edit" moves along with a nice arpeggiated bass line and some unintelligble post punk vocals. The rigid arpeggiation and early 80s feel remains throughout, with tracks like "[Less] Merchandise]" adding to the political vibe and bringing in a bit of melody. 

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New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 7/11 - Gilb'r & Sotofett, XDB, Sterac and more!

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Gilb'r and Sotofett - Cobra


Gilb'r and Sotofett

Cobra EP 12"


Tripping, dub-inflected tracks from Gilb'r and Sex Tags honcho Sotofett.  These tracks are structured like psychedelic rock jams on analog synthesizers rather than loop based dj tools. This is apparent on B-side Plantehaelvate, which spins various melodic yarns over a pulsing bass line.

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Eamon Harkin - Back Down 12"Eamon Harkin

Back Down 12"


Tight two-tracker from Mr. Saturday Night's Eamon Harkin. Title track Back Down begins with the sound of party conversations over a chunky techno beats - perhaps Harkin's many days and nights leading the dance in Brooklyn have allowed him to nail the communal feeling present during a track's lead up. Harkin eventually drops some spacious pads to complete the simple banger. The track will appeal to fans of Runaway's Brooklyn Club Jam. The b-side is a bit bouncier, possessing a cool, Kraftwerk-style mid-range bass line.

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XDB - Africc

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New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 6/27 - Sons of Magdalene, M. Geddes Gengras, Population One and more!

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Sons of Magdalene - Move to Pain

Sons of Magdalene

Move to Pain CD

Move to Pain LP


Stunning solo debut from Josh Eustis, known for his work with cult favorites Telefon Tel Aviv and touring membership of Nine Inch Nails. It’s been five long years since we’ve heard from Mr. Eustis. Telefon Tel Aviv’s last album, “Immolate Yourself”, consisted of blurry, romantic synthpop made infinitely bleaker by the accompanying news of co-founder Charles Cooper’s death. Since then, Eustis has been a synth and guitar mercenary for Reznor and Co. However, Eustis is now free of the major label shackles and Telefon’s legion of fans can rejoice. Sons of Magdalene has Eustis operating at the height of his powers.
Eustis is that rare studio rat with an equal understanding of voltage control and pop songcraft. His voice is stripped of effects and pensive but imbued with personality. Like Bernard Sumner, he’s a reluctant icon, belting stadium-worthy choruses into the studio ether. The title track could be a cherished and apocryphal Pet Shop Boys B-side, while “A Strange Sound” sounds like  Martin Rev doing his best Donna Summer impression. It’s that good. Meanwhile, Eustis is completely aware of the techno zeitgeist. “O’Death” interpolates the industrial cadence of the Sandwell District axis, and the record, as a whole, is a textural delight. “Move to Pain” will be loved by synth nerds and new romantics alike. An unexpected high-water mark for emotional synthpop.

Move to Pain CD

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New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 6/20 - Theo Parrish, Spoiled Drama, KZA and more!

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Theo Parrish - Footwork

Theo Parrish

Footwork 12"

Sound Signature

The first single of the Detroit legend's upcoming album has a living breathing beat with a loose, undulating bassline and whispered encouragement to dance. It's immediately recognizable and fits in with the cubist funk Theo's been putting out recently. Great picture sleeve summing up the paradoxical finesse and brutalism present.

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Spoiled Drama - Black Drama

Spoiled Drama

Black Drama 12"


Dark, elegiac house from the Nous camp. The title track and highlight "Onto" are mid-tempo house explorations with minor key strings and slo-mo acid lines meant to lull the listener into a shuffling hypnosis. "Dark Passenger" samples the Showtime series with the worst ending in the history of endings. Patricia's remix of "Black Drama" is gorgeous, adding momentum to the original and concluding with some beautiful mid-range arpeggios.

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New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 6/13/14 - Matrixxman, Mark Barrott, Max Essa and more!

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 Max Essa/Edition Basso

Max Essa/Edition Basso

EP 12"


Supreme balearica from this team of sonic globetrotters. Essa delivers some far east Sunset Jams. "Peninsular", in particular, is stunning, building a lush instrumental over a hypnotic synth motif. Growing Bin man Basso edits a heady, percussive African tune and some unknown 80s oddity on the B.

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Rodhad - Red Rising



Red Rising EP 12"


Over what seems like mere months, Rødhåd has become a household name among deep techno heads, mainly for his hypnotic, spanning dj sets. This 12", his third for Dystopian, shows his aggressive, heady sets have seeped into his own productions. These are top notch big room hypnotizers. Opening track "Helldiver" is sparse, dimensional techno, with a tuneless stab rattling the spine of the composition. "Mines of Mars" is a bit more melodic, while "Rising" is a heavy, minimal  reminiscent of peers Traversable Wormhole or even Robert Hood. 

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Chemotex - Schrade Knives

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