On the 9th Day of *J-Pop* Christmas: Foxxi misQ puts new gloss on a Wham holiday favorite

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japanese pop j-pop foxxi misq wham last christmas cover exile female girl group destiny's child holiday hit music dance hip-hop R&B
Back again with the next sassy addition to the 12 Days of J-Pop Christmas list! First off, let me just say I'm not gonna lie. I've never heard of sexy Japanese hip-hop trio Foxxi misQ, also known as "FQ" - apparently their name comes from the words "Foxy!" and "misc", short for "miscellaneous" which I guess makes perfect sense. Anyhoo, these ladies got it together, in a Destiny's Child kinda way, to stomp out a Christmas jam à la Wham or, shall we say, in the style of  Exile - J-Pop's all-male 14-member super group that made the Japanese version of "Last Christmas" oh so very popular. Check out the street sauce 'n' lip gloss video below and feel free to mash it up with Exile's smooth-as cover.

Exile - "Last Christmas"

On the 9th Day of Christmas: Foxxi misQ - "Last Christmas"

On the 8th Day of *J-Pop* Christmas: Fried Chicken and KARA

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japanese pop j-pop kara family mart christmas commercial fired chicken kentucky christmas
As we all know, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas in Japan if it weren't for fried chicken. It seems everyone gets their so-called "Kentucky Christmas" fix by December 25th, even the cutest of the cookie-cutter cute J-Pop girl groups like KARA, pictured above, can be seen savoring the fryolator flavor of crispy holiday cheer in this year's commercial for Family Mart. Of course, KARA already have a Christmas hit to add to the 12 Days of J-Pop Christmas list with their single "Winter Magic", but wouldn't you rather see them work some fried chicken into their seasonal song and dance routine? I thought so! And because you've been such good boys and girls this year I'm not only adding KARA's rhapsody in white short-shorts music video for "Winter Magic" to this post, but I'll also be including a bonus Japanese "Kentucky Christmas" KFC commercial, starring Japanese ingenue Haruka Ayase. Take it away, babes!

On the 8th Day of J-Pop Christmas: KARA Christmas for Family Mart Fried Chicken

KARA - "Winter Magic"

On the 11th Day of *J-Pop* Christmas: L'Arc en Ciel's "Hurry Xmas"

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Oh Hai. Here we are again with the second in a series of J-Pop "Christmas" videos. Today's feature: L'Arc en Ciel's 2007 swingin' holiday jam "Hurry Xmas" featuring way more than the 11 Santas a-fist bumping mentioned in the title, you're welcome. Stay tuned for more holiday cheer as the 12 Days of *J-Pop* Christmas keeps on truckin' - woot!

On the 11th Day of Christmas: L'Arc en Ciel - "Hurry Xmas"

On the 10th Day of *J-Pop* Christmas: Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence"

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merry christmas mr. lawrence ryuichi sakamoto piano j-pop japan music classical soundtrack 坂本龍一 戦場のメリークリスマス
Oh hai! メリークリスマス again everyone! I'm here again with today's installment in the 12 Days of J-Pop Christmas wherein we celebrate the wild wonderful spectrum of J-Pop Christmas hits both classic and funky fresh. If you're keeping up with this list, checking it twice as it were, welcome back! Today's addition pays homage to award winning musician, composer, producer, writer, singer, pianist and actor Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto! If you think you've never heard of him chances are you have at least heard a sampling of his work whether it be while strapped into the dentists chair, waiting for some elevator doors to open or watching the Last Emperor. His other works include a career pioneering electronica with his band Yellow Magic Orchestra, a successful career as a pop music producer and a semi-successful career as a pop musician, his international notoriety stemming from numerous Golden Globe, Academy Award and BAFTA nominations and wins as a film composer.

So without further ado here's Ryuichi Sakamoto of Yellow Magic Orchestra playing his beautiful work "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" live in Europe 2009. And remember: I'll be adding to the 12 Days of J-Pop Christmas line-up everyday until the hull on my Christmas vessel breaches in a holiday display both beautiful and terrible to behold.

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On the 12th Day of *J-Pop* Christmas: Hello Project/Morning Musume's "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"

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Okay, so it ain't twelve drummers drumming but c'mon! Marveling at twelve wee lasses cute-ing it up in reindeer costumes, prancing in unison along with a holiday karaoke backing track isn't something that happens to you very often, no? I'm guessing because, you know, this sort of thing happens to me all the time. That's why this year I'm going to take a perfectly annoying traditional English Christmas carol and marry it with a series of twelve patently Christmas, increasingly ecstatic J-Pop "merry x'mas" videos to celebrate the spirit of the season. Curious about Christmas in Japan? Peep my take on it here and enjoy the 12 Days of *J-Pop* Christmas! Happy holidays from me and everyone here at Amoeba!

On the 12th Day of Christmas: Hello Project / Morning Musume - "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"

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