David Berman, Blogger

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Author, musician, and former Silver Jews' frontman David Berman may have retired from music back in 2009, but he's showcasing his writing in a new format: he now has a blog. Hipsters, unite! You just can't keep a good poet down.
david berman

Jennifer Herrema Appearing at...Volcom Store?

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jennifer herrema
Jennifer Herrema, musician, producer, legend and fashion icon to many, from Royal Trux and RTX, will be making an appearance at the Volcom shop on La Brea in Los Angeles tomorrow. She will be performing with St. Vitus' Wino and playing Stones tunes, according to the info on Drag City's website! Eh? Eh!
Apparently she's collaborating on jeans with and starring in a series of videos for the brand.

Etta James Diagnosed with Leukemia

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etta james
Spinner reported today that, sadly, 72 year old legend Etta James has been diagnosed with leukemia. James apparently suffers from dementia as well. Click here for more info. We're sending good thoughts her way by listening to her mesmerizing voice.
"Sunday Kind of Love"


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Portlandia: Now this is the kind of television I can get behind! Carrie Brownstein, one of my all time biggest girl crushes, in a velour tracksuit and Uggs learning about the promised land up north? And Fred Armisen (still kinda on my shit list for screwing over Peggy Olson, but this clip is helping) singing the praises of a fantastical place where the dream of the 90s is still available to the pierced and tattooed? This rules. Wish I got IFC. Starts January 21 at 10:30pm.

Neil Young Tribute in NYC Feb 10

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If you are lucky enough to live in the New York area, there's gonna be a massive Neil Young tribute at no less than Carnegie Hall on Feb 10! Scheduled artists include Patti Smith, The Roots, J Mascis, Bettye LaVette, Bebel Gilberto and many more, and all the proceeds go to various charities. Tickets here.

neil young tribute carnegie hall

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