Debut Carletta Sue Kay Album Coming in August

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carletta sue kay incongruent

You heard it here first, kiddies! SF treasure Carletta Sue Kay will release her debut album August 2 on Daddy Pony Records! Details below:

Artist: Carletta Sue Kay
Album: Incongruent
Release Date: August 2nd
Label: Daddy Pony

01 Riding Around
02 Just Another Beautiful Boy
03 Pas le Meme 
04 For the Birds
05 Sloppy Kisses
06 Joy Division
07 Some Famous Landmarks
 08 Pretty Inside
09 Cruel, Cruel Man
10 Bonnie Parker or Eleanor Roosevelt
Bonus! Here's the video for "For the Birds:"

SF Benefit for Kelly Malone Featuring Carletta Sue Kay, Royal Baths and More

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Michael Hurley's Lost Album, Fatboy Spring

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Folk legend Michael Hurley has written a short piece exclusively for us about two of his old bands, Automatic Slim & the Fat Boys as well as Sheriff Mocus & the Deranged Cowboys, his time living in central Vermont in the 70s and how he got into fiddlin'.

With these bands, Hurley created the lost album Fatboy Spring, which includes unreleased tracks from the mid-70s and will be issued by Secret Seven/Mississippi Records this summer. Read the piece below by Mr. Hurley and check out an exclusive track called "Automatic Slim & the Fat Boys" here!

michael hurley automatic slim and the fat boys


Automatic Slim & the Fat Boys
Formed: Vermont 1972

They lived in dwellings along the Lost Nation Valley Road, barns, sugar shacks, partially collapsed and low rent or no rent houses. Or; they built their own house. None of the Fatboys were actually fat. I had michael hurley fatboy springthought we might make a better stage presence if we all put pillows in our shirts while performing and I furnished the down pillows which we tried wearing for the first few gigs but we found that you soon get overly warm performing with a big old down pillow in your shirt and eventually the pillows would be removed and after a while all of them had been forgotten at the venues where we played. We played ski lodges and seedy taverns, the Bearcat Snowmobile Club and bar-b-cues and house concerts.

Continue reading...

New Matt Bauer Video and Album

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matt bauer jessamine county book of the living

Matt Bauer will have a new album out June 7 called The Jessamine County Book of the Living with some production work by local knob turner Nigel Pavao. Read more about the record here.

Here's the new video for the lead single, "When I Was a Mockingbird:"

New Gillian Welch Album Coming in June

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Finally! After an 8 year wait since Gillian Welch's last album, Soul Journey, it's been announced that a new record, The Harrow & The Harvest, will be released June 28! Check out tons o' tourdates here.

the harrow and the harvest gillian welch

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