My top 50 alternative songs of 1990...This Is How It Feels

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Top 50 Alternative Songs of 1990...Part III #21-30

I am counting down my top 50 favorite alternative songs of 1990!.This is part three in my series. So in case you missed the last entry you can find it here. Come join me as I relive the year that started the greatest decade in music.


janes addiction

#30 Janes Addiction "Three Days" (Warner Bros.)

You could not avoid Janes Addiction in the late 80s and early 90s.  loved how weird and mysterious they were. There was something always sexy and dangerous about them. Perry Farrel was sort of like the cult figurehead of alternative music. He would go on to create the Lollapalooza festival the following year in 1991. The band released their third and "last" album Ritual De La Habitual in 1990. I knew who they were from their previous album but this was the album that really made me a super fan. "Been Caught Stealing" was always the bigger song but I loved "Three Days." It was over 10 minutes long and I listened to it on repeat many times.

inspiral carpets

#29 Inspiral Carpets "This Is How It Feels" (Elektra)

Another great Madchester band with a great debut album. Life came out in 1990 and featured three singles. But "This Is How It Feels" was the song to pay attention to. A great song for any kid in his teens dealing with life and feeling lonely! This melancholoy song never made me sad. It had an optimisic feel to it somehow even though it is about depression and suicide. Some of these 90s British indie bands started to sound like each other a bit but I loved pretty much all of them. I always loved their band name too.

the soup dragons

#28 The Soup Dragons "I'm Free" (Big Life)

"Right Here Right Now" by Jesus Jones and "Unbelievable" by EMF were just around the corner. Both those songs came out in late 1990 and took over MTV and the airwaves. And I can't deny that I loved those songs at the time but they never really stuck with me. They were overplayed and I moved on. But this song always stuck with me. We used it as the opening song in one of our high school drama productions and it became one of the anthems of the year. Perfect combo of a Rolling Stones kind of anthem with some 90s Reggae. It somehow worked. This is for sure  one of those songs on this list that could not have come out in any year other than 1990. 

iggy pop

#27 Iggy Pop "Candy" (Virgin)

This song is just perfect. I was a huge B-52's fan so I loved anything Kate Pierson did. And how can you not love Iggy Pop. When you combine Iggy Pop with Kate Pierson you get musical magic! I really can't resist a good duet like Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty and this one. This song just works on so many levels. It was one of the songs I most wanted to play at my wedding and I can never listen to it too much. I loved that artwork on the album and 12" by Charles Burns. Everything was just perfect about this song. What is not to love.

the sisters of mercy

#26 The Sisters Of Mercy "More" (Merciful Release)

Most of my favorite 80s bands had already peaked in the 80s but some would continue to put out some really good albums up until the early 90s. The Sisters only put out three full length albums and they were all kind of perfect. This was off their third album Vision Thing and also featured "Detonation Boulevard" and "Doctor Jeep." I loved my goth bands and have such fond memories of this song and this band. They were dark and gothy but always had a fun sort of theatrical edge to them. Andrew Eldritch is a one of a kind.

the mission

#25 The Mission "Deliverence" (Mercury)

The Mission was formed by two former members of the Sisters of Mercy orginally known as The Sisterhood. Carved In Sand was their third album. It featured "Butterfly On A Wheel, "Into The Blue," "Ameilia" and "Deliverance." The Mission were like the perfect combination of hard rock and goth rock. I think this album is their best and this song is a classic. These guys were brooding and spiritual and knew how to create a dark anthem. These guys were always sort of unique in their music and style yet totally accessible and easy to love.


#24 Chapterhouse "Falling Down" (Dedicated)

Chapterhouse were another band that seemed to come out of nowwhere in 1990. I know a lot of these bands had been together for years already perfecting their sound. 1990 just happened to be the year where we all got to hear them with their debut 12"s and albums. The Freefall EP came out in 1990 before their debut album Whirpool the following year. It featued "Falling Down" which is one of many great songs by these guys. Another shoegaze band to come out of 1990 that would go on to be one of my favorites. I love these songs that you can just turn up and completly dissapear into.


primal scream

#23 Primal Scream "Loaded" (Creation)

This song is the perfect song to go along with "I'm Free" by the Soup Dragons. I can't think of one without the other and they are both pretty much 1990 in a nutshell. Primal Scream were another band that changed up their sound in 1990. A perfect song for the beginning of the 90s and a new era. Influenced by music of the 60s and 70s but with a new fun sound also influenced by house music. Bobby Gillespie was another one of those great frontmen like no other. He just came around at the perfect time for his kind of music.

the farm

#22 The Farm "All Together Now" (Produce Records)

The Farm were yet another one of my favorite British bands of my high school years. They would release their debut album Spartacus the following year and it would go into my heavy rotation for the next couple of years. "All Together Now" came out at the very end of 1990 and was another anthem of my youth. I would get so happy every time I heard it on the radio. My friends and I all loved it. We could all probably use a song like this in our life right now. Still relevant all these years later.


#21 Slowdive "Slowdive" (Creation)

This was off their first EP out in 1990. And they went on to put out their brilliant debut Just For A Day the following year. I can always talk about this band. My love for them is really neverending. One of the best of the bands that got put into the shoegaze category. The depth of these songs from these guys are so deep. I never want to stop listening to them once I start. What a great start to another perfect band to come out of 1990. Why were we so lucky to get so much from the UK in 1990? I am just happy to have been there and to be around when bands like this are still around. I got to see both Slowdive and Chapterhouse live in the last couple of years and they did not disappoint.