Shelter-In-Place Crate Diggin' Vol 2: Kool Keith, RJD2, Quelle Chris & Chris Keys, Shabazz Palaces, D Styles, Wiz Khalifa

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While all three Amoeba Music stores are still temporarily closed, the Amoeba's online store is running 24/7 with all the latest vinyl and other format releases available with free shipping anywhere in the US. Below is the latest hip-hop albums top 5 countdown plus the hip-hop reissue album pick of the week.


 Wiz Khalifa  Kush & Orange Juice [Transparent Green/Black Galaxy Vinyl] 2LP (Rostrum Records)

The tenth anniversary special edition vinyl release of Wiz Khalifa's Kush & Orange Juice is the first time the mixtape has gotten a physical release. Pressed on 180-gram, transparent green/black (galaxy-effect) colored vinyl this 2LP set includes 18 tracks. Five of these tracks feature select studio collaborators. These include Curren$y & Big K.R.I.T. (“Glass House”), Killa Kyleon (“Spotlight”),  Johnny Juliano  (“Pedal To The Medal”), Alborosie (“Still Blazin”) and Nesby Phips (“Supply”)  Note that this release is limited to one per Amoeba customer.

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Amoeba Hollywood: A Photo History (Part 1)

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With the announcement this week that Amoeba Hollywood will not reopen on Sunset Blvd and will instead focus on hopefully reopening in the fall at our new location at 6200 Hollywood Blvd, we wanted to look back at the amazing history we've seen over the last 19 years. Although we are not able to give the building the sendoff it deserves, it's our hope that you'll find some joy, some memories, and some solace in these images. 

So much as happened at Amoeba since we opened at 6400 Sunset Blvd on November 17, 2001! It's impossible to do it justice in one piece, so we're going to be sharing more pictures and more history in the coming days and weeks.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Amoeba Hollywood opening Ad

Amoeba Hollywood construction

Amoeba Hollywood construction

Amoeba Hollywood construction

Amoeba Hollywood opening day

Amoeba Hollywood opening day

Amoeba Hollywood opening day 2001

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Third Man Artist Luke Schneider Shares His Quarantine Picks

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Luke Schneider

Need some music recommendations? Renowned Nashville pedal steel player Luke Schneider shares some of the albums that have kept him going while we're all quarantined at home. Luke's new album, Altar of Harmony, is out June 5 on Third Man Records and is available for pre-order now on

North Americans - Going Steady

North Americans - Going Steady

If we are now recognizing 'Folk Ambient' as a legitimate genre, then this record deserves a place in the canon of the idiom. A beautiful expression of hard to describe feelings, some parts wistful, other parts lonely, all of it gorgeously arranged with a perfectly gentle touch. If it had been released in the '70s, Terrence Malick would have surely used this music for one his soundtracks.

Erin Rae Putting on Airs

Erin Rae - Putting On Airs

10 New Music Releases on, 4/24/20

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While our physical Amoeba stores are closed temporarily for the safety and health of our employees and customers, is OPEN for business 24/7, and music and movies ship free to the U.S.!

New music continues to drop and we want to keep you up to date on the latest. Here's 10 of our favorites from this week's new releases, available on! See all the new releases HERE.

Hazel English: Wake Up! (CD & Vinyl)

Hazel English’s debut full-length album trades the hazy, reverb drenched production styles of her earlier work for a classic late '60s pop sound with timeless pop hooks and addictive melodies. A move from San Francisco to Los Angeles to collaborate with producer Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX, Angel Olsen) has brought a fine-tuned sense of pop craftsmanship to her music. Wake Up! casts a wry eye over modern life and promises to be one of the highlights of 2020.

Amoeba Needs Your Help to Survive

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Amoeba Music need your help

Amoeba is a place where music fans of all ages and backgrounds find community and music reigns supreme. We have weathered many storms since we opened our first store 30 years ago in Berkeley, CA, but we don’t know that we can get through COVID-19. Our stores have been closed since mid-March and must remain closed indefinitely.

So we must humbly ask for your help.

If you are able to donate to our GoFundMe campaign, we would be incredibly grateful for that support. Any donation to this campaign will contribute to the cash resources we need to deal with the immediate future, to take care of our staff of over 400 Amoebites, and to allow Amoeba to continue operations.

If you can let others know about this campaign, that would be deeply appreciated as well.

Love, Amoeba

10 New Music Releases on, 4/17/20

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As you know (and like everything else in the world), all three physical Amoeba stores are closed temporarily for the safety and health of our employees and customers, but is open for online shopping 24/7, and music and movies ship free to the U.S.!

New music is NOT canceled. New albums continue to drop from the heavens and we want to keep you up to date on the latest. Here's 10 of our favorites from this week's new releases, available on (FREE SHIPPING TO THE U.S.)! See all the new releases HERE.

EOB, Earth

EOB: Earth (CD & Vinyl)

Radiohead's Ed O'Brien's new release under the moniker EOB was written and recorded over the last five years, in between Radio Head official business. The album alternates from moments of delicate folk to euphoric house, seamlessly pinned together by unswerving melodic hooks and candid lyricism.

The Lasting Legacy of "Regional Radio Star" Mal Sharpe

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Mal Sharpe’s San Francisco (1980's) inc @ 1984 Democratic National Convention in SF

Absurdist man on the street interview pioneer and self-described “regional radio star” Mal Sharpe, who died last month at age 83 at his Berkeley CA home following a heart surgery, leaves behind a lasting legacy especially in the Bay Area. The Cambridge Massachusetts born and raised Sharpe moved west to San Francisco in the 50’s when he would meet Jim Coyle. The two shared a similar dry twisted sense of humor and a gift for keeping a straight face. Soon they would become the comedy prank duo to push the perimeters of comedy, all the while making fools of their street interviewee targets. Their groundbreaking early 1960’s radio show “Coyle & Sharpe on the Loose,” that aired weeknights on San Francisco radio station KGO, alongside records, featured their landmark absurdist improv street pranks.

Sometimes recorded with a hidden microphone these guerrilla art projects resulted in such timeless public .pranks as “Selling Germs Wholesale,” “The Great Folk Singing Hoax,” “Fungus On An Infant” "Three-Ism," "Maniacs In A Living Hell" and “Druggist.” The latter four can be heard in the audio-only video clips below.  "Maniacs In A Living Hell" is considered their most popular skit while “Druggist” is their far fetched but believable prank in which the pair somehow convinced a Daly City pharmacist that Coyle was about to conduct a low-budget, DIY chest medical surgery on Sharpe. But first they needed a little help from the shocked and bewilldered pharmacist/druggist. Note that this skit would be among the many to appear on the three volume retrospective “Coyle & Sharpe on the Loose” CD collection of the duo’s work. Released in the mid nineties this 3 CD series helped the pioneering pair from three decades earlier reach a whole new audience.

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The Worst Parties In Movie History

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By Jon Longhi

I wrote this piece a month ago, which, as we all know, feels like a couple centuries ago. The worst parties Saloin movie history may not seem like the most appropriate theme for a blog post now, but there’s still some great movies on this list. “Bummer party movies” might be the perfect theme for your latest isolation party. Since nobody is going out to any parties these days, this also might be a good time to remind ourselves that not all the parties were good parties. Stay safe everyone and we’ll see you in person on the other side of this mess.

There’s good parties and bad parties and then there’s the worst parties in movie history...

Salo, or The 120 Days of Sodom:
Crazed director Pier Paolo Pasolini updates the Marquis de Sade’s masterpiece of sexual debauchery to the fascist Italy of World War II. A group of utterly evil subhuman monsters decides to throw a sex party where they will systematically commit every perversion known to man. There are so many things in this movie you’ll never be able to unsee. You’ll be talking to your therapist about it for years to come. From shit eating feasts to gouging out eyeballs during intercourse to just burning off genitals during the orgy, this movie is filled with stuff you never want to try. Believe me, this is one party you don’t want to get invited to. It’s the kind of film that, after you’re done watching it, you almost wonder if you could be arrested for viewing what you just saw. Amazingly, this is a Criterion Collection release. When it first showed up in the Criterion section of my local video store, I used to always sneak a fake shelf talker on to it that read: Makes a great first date movie.

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Rest In Peace John Prine (1946 - 2020)

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John Prine's 1971 self-titled debut is filled with classics by the artist who died today [04:07:20]

American music legend John Prine died today at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center from complications related to COVID-19. The 73-year-old Grammy-winning artist, who had been in intensive care for the past two weeks, was reportedly diagnosed with COVID-19 last month after returning to the US from a European tour. The influential singer/songwriter, who began his career in the early seventies and is categorized by Amoeba under such genres as Folk, Folk Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Country, Country Rock and Americana, leaves behind a rich legacy from a five-decade-spanning career. 

With his distinct raspy voice Prine possessed a penchant for writing engaging country-folk songs about the lives and struggles of the American everyman/woman. Vividly told with both compassion and wit and often from a first person perspective, these Prine classics include “Sam Stone” about a PTSD suffering, drug-addicted Vietnam vet, “Paradise” about the strip-mined hometown of his parents in Kentucky and  “Angel From Montgomery” about the dreams of a woman trapped in a dead end marriage. Incidentally, all three of these songs appeared on the artist's landmark 1971 self-titled debut album.  John Prine  also included such other timeless songs as "Donald and Lydia,"  “Illegal Smile,” “Spanish Pipedream,” and “Hello in There.” 

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Shelter-In-Place Crate Diggin' Vol 1:'s Hip-Hop Vinyl Top Ten

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Like the majority of retail businesses in California, in respect the safety of public health in this COVID-19 pandemic, all three Amoeba Music stores have been temporarily closed. But the good news is that the Amoeba's online store is running 24/7 with all the latest vinyl and other format releases (and movies) available with free shipping anywhere in the US. 

Focusing on ten of the latest hip-hop vinyl new arrivals of the past week at below is a countdown of this recommended batch of records, both new releases and reissues.


#10 Brother Ali Us [10th Anniversary Edition] LP (Rhymesayers Ent)

#9 Elcamino  Elcamino 2 LP (Air Vinyl) (also avail on CD)


#8  Vanderslice  Trendsetter LP (Coalmine Music)

Remembering Bill Withers (1938 - 2020)

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The Essential Bill Withers is one of many compilations of the late great artist's work
American soul music icon Bill Withers has died at age 81, the result of “heart complications” according to his family in a statement made to the Associated Press today. Although this sad news only broke today, reportedly the artist’s passing occurred four days ago (Monday, March 30th) in Los Angeles. Born in West Virginia in 1938, the three-time Grammy winner known for his distinctively smooth soothing vocal style released eight studio albums and one live album in just a decade-and-a-half recording career. His career didn’t begin until he was in his thirties and was brought to an early close back in the 1980’s when he made the decision to withdraw from recording music altogether. Meanwhile, the artist's back catalog has kept his legacy alive and well, and, now after his passing, will continue to do so for a long long time to come. In addition to his nine albums, there are numerous collections and compilations of his music, including the 2CD 34 track The Essential Bill Withers.

McCoy Tyner Rests in Powerful Memories

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McCoy Tyner Enlightenment

By Rick Frystak
McCoy Tyner is a huge influence in my own musical life, and not just his physique (more on that later). Mostly as he was playing WITH John Coltrane and others, not BEHIND them, or supporting them. Whomever he played with, it was a BAND. 'Tranes group, of course as with many quartets, quintets (all of Van Gelder’s wonderful Blue Note work comes to mind), displaying his exceptional chordal prowess, especially when I could hear what he would do with 4ths and 5ths of the root note to set up a mood of mystery, swing or ANY place that he and the band wanted to go with the tune and the intervals. THEY, as a band could use. But those were HIS chords. He owned them. His passing has more depth to me as time passes. And the really raw power that man had in his hands, running down the wood onto the wires! It was clear that he was destined for greatness, and already being great because of his strength of originality.

Even though she came after McCoy in John’s group, Alice Coltrane was the logical extension of McCoy’s sound, but with naturally, a gentler touch, and therefore a direction of the tonal aspect of the band. And Mr. Tyner’s hand size could be compared to first-baseman’s mitts in size. As in, HUGE! And just by the way she stood, one could tell that Alice had a shy sensitivity that magic-carpeted the sound to its NEXT phase, post-Live In Seattle period. In fact, Live at the Village Vanguard Volume 2 is one of this group's finest hours, and if a finer Impulse! master exists someplace, or any outtakes, I would go nuts hearing it. God forbid it was in the UNI vaults and therefore the fires...

I shall never ever forget the singular time I witnessed McCoy in concert, the feeling of sitting there in that seat. It was at a club under the Redondo Beach pier, called Concerts By The Sea. Records have been made there, as it was owned by Howard Rumsey, and it was up on the pier previous to being UNDER the pier. McCoy had a powerhouse of a band then about the time of Focal Point, with Eric Gravatt on drums, Gary Bartz or Sonny Fortune (?) on alto and Charles Fambrough on double bass and Guillaume Franco on percussion. The concert seemed nothing like the LP, as if the mastering was too difficult to capture this power I speak of. Anyway, between McCoy and Eric, the front row of seats were literally blown away-the folks sitting there moved back about 3 rows, and thirsty! Doubly frustrating was the fact than in the U-shape seating there were only ten rows of seats in each section, maybe 75 seats. And add to this the very powerful presence of Mr. Gravatt on drums, fresh off the Live in Tokyo trip by Weather Report, edited down to side 2 of I Sing The Body Electric; another fantastic showcase of over-driven-Rhodes/drums/The Wayne/The Miroslav. And Eric with his 90-degree cymbal position of jazz cat lore complete with Frank Zappa hype sticker you do not see many of those). Gravatt truly has his own co-Alphonse Mouzon-ish style that fits so well with McCoy’s. It’s another match made in the cosmos. It is as if McCoy’s Sahara album is live right here and now.  Frank Zappa sticker

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