Weird Wednesdays this February at the Alamo Drafthouse New Mission

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Amoeba Music joins Alamo Drafthouse New Mission in San Francisco for another month of Weird Wednesdays! Check out the outrageous fringe films they're showing this February. We'll see you at the movies!

Wednesday, February 12. 9:30pm.
Reflections of Evil is like seeing an astral projection of someone’s mental breakdown through the prism of low-budget horror aesthetics. Produced and self-distributed by filmmaker Damon Packard thanks to an unexpected inheritance, this is a highly personal psychedelic collage that utilizes 16mm film, video, and found footage to tell the story of a wandering creature named Bobby (Packard) as he searches for his missing sister...who may have fallen in with a supernatural drug cult. Packard’s schizoid style is built on visual manipulations, breakneck editing, renegade plagiarism, mismatched audio effects, and the juxtaposition of tones. This is true genre anarchy: a rage-filled, 137-minute outsider manifesto that toes the line between artsy triumph and genre pastiche. Imagine a stream-of-consciousness collaboration between Sam Raimi and Charles Manson and you’re halfway there. After being caught while filming Reflections of Evil inside Universal Studios, Packard was banned for life from the theme park. He made the right choice.

Wednesday, February 19. 9:45pm.
IN 70MM!
It's been said that Walter Hill is a real "man's director," but this is belied by the cross-gender, cross-continental cult appeal of his rock n' roll masterpiece of vigilante justice. Originally intended as a trilogy until American audiences broke Hill's heart with poor box office, Streets of Fire stars heartthrob Michael Pare as Tom Cody, a soldier of fortune who is summoned by his sister (The Warriors' super-tuff Deborah Van Valkenberg) to rescue his old flame, rock goddess Ellen Aim (a 19-year old Diane Lane) from a pack of PVC-clad bikers from the wrong end of town (who are headed up by Willem Dafoe and Fear's Lee Ving). Add to this mix Rick Moranis as Ellen's current boyfriend/manager Billy Fish, a tough-as nails Amy Madigan as Cody's sidekick McCoy, an early appearance by Bill Paxton, and the always effervescent '80s staple E.G. Daily and you’ve got yourself a movie that can pretty much do no wrong. The merits of Streets of Fire are many: its stunning production design, its no-fat dialogue, its crew of rotating editors who set the standard for modern editing techniques (for better or for worse), and of course, the music - courtesy of songwriters Jim Steinman and Stevie Nicks, and amazingly bolstered by The Blasters as the house band at Torchie's Bar (Torchie's itself being a consistent character in Hill's early films).

Wednesday, February 26. 9:45pm.
John Carpenter is so often referred to as a "Master of Horror" (and rightfully so) that it's easy to forget throughout his career he delved into other genres with equal skill and passion. 1992's Memoirs of an Invisible Man finds Carpenter doing a noir-tinged riff on the classic Invisible Man story injected with his wit and style, and some not too shabby '90's visual effects. In a Hitchcockian twist, average dipshit Nick Halloway (Chevy Chase) ends up getting zapped by a science experiment gone wrong, and becomes the target of a manhunt. Turns out not being visible to the naked eye has its advantages, though, and a cat and mouse game between a villainous government agent (Sam Neil) and the transparent "wrong man" ensues. Darryl Hannah plays the supporting love interest, another innocent caught up in this adventure story that could be described as 39 Steps crossed with Starman.

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