New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with The Drums

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The Drums - What's In My Bag?

We were fortunate to be able to sit down with Jonny Pierce of The Drums at Amoeba Hollywood recently and talk about some the records and movies that have shaped and inspired him, including a few albums from 1997, which he considered "an amazing year for music." Pierce described hearing Bjork's Homogenic album for the first time at a Sam Goody record store, having only been allowed to listen to Christian music at home. "I had never heard music like it before," he told us. "My life really did change at that moment. There's a real spirit of freedom and empowerment on this album." 

Founded in 2008 by singer/multi-instrumentalist Jonny Pierce and childhood friend Jacob Graham, The The Drums - Brutalism - Amoeba MusicDrums moved to Brooklyn in 2009, where they rounded out their lineup. In less than a week of moving to New York, the Drums played their first live gig as part of the NYC Pop Fest at Cake Shop NYC. That fall, the band released their first EP, Summertime!. The group began heating up in the music press, garnering nods from the BBC, NME, and Pitchfork prior to the release of their 2010 debut album, called simply, The Drums.

The Drums released a sophomore LP, Portamento, in 2011. A year later, the band made their US TV debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The third studio album by The Drums, Encyclopedia, came out in 2014. By 2016, Graham had parted ways with the band, choosing to focus on his work as a puppeteer and with his new project, Sound of Ceres. With his departure, The Drums effectively became the solo project of Pierce, who moved to Los Angeles. He wrote and performed all the instrumentation on the 2017 album Abysmal Thoughts. The Drums’ latest is 2019’s Brutalism. Once again performed entirely by Pierce, the album was mixed by Chris Coady (Beach House, Slowdive, Future Islands).

Pierce started off our What's In My Bag? episode with Love Streams, a film by one of his favorite directors, John Cassavetes, which stars the director's wife Gena Rowlands. "They made a series of beautiful films together where she's the star," he told us. "One is called Opening Night. I think it's probably my favorite movie of all time."

Another favorite film for Pierce was Hirokazu Kore-eda's Still Walking. "I must have seen (it) 50 times," he said, calling the film a "voyeuristic movie" with "a lot of food preparation." Pierce could relate to the story of the film in which a father is disappointed in his son's decision not to follow in his footsteps." I think I cry every time I watch it," he told us. "It really speaks to me."

Pierce also grabbed Daft Punk's 1997 debut album Homework, saying, "I don't know if they've ever topped it as far as just being so new and so fresh. To me it's like their punk album. It's rough and raw and real."

But which record reminds Jonny Pierce of his first big heartbreak? You'll have to watch the video below to find out!

The Drums - What's In My Bag?
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