New Stanley Nelson Documentary on Jazz Legend “Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool” Opens In NYC and LA (Trailer + Theater Info)

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Trailer for “Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool” that opens today @ Forum NYC & Aug 30 @ Landmark LA

The subject of the new Stanley Nelson produced and directed documentary “Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool” that premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival and opens today at the Film Forum in NYC and next Friday (Aug 30th) at The Landmark in Los Angeles;  was truly a most unique artist. A complex creative individual, who embodied the “difficult artist” label, the multifaceted jazz genius that was Miles Davis is fully explored and beautifully captured in this new documentary that celebrates the art while not sidestepping the drama in Miles Davis’ often tumultuous personal life; from narcotics abuse to domestic violence.

Rather the film presents the artist and human being as a whole and from all angles. In so doing it importantly shows how  all of these personality pieces together, created the influential jazz legend that was Miles Davis.  Among those interviewees who weigh in on the film's subject in this documentary include fellow jazz musicians Quincy Jones and Wayne Shorter.

As repeatedly emphasized in the new film, Miles Davis was always an innovator, yet stubbornly anti-convention while continually pushing the proverbial envelope. A quick overview of his rich diverse back catalog on the 26 page long  Amoeba  Miles  Davis section will attest to this, as well as shine a light on the numerous collaborations with other artists he got invited to parttake in.

In advance of this weekend’s opening of the documentary at Film Forum, the NYC arts theater summed up Miles’s, “bold disregard for tradition, his clarity of vision, his relentless drive, and constant thirst for new experiences made him an inspiring collaborator to fellow musicians and a cultural icon to generations of listeners.”

While Stanley Nelson's new film is by no means the first documentary on Miles Davis it does offer many new insights on the artist by how it is presented and while featuring several never-before-seen archival footage and studio outtakes. Miles Davis: Birth of The Cool opens at the Film Forum in NYC where all weekend the filmmaker Stanley Nelson will be giving talks before each screening. More info here. And in exactly one week from today, next Friday, August 30th, the film will open at the Landmark in Los Angeles at 10850 West Pico (at Westwood Blvd.). Detailed info here.

With his music continually being reissued and repackaged and new unreleased material being uncovered there's no shortage of excellent Miles Davis releases to find at Amoeba. Among the ten Miles Davis titles to arrive into Amoeba this year already are the 180 gram vinyl repress of Filles De Kilimanjaro LP (c/o Music On Vinyl) and the excellent 2CD set The Complete Birth of Cool  (also 2LP set) that was released two months ago by Capitol and whose two CD discs are divided into "The Studio Sessions" and "The Live Sessions."


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