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Upcoming Vinyl Hip-Hop LP Pick [Amoeba Pre-Order]

Tyler, The Creator  IGOR LP ( CD + Cassette) upcoming vinyl 9/27 pre-order now from Amoeba

Upcoming LP release of the week is Tyler, The Creator's IGOR LP on Columbia/Legacy that will be released on 150 gram vinyl format with gatefold cover on September 27th (pre-order from Amoeba now) and this upcoming Friday (August 23rd) on both CD and Cassette formats (per-order IGOR CD and IGOR cassette now from Amoeba). Previously released in May in digital format but soon be available physically on 150 gram vinyl, CD and cassette formats from Amoeba, IGOR is the Odd Future star's official sixth solo album and the follow up to the 28 year old artist's 2017 hit album Flower 2LP (also on CD). Packed with introspective soulbearing songs, IGOR  even surpasses that critically acclaimed album and has already been dubbed a masterpiece by several critics. Below is the music video for the album track "EARFQUAKE." 

Tyler, The Creator “EARFQUAKE” from the upcoming album IGOR LP,   (CD + Cassette

Reissue Vinyl Hip-Hop LP Pick of the Week

Young Jeezy TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition Deluxe Edition 2LP (Def Jam)

Reissue hip-hop vinyl pick is the Deluxe Edition 2LP set, released this month by Def Jam, of Young Jeezy’s TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition Deluxe Edition 2LP.  The welcome double vinyl reissue comes eight years after the initial release of the hit album by the artist nowadays known simply as Jeezy. Upon its 2011 release it marked the third and final installment in the artist’s ongoing Thug Motivation series. The album was also a companion piece to the Chris Robinson directed documentary film A Hustlerz Ambition. In fact one version of the original release included a DVD of the 46 minute film profile of the artist. Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson the documentary (seen below) chronicles Young Jeezy’s rags to riches rise to fame against all the obstacles he faced in his younger life.

When the album was released back in late 2011 it debuted at #3 on the Billboard album charts. Initially a 14 track release, the new Deluxe 2LP version sports 18 tracks with the additional four all featured on Side D of the double album. These are “.38 (feat. Freddie Gibbs),” “Ballin’ (feat Lil Wayne),” “Lose My Mind (feat. Plies)” and “Never Be The Same.” Longtime Jeezy fans will recall how, in advance of the album’s initial release back in 2011, that he promised several artists including Plies would be featured guests but were not upon the original release.

Young Jeezy "A Hustlerz Ambition" (Documentary) companion piece to  newly reissued
TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition Deluxe Edition 2LP.

New Hip-Hop Vinyl Top 5 LP Countdown

#5  YUNGMORPHEUS & Fumitake Tamura Mazal (Leaving Records)

Mazal on Leaving Records arrived on Amoeba’s shelves on Friday last (August 9th) upon its release and features 20 envelope pushing, experimental leaning hip-hop tracks produced and mixed byFumiitake Tamura with vocals by YOUNGMORPHEUS that he recorded two and three years ago in Brooklyn and Los Angeles all the while using a basic $150 Tascam DR-40 recording device. As noted on their website YUNGMORPHEUS and Fumitake Tamura first crossed paths back in 2017 at a Low End Theory performance in LA that led to the two artists trading files back and forth over the next two years. The result is Mazal whose title is taken from the Japanese word meaning "a mixture of things.” Below is the audio-only YouTube clip for the album track “Blunted.”

#5 YUNGMORPHEUS & Fumitake Tamura “Blunted” [audio track] from the album Mazal (Leaving)

#4 Denzel Curry ZUU LP (Loma Vista Recordings) [also avail on CD]

ZUU LP via Loma Vista Recordings, that's also avail on CD, is the latest album from Florida rapper Denzel Curry who last year dropped the edgy Ta13oo LP (also on CD) " and the previous year released the album Imperial LP. Amoeba reviewers laud the  brand new ZUU LP as follows: Denzel Curry can do no wrong on ZUU. The album is a tribute to his hometown of Miami, with appearances from Kiddo Marv and Rick Ross. The bass is heavy, the beats solid, and the rhymes smart as hell. What more could you want? Nearly every song is a banger; Denzel Curry should be dominating the clubs this year with these tightly-constructed tracks. This one’ll stay in rotation for months to come.

#4 Denzel Curry   “RICKY” from ZUU LP (Loma Vista Recordings) [also avail on CD]

  #3 Abstract Orchestra  Madvillain Vol. 1 LP (ATA)

Originally released late last year but back in stock at Amoeba is Abstract Orchestra's album  Madvillain Vol. 1 LP ATA. The UK based 40 piece ensemble Abstract Orchestra, that's headed by saxophonist Rob Mitchell, first came to fame with their debut J Dilla interpretive project Dilla LP and follow up 45 “New Day (feat. Illa J).”, The orchestra states that it's primary roots lie in classic jazz big band instrumentation of saxes, trumpets and trombones. As with their popular Dilla project, Madvillain Vol. 1 LP features their reinterpretation of MF Doom and Madlib, aka MADVILLAIN focusing on the power MC/producer duo's albums MADVILLAINY and MADVILLAIN 2 all the while sampling such jazz legends as Sun Ra, Bill Evans, Freddie Hubbard, and George Duke. Note also available is the sequel Madvillain Vol. 2  LP . Below is the full album preview of Madvillain Vol. 1 LP.

#3 Abstract Orchestra Madvillain Vol. 1 LP (audio-only preview) (ATA)

#2 Your Old Droog  It Wasn't Even Close  2LP (Mongoloid Banks) also on CD and Cassette

It Wasn't Even Close  2LP (Mongoloid Banks) also on CD and cassette is one of two 2019 album releases from Your Old Droog along with Transportation 2LP (also on CD). With just a series of one-off singles and collaborative tracks in 2018, these two 2019 albums are the official follow up to the the Nas-inflected rapper's two 2017 releases; the solo album Packs and the collaborative EP project EP What Happened To Fire? with fellow NYC emcee talent Wiki. Initially released back in mid April It Wasn't Even Close  2LP vinyl version arrived into Amoeba this month via the Mongoloid Banks record label. SImilarly to the Ukrainian American hip-hop artist's other album this year,  It Wasn't Even Close  2LP was produced for the most part by NYC beat master Mono En Stereo. Standout tracks on the 41 minute, 13 track It Wasn’t Even Close include "Smores," "Gyros" and “RST." Below is the audio-only YouTube clip for the latter track that features talented guests DOOM and Mach-Hommy.

#2 Your Old Droog “RST feat. DOOM & Mach-Hommy)" from It Wasn't Even Close  2LP (Mongoloid Banks) also on CD and Cassette

#1 DJ Skizz & CRIMEAPPLE Wet Dirt LP (Different Worlds)

When the vintage hip-hop styled nine track Wet Dirt LP dropped in digital format back at the start of this year it caught the attention of fans of gritty pure hip-hop. This was thanks to the always pitch perfect production skills of NY born, L.A. based super producer DJ Skizz along with his latest collaborator in rhyme, New Jersey lyrical spitter and relative newcomer CRIMEAPPLE. Brooklyn producer DJ Skizz, who earned respect as part of the WNYU Halftime Radio Show for a decade and a half, has worked with such mic greats as Sean P, Masta Ace, Your Old Droog and Roc Marciano to name but a few. More importantly Skizz has a track record of bringing out the very best in the emcees he chooses to work with. Hackensack's CRIMEAPPLE is no exception as instantly proven on such album tracks as “Heavy Sativas” “Skeleton Key” and “Pasteles.” The latter track, that was leaked well in advance of the album back in mid 2018, has an accompanying music video (see below). Even earlier Skizz had worked with CRIMEAPPLE helping bringing the bilingual emcee to the attention of a wider audience. Most recently DJ Muggs connected with CRIMEAPPLE for the album project Medallo that was released a month ago in download format. Hopefully, like the Wet Dirt LP ,  it too will get a physical release in the future.

#1 DJ DJ Skizz & CRIMEAPPLE "Pasteles" from the album Wet Dirt LP (Different Worlds)

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