Weird Wednesday at The Alamo Drafthouse New Mission in August

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Sun Ra, Space is the Place

Amoeba and Alamo Drafthouse continue their partnership for Weird Wednesday at the New Mission theater in SF this August! Weird Wednesday is Alamo's weekly celebration of movies that are too outrageous for prime time. The August line-up proves to be daring, imaginative, and downright interplanetary. You won't want to miss any of these.

Murderous Intent (1985)
Wednesday, August 7. 9pm
Jamaican-born, NYC-based director Len Anthony originally set out to make several films, but was never able to finish any of them. All the leftover footage was smashed together and Murderous Intent was born. Opening with an explosive Alvin Ailey-esque dance troupe number, you will never be able to predict where this movie is headed. It's like if Dangerous Men was an art film -- or a horror film -- or both -- or neither!

Murderous Intent

Caged Heat (1974)
Wednesday, August 14. 9:30pm
This women-in-prison tale is the debut feature from future cinema legend Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs, Something Wild, Married to the Mob). Thrown into the penal hell of Connorville, petty criminal Jacqueline (Erica Gavin) fights against the ruthless inmates, a cruel warden (Barbara Steele), and her depraved staff. She forms an uneasy friendship with two hardened inmates; when these three unite, they seek escape, money, and revenge. Composer John Cale (formerly of The Velvet Underground!) also offers a stark, experimental, blues-inflected score — and the story takes a number of odd turns including several strikingly surreal fantasy sequences, with Steele getting the best moment in a stylish cabaret number.

Space is the Place (1974)
Wednesday, August 21. 9:45pm
Spurring from his frequent lectures in the late '60s at UC Berkeley, Sun Ra hits the big screen with a touch of the power cosmic in Space is the Place. Sun Ra and his Arkestra return to Earth after several years in space. Ra proclaims himself “the alter-destiny,” meets with inner-city youths, and battles with the devil himself to save his fellow man in this afro-futurist dose of acid jazz that plays like a mix between The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Seventh Seal, and Dolemite.

Double Team (1997)
Wednesday, August 28, 9:45pm
Legendary Hong Kong director Tsui Hark's Double Team features counter-terrorist agent Jack Quinn (Jean-Claude Van Damme) careening through Europe, searching for the infamous terrorist Stavros (Mickey Rourke) who has kidnapped Quinn's pregnant wife. Sound like typical '90s action stuff? Throw in Dennis Rodman as Van Damme's eccentric weapons dealer named Yaz who sports a wardrobe of outfits that would make David Bowie blush and speaks almost entirely in basketball puns. With a script from the writer of Lifeforce and Arachnophobia, Double Team is a slam dunk!

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