“OAKLAND IS PROUD" of Aerosol Street Art History ahead of DREAM DAY 2019 (Aug 17) with TDK Crew, DJ Qbert, Nump + more

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In advance of next month's anticipated annual 2019 DREAM DAY, which since the death of beloved Bay Area activist and aerosol art legend Mike “DREAM” Francisco’s senseless murder almost 20 years ago celebrates the internationally revered artist’s life and legacy, several new vibrant street art aerosol murals have recently being painted in the streets of North Oakland, not far from Mosswood Park where DREAM Day 2019 with live art and music will be held on Saturday, August 17th from 11am until 7pm.

On 36th Street off of Telegraph a few blocks from Mosswood Park members of DREAM’s veteran influential East Bay aerosol arts collective including Kufue, the 1984 founded TDK crew that originally stood for Those Damn Kids but these days stands for Teach Dem Kids, were busy in recent weeks painting such pieces as the “OAKLAND IS PROUD” seen above that is done in tradition of the landmark Oakland mural painted years ago by TDK's Del Phresh that became immortalized when featured on the TV show Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. Also painted on the same wall recently was the “TDK” piece pictured up top above that is a virtual mural advertisement for the upcoming DREAM Day 2019 in the nearby Mosswood Park.

Last Sunday (July 21st) ten blocks over in North Oakland on Telegraph near 45th Street busy TDK member Kufue was again busy doing another aerosol street art masterpiece alongside fellow longtime Bay Area aerosol artist (and hip-hop artist) Bukue One. Featured in the Amoeblog Hip-Hop Best of 2018, the multi-talented Bukue-One has been a long time follower of the late great "King" DREAM. From his early years DREAM has played as an important role in Bukue-One's career as a Bay Area artist. 

“DREAM for me is the foundation of the graff town funk! When I was just started off his pieces were royalty! I got to spend some time with him when him and Plan B were airbrushing up at Hilltop Mall,” recalled Bukue-One continuing to reminisce how, “I would just hang and listen to him emphasize the importance of letters over everything else; over colors, backgrounds, characters etc. He spoke those words with so much passion and conviction that his gospel became engrained in me. That foundation of letters/content first has been my ethos for my graff, my emceeing, production, business and how I relate to others.”

From those early formative years in Bukue-One’s career up until now, two decades after DREAM’s passing, he still feels a strong influence. “For me DREAM was and is my sensei and the keeper of the root funk!” Pictured both above and below is Bukue-One from last week while completing his latest piece at the the long shuttered, former Kasper's building located where Shattuck and Telegraph Avenues merge near 45th Street in Oakland. Also below is the TDK member's piece that's on the same Kasper's wall to the right of Bukue-One's.

A truly pioneering Bay Area street artist, as well as activist, Mike "DREAM" Francisco was an integral and influential part of the Bay Area street art scene from the 80's up until his senseless murder in a botched street robbery in February 2000. Fellow TDK member / Bay Area street art legend SPIE, who first met DREAM back in 1987, told the Amoeblog in an interview that, "I think about DREAM every day. A lot of us do. It keeps me going sometimes. He was a positive spirit. And it's pretty amazing how DREAM's legacy just keeps growing. He has become this really important figure to a lot of youth out here who may never have even met him."

The artist's surviving brother/TDK member "Lil" John Francisco noted of his sibling, "DREAM meant a lot to Oakland! He helped put Oakland and the Bay Area on the map as far as hip-hop goes out here. His early pieces were far ahead of his time. Cats, pioneers of the writing scene out on the East Coast respected him to the fullest.  A lot of, if not most of the artwork / /burners he put up were gifts to the community [that] he rarely got paid for."

In the the two decades since his premature death, DREAM’s legacy has grown exponentially thanks in great part to his family and friends keeping his legacy alive via such things as the countless pieces painted in his honor on walls around the Town and the greater Bay Area.

Additionally most impactful in keeping the DREAM alive are the annual DREAM DAY celebrations that have been taking place every year since DREAM's tragic death. These are all thanks to the efforts of such folk as as Mike's aforementioned brother and DJ WillieMaze of the longtime Local1200 turntable crew.

It was WillieMaze who was instrumental in getting the DreamDay Proclamation passed through the City of Oakland nine years ago when the City of Oakland officially proclaimed every February 17th "Dream Day" chosen since Feb 17th, 2000 was the date of the death of DREAM. If still alive, DREAM would be celebrating his 50th birthday on August 15th, two days before this year’s DREAM Day. Hence this year’s DREAM Day will be a landmark event for the beloved artist. Fittingly many great things are planned for DREAM Day 2019.

Dream Day 2019 will be held at Oakland’s Mosswood Park (Broadway & MacArthur), where the recent annual Burger Boogaloo was held, on August 17th with live painting and music and food and beer and all round good vibes. Scheduled to paint are artists from DREAM’s decades old, iconic TDK crew as well as many other artists from across the Bay Area.

Music wise the scheduled lineup (as per flyer rigjt) will include among others DJ Qbert, Skratchfight, Myke 1, TMC, Fran Boogie (host), Sake 1, JAH YZER, DJ Celskii, Rock City DJs, DJ Agana, DJ Atreau, Traci Bartlow, Mikey Diskp (KNT) and emcee Nump who recorded the great DREAM tribute song “Be Like Mike” (see video below along with other related DREAM Day videos).
More info/updates and ticket info = DREAM DAY 2019 + flyer below before DREAM videos

DREAM interview 1992

NUMP "Be Like Mike (feat. Reena Lynn)"

DREAM 1993 interview

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