Star System Transmissions With The Space Lady And Chaki, The Galactic Wizard of Funk

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By Kai Wada Roath
Ambassador of Confusion Hill and host of the Super Shangri-La Show

"I allow myself three mistakes on stage...and more if I need them."
~ The Space Lady

Susan Dietrich was born in 1948 under the Earth sign of Capricorn. But once Susan stands on stage The Space Ladyand puts on her blinking winged helmet of wonders and channels the strange, positive energy from the far reaches of the cosmos, she becomes The Space Lady (who was born under the distant sign of "Casio"-peia.)

I still remember how mesmerized I was the first time I heard The Space Lady's version of "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" by The Electric Prunes on Volume 2 of Songs In The Key of Z. After seeing her perform a few months back, I needed to know more about her than what I could just find on the computer-world. Through the technological communication powers predicted by Arthur C. Clarke, I reached out to Susan in her Colorado dwelling to ask her some questions of true importance.

Do you believe in the city of Telos, from the lost continent of Lemuria, which is said to be hidden underneath Mount Shasta?

"I don't have any direct experience with the supposed inhabitants of Telos, although I spent a lot of time living on the mountain in the '70s where I did see U.F.O.s. But in the '9's, I did see an apparition of several mysterious brown cloaked monks walking in a line through the forest before disappearing there."

If someone wanted to order a Space Lady pizza, what would be on it?

"A delicious tomato sauce on a nice thin crust, vegan mozzarella, every imaginable type vegetable, pineapple chunks, and topped with organic magic mushrooms."

If you could transform into one nocturnal animal, what would it be?

"A firefly."

Your favorite song?

"'Ghost Riders in the Sky.' I heard it first when I was 10 years old and it just blew me away." 

Her favorite version is still from Dennis Linde.

I then asked Susan if she could tell me a ghost story...

"I grew up in a grand, old three-story red brick house built in 1906. It had a very mysterious attic that held some relics of the wealthy Rhodes family who built the house, including a beautiful oil painting of a young woman in a long white gown. My older sister Sally told me it had been painted by the Rhodes’ daughter, Edith, and that it was a self-portrait. Not surprisingly, Sally and I and a couple of our young girlfriends convinced ourselves that the ghost of Edith Rhodes was haunting our house, and we were sure we saw her floating through the hallways and down the staircase in her white gown on several occasions during sleepovers. Sadly, many years later, we were disillusioned to learn that Edith Rhodes was still alive and well and living in California!"

Susan has made eight world tours and her current manager is her Grandson.

"I love the hectic pace of a tour." 

If there was one person she wishes she could meet, it would be Jane Goodall. Susan enjoys birding, and feels strongly about saving and respecting the environment.

She meditates every morning and her favorite movie is Galaxy Quest.

Be sure to seek The Space Lady's Greatest Hits album, recently re-released by Mississippi Records.(My favorite song of hers is her version of "Major Tom" by Peter Schilling.)

It is after this space transmission that I reach out to the communication device of Chaki the Funky Space Wizard!

Chaki, what is your all-time favorite food?

"Chili dogs with mustard, onions, and no beans in the chili, please. Kaspers in Oakland is A+," says the stellar cosmic caped wonder.

Is it true that Oingo Boingo is your favorite band?

"I remember very vividly being a 4-year-old and staring at my boombox while playing "Grey Matter," and rewinding it and playing it over and over obsessively. The synths, percussion, and Steve Bartek's guitar informed my musical aesthetic in a very intense way. They've been my favorite band ever since. I have too many songs that are my favorite. Every song on Good For Your Soul is a banger. All killer, no filler. "Out of Control" has got me through some really dark times. "Stay" is so heartbreaking. "No One Lives Forever" is the world's #1 party song about dying. A multicultural group of guys from LA playing this twisted, angular new wave madness. What's not to love?!" says Chaki, as he weaves a spell of asteroid love dust in the air with his hand.

Tell me, who truly is your favorite funk band?

"ZAPP!" he exclaims with certainty.

And ice cream flavor?

"Medieval Madness from Thriftys!"

Known to some, but not enough, is that Chaki leads tours in Disneyland for Atlas Obscura.

What is your favorite ride at Disneyland and what must you do every visit to make it complete?

"The Haunted Mansion is a total and complete masterpiece. One of man's greatest achievements. Every inch of that ride is a gorgeous assault on the senses. Things I always make sure to do at Disneyland are Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise at night, a Cobb salad at the Palace Inn, a corn dog from The Corn Dog Cart, and I always stop into Trader Sam's Enchanted Bar for a Navy Grog."

What song do you love most from The Space Lady?

"Is there anything more beautiful than when The Space Lady performs "Synthesize Me?" It is overwhelmingly, heartbreakingly gorgeous. I cry like a baby every time I see her play it."

Be sure to see The Space Lady play her Casiotone MT-40 keyboard and Chaki slap his electro funk space bass this Sunday, July 7th in San Francisco! Details HERE.

Me, the Space Lady and Chaki the Funk Wizard:

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