Rest In Peace Bushwick Bill - Dead at age 52

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After widely publicized erroneous reports by numerous news outlets earlier today (Sunday June 9th) that Bushwick Bill had died, that were soonafter followed up with  correction notices that the Geto Boys  member diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, was in fact still alive but “fighting for his life,” tonight at 8:35pm (Pacific) official word was released that Bushwick Bill had indeed died.  In February this year, around the time he was about to go on tour, it was announced that the artist was suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer, while reportedly he had been ill from cancer since early last year.

Confirmed to The Associated Press tonight by his publicist Dawn P, the 52 year old rap artist born Richard Shaw died in a Colorado hospital at 9:35pm local Mountain Standard Time where he was surrounded by family.
Known for his recordings with the Geto Boys (with whom he first began as a dancer known by the name Little Billy) as well as his solo work,
pictured right is his hit rap single "Ever So Clear" while above is the cover of Bushwick Bill’s album Little Big Man Chopped & Screwed that  is one of many featuring the artist available from Amoeba. Others include the Geto Boys'  Foundation,, Geto Boys LP vinyl, Best of the Geto Boys,  and Da Good, Da Bad & Da Ugly.

In honor of the unique Houston rap artist below are some video clips by the artist both solo and with the notorious hardcore Houston rap group (formerly Ghetto Boys) he came to fame with in their best known lineup. One audio only video is an interview clip from 1991 when I interviewed the artist on KUSF radio in San Francisco. The interview took place shortly after the infamous shooting incident in which he lost his eye.  The culmination of the events of one crazy wild night, reportedly fueled by Everclear and other substances, the outcome of the shooting accident would become the iconic album cover for the Geto Boys 1991 Rap-A-Lot album We Can’t Be Stopped. 

Seen above, the album cover art shows a post-accident Bushwick Bill on a hospital gurney flanked by fellow Geto Boys Willie D and Scarface. In the interview clip below from back in '91 when Bushwick was 24 years of age, he breaks down exactly what happened that life changing night. He further recounts details of the infamous incident in the Bushwick Bill solo song / music video (below) in the song “Ever So Clear” in which he famously rapped “Why did you shoot me in the eye? I would of shot you in the body.” Immediately below is the music video for the iconic Geto Boys single “My Minds Playin Tricks on Me” from the album We Can’t Be Stopped.

Geto Boys “My Minds Playin Tricks on Me”

Geto Boys "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta"

Bushwick Bill “Ever So Clear”

Bushwick Bill 1991 interview about getting shot in the eye

Bushwick Bill "Skitzo"

Geto Boys "6 Feet Deep"

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