New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Pelican

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Pelican - What's In My Bag? Amoeba Music

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Trevor de Brauw and Larry Herweg of Chicago post-metal band Pelican during a recent visit to Amoeba Hollywood. The bandmates shared some of their favorite albums by The Jesus Lizard, John Carpenter, Fugazi, and Radiohead, and picked up a few rare LPs that had been eluding them. Their knowledge and passion was evident and made for an interesting What's In My Bag? episode. The band just released Nighttime Storiestheir first new album in six years, and are currently touring North America this month. 

Founded in 2001, Pelican's current lineup consists of guitarists Trevor de Brauw and Dallas Thomas, Pelican - Nighttime Stories - Amoeba Musicdrummer Larry Herweg, and bassist Bryan Herweg. After the release of a self-titled EP in 2001, the group put out their 2003 debut LP, Australasia, via Hydra Head. Their sophomore album, The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw, followed in 2006. A year later, the band released City of Echoes. In 2008, the band put together After the Ceiling Cracked, a multi-format release featuring material from Pelican's 2005 live performance at Scala in London.

Pelican signed to Southern Lord for the release of their fourth studio LP, 2009's What We All Come to Need. In celebration of the album, Chicago metal bar/restaurant Kuma's Corner briefly served a burger named after the band. Forever Becoming was released in 2013; its full-length follow-up, Nighttime Stories, was released on June 7, 2019. The band has toured relentlessly, sharing stages with Wolves in the Throne Room, Tombs, and other more traditional metal-related luminaries.

Trevor De Brauw started off this episode with the latest release by Minnesota indie-rockers Low. "I feel like on each of their records they have a song that's so good that it seems like you've heard it before," he said of Double Negative. De Brauw also found a vinyl reissue of a beloved album, Radiohead's OK Computer. "Every single band bought a delay pedal after they heard (this) record," he commented. Larry Herweg added, "We were all playing in hardcore bands and stuff, and it was ok to start using delay pedals after that."

Herweg was excited to find a vinyl remaster of Sunny Day Real Estate's second album. "I think (William Goldsmith's) drumming on this record is super innovative and not like anything else," he proclaimed. Another favorite album for Herweg was The Jesus Lizard's 1991 album Goat, which he picked up on vinyl. "The rhythm section's one of my favorite rhythm sections," he went on to say. "I saw them years ago at The Metro and it's still one of my favorite shows of all time."

But what record is in Larry Herweg's top five albums of all time? And just what is Trevor de Brauw's favorite John Carpenter score? Watch the video below to find out!

Pelican - What's In My Bag?
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