Interview With Damon Krukowski

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By Jon LonghiDamon Krukowski

Damon Krukowski and his wife/partner Naomi Yang have been making music together since the late nineteen eighties. Their bands Galaxie 500 and Magic Hour were two of the most influential groups of the dream pop movement, and the two have kept making music ever since as the duo Damon and Naomi. Their music is frequently described as either psychedelia or psych pop. The two share an uncanny chemistry as musicians. Damon's guitar blends perfectly with Naomi's keyboards and their vocal harmonies are just heavenly. At their show at The Lab in SF on April 17th, Damon said he's seen their music make even the toughest bouncers at bars they've played start crying. It's beautiful, heartbreaking music. Check them out. Everything they've ever recorded is excellent. Damon stopped by Amoeba SF on April 18th and we got to ask him a few questions.

Amoeba: So you're on a book tour with some Damon and Naomi shows?

Damon: Yes I'm doing a book tour for my new MIT Press book, Ways of Hearing, and we're doing a couple shows along the way. We just played at The Lab last night [4/17]. Tonight [4/18] I'm doing a book event at City Lights Bookstore at 7pm. Come check it out.

Amoeba: What's the book about? I've heard it's a very visual interactive experience that almost reads as a graphic novel.

Damon: The book is based on a podcast I made for Radiotopia last year. It's an answer song of sorts to Fortune, Damon & NaomiJohn Berger's Ways of Seeing, which was a TV series made for the BBC in the early seventies and then became a book. It's beautifully designed and heavily illustrated, inspired by sixties mass market paperbacks like Marshall McLuhan's The Medium Is The Massage or Abbie Hoffman's Woodstock Nation. The topic is listening in our digital moment.

Amoeba: What are your latest Damon and Naomi music releases?

Damon: Our latest release is actually a digital only compilation on our Bandcamp page called Damon And Naomi In The 21st Century. Our recent LPs are Within These Walls, a favorite record of ours that had never come out on vinyl, and Fortune, which is our most recent album of new songs. Fortune is just the two of us, but all our other recent records feature Michio Kurihara from Ghost and Boris, and we also work with two great horn players: Bhob Rainey and Greg Kelley.

Amoeba: What's next for Damon And Naomi?

Damon: I'm continuing my book tour, which will take me to England and we'll be playing some shows there. I just bought lots of CDs here for my travels. CDs are a ridiculous bargain these days; everyone should come down here and buy them!

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