Amoebapalooza SF at Milk Bar, February 17

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Amoebapalooza SF is back with more Amoebite-powered musical mayhem on Sunday, February 17th. We’re keeping things very local and throwing this shindig directly across the street at Milk Bar (1840 Haight St.). Doors open to the public at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm. Admission is just $5. This is a 21+ event.

This annual celebration of the talented Amoeba employees and FOBs (Friends of Amoeba) is always a hoot and this year's line-up is action-packed. From a provacative live reading by author Jon Longhi to a screening of filmmaker Steven Anguiano's short film to raucous live sets from Use Kleenex (Kleenex coverband), Top Fo'ties (AKA Jesus Dude Mom), novelty rock giants Alan's Cousin, Combo (Michael Cruz and Keith Frerichs), Eli & Adam Play Folk Music, and a mysterious project called I Have Crabs, this is shaping up to be one of the most legendary nights yet.

Thank you to our pals over at SIR for providing our musical back line!

Band spotlight: Alan's Cousin
Imagine Flight Of The Conchords and Tenacious D have a baby, and meanwhile, James Taylor and Alan's CousinSugar Ray have a baby. Those two babies get it on and have baby, but they realize, "Hold up, we were born a few days ago, we simply cannot raise a child." Said baby is given up for adoption and raised by Bob Dylan and The Beatles. That baby is Alan's Cousin.

Founded in New Orleans by songwriting powerhouse cousins Brian and Dave Cousins, they got their start when their debut track, "GameCube and Jerkin' Off," got serious college radio play. They followed suit with a series of smash hits including "Don't Tell Your Friends About My Dick" and "Jesus and a Beer," cementing them as a true force in the nov rock scene. LEAD SONGWRITER Brian Cousins has since reformed the band to include an all-star lineup of San Francisco musicians including members of Toyota and Natural Child.

As Graham Mekjian put it, "Comedy music doesn't have to sound bad."

Amoebapalooza SF 2019

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