Amoeba SF Employee Interviews: Sean of the Shirts

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Welcome to our re-booted blog series on the employees of Amoeba San Francisco. You know them, youSean Murphy love them, sometimes you see them buying coffee at Whole Foods. Now you can get to know all about them and their departments!

We are kicking off this reinvented column with the one and only Sean Murphy, who you may recognize from behind the registers. What you may not know is that he's also our Apparel and Accessories Buyer. Yes, he's the rock and pop-culture maven behind our ever-growing t-shirt collection. Lean in and learn more.

Amoeblog: How long have you been with Amoeba SF?

Sean: This April will be 12 years. It's the longest I've ever been at a job, by far.

Amoeblog: What sort of shirts do you order for Amoeba SF?

Sean: In addition to ordering and helping choose designs for all the Amoeba apparel, I order all of our music, movie, and pop-culture tees.

Amoeblog: How do you decide what to order?

Sean: I've always had a good eye for cool designs, and before Amoeba I was in the vintage clothing world where I specialized in picking music and pop-culture tees for almost 12 years. I still wear graphic tees pretty much every day. Ha ha.

Amoeblog: What do you like most about being "the t-shirt guy"?

Sean: I'm just going to unashamedly brag and say the thing I like best about it is that I've more than doubled sales since I took over the department, and now our promotions team is designing window displays to showcase our awesome selection. Tees are bringing new people into the store and I'm really proud to be a part of that.

Amoeblog: What can we find out about you from the tees you wear?

Sean: That I really, really like Black Sabbath. And cats. Also anything NASA or space-related.

Amoeblog: How many band and pop-culture tees do you own personally?

Sean: Good God. It's got to be at least a hundred. Probably more.

Amoeblog: Would you wear a band's shirt to their show? Would you be THAT GUY?

Sean: Absolutely. I wear my own band's t-shirt to our shows, for God's sake. Speaking of which, listen to Jesus Dude Mom on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

You heard it here, folks. You have to be the rock to wear the rock. Head down to Amoeba SF soon and often, and stay up-to-date with our impressive selection of fun t-shirts!

Jesus Dude MomSean Murphy and his band Jesus Dude Mom at Amoebapalooza SF 2018. shirt. 

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