SNL “Bar Fight” Skit Fueled by MIKA’s slept-on single “Lollipop” Might Finally Score A Hit For The 2007 "Life In Cartoon Motion" LP Track

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SNL "Bar Fight" skit (2/16/19) fueled by MIKA's slept-on single "Lollipop" off the British artist's 2007 album Life In Cartoon Motion (available as Life In Cartoon Motion 180 gram vinyl LP)
might finally score a hit for the catchy dance-pop track, twelve years later

Saturday night's, February 16th, 2019, all new Saturday Night Live (SNL) episode skit "Bar Fight" that was themed around Lebanese-born, British artist MIKA’s 2007 Life In Cartoon Motion (also on 180 gram vinyl LP) album track “Lollipop” looks likely to make the catchy dance-pop single a US hit, 12 years later. Within minutes of the Don Cheadle and Beck Bennett featured SNL clip airing on the East Coast (where SNL broadcasts three hours earlier than the West Coast) viewers were searching for the 12 year old single’s accompanying music video on YouTube (seen below).

Once located they enthusiastically began posting comments like “SNL brought me here” and “never heard this song before tonight but I really like it.” The reason why they never heard it before is likely because, while the album sold over five million copies worldwide, it was not really a big hit Stateside. Meanwhile the single "Lollipop" (one of half a dozen off the LP) did not even enter the US singles chart back in 2007.

The album Life In Cartoon Motion, which last May was reissued on 180 gram vinyl LP by Music On Vinyl,  topped the UK charts upon its release twelve years ago while here in the US it just reached #29 on the Billboard Top 200. Meanwhile the LP's six singles fared even worse on this side of the Atlantic. The 2007 single “Grace Kelly” (video below), which topped the UK charts and helped earn the artist a coveted Brit Award, only reached #57 in the US. The album single "Love Today" became a UK top ten hit while only reaching #97 on the US Billboard singles chart.

Meanwhile the four other album generated singles (“Happy Ending,” “Big Girl You Are Beautiful,” “Relax Take It Easy,” and “Lollipop”) didn’t even enter the US singles charts.  Note that even in the UK "Lollipop" only reached #59 on the singles chart there. However all of that misfortune for the infectious pop single just might change if the video for the feel-good, new SNL skit goes viral, and my bet is it will. Other titles by MIKA, whose most recent release was the June 2015 album No Place in Heaven,  include The Origin Of Love (also avail in DeLuxe version) and The Boy Who Knew Too Much.

MIKA “Lollipop” single off the 2007 album Life In Cartoon Motion (avail as reissued Life In Cartoon Motion 180 gram vinyl LP)

MIKA "Grace Kelly" #1 UK hit single off the 2007 album Life In Cartoon Motion (avail as Life In Cartoon Motion 180 gram vinyl LP)

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